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AstorMueller AG acquires footwear brand Salamander

AstorMueller AG, the parent company of AstorMueller Shoes India, has just announced the acquisition of Salamander, one of the most popular footwear brands in Europe with a history of more than 120 years. Salamander now joins the portfolio of AstorMueller which already boasts prestigious brands like bugatti,BAGATT and Daniel Hechter.

The aim of the new owner is to modernize and rejuvenate the Salamander brand and to present an attractive women’s and men’s collection in the modern/comfort area to retailers from the Autumn/Winter 2024 season, the company said. On the acquisition Tim T. Müller, Chairman of AstorMueller AG said, “Salamander is the perfect addition for our multi-brand strategy. This takeover unlocks synergies for us as the target audience of Salamander is different from that of our existing brands. In this way, all our brands will have the space they need for sustainable growth.” He further explained, “The Salamander brand has a brand awareness of over 80 percent in German-speaking countries. We want to use this great asset and recharge the brand with new design and sales ideas and lead to new success.”

Not part of the takeover by AstorMueller AG are all retail activities of all Salamander licensees, in particular the shops operating under the brand of the same name in Germany and Austria.

“This acquisition is another feather in our cap after the successful launch of the BAGATT and bugatti brands in the Indian retail market.” added Sandip Baksi, COO India, “While the current focus is to expand and establish the bugatti and BAGATT brands in the Indian market, it won’t be long before we bring our other brands like Salamander to India.”

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With origins that date back to 1928 Germany, AstorMueller is renowned for generations of shoe-making expertise, deep production know-how, design & tech development, and global production capabilities. One of the first European shoemakers to establish a strong manufacturing base in India, majority of their products are Made in India, accounting for over two-thirds of their global sourcing. The brand is headquartered in Switzerland and is well known across Europe. The brand has a presence in over 35 countries through its shoe brands. Its Indian division was set up in 2007 with the country office in Bengaluru. Today, India is the largest producer of Bugatti and Daniel Hechter shoes for AstorMueller, operating with a network of production facilities in Agra, Ambur, Vellore, Ranipet and Dewas.

Salamander was established in 1905 and was once the largest shoe manufacturer in Europe. Known for its classic designs, it enjoys excellent brand awareness of over 80 percent in Europe. After the takeover, AstorMueller wants to set up its own design & sales teams to modernize the brand while preserving its unique identity.

~ With inputs from Karan Nangia for IMAGES Business of Fashion

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