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India Business of Fashion Report 2024
IMAGES Group’s India Business of Fashion Report 2024 is an immersive journey through the intersection of fashion and sustainability in fashion retail.
    Indian Fashion Retail Market – 2023
    by Amit Gugnani & Shubham Ghate, Technopak Advisors
    India has traversed a transformative decade, characterized by the rise of populism in the West in 2016, demonetization in 2017, the shadow banking crisis in 2018, and the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. In the last few years the Western world grappled with the highest inflation in four decades, and two wars since early 2022. Despite uncertainties, India managed to forge ahead...
    Challenges Facing the Fashion Industry & the Road Ahead Towards Sustainability
    by Karan Dhall; Shashank Rai Goel & Tanima Singh, Kearney
    The journey towards sustainability begins with understanding the environmental and social impact across the lifecycle of products - from raw material extraction to disposal of used fashion items, and the challenges that the industry must overcome to minimize these…
    Store, (Common) Sense & Sustainability: A Practical Guide to Circular & Sustainable Store Design
    by Juhi Santani, Retale Design Solutions
    Sustainability in store design holds an inherent dichotomy. On the ladder carbon footprint generating activities, building and running a store lies below only to bulk production and logistics. With organised retail poised to grow to 25%, with 87% of this in India offline, every little reduction in a store’s carbon footprint shall add to a substantial difference...
    Closing the Loop: Birla Cellulose's Path to Sustainability & Circularity
    by H K Agarwal, Managing Director – Grasim Industries Limited & Business DirectorPulp and Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group
    Birla Cellulose is the umbrella brand of fibers produced at Aditya Birla Group. With a portfolio boasting viscose, modal, and lyocell under its renowned umbrella brand, Birla Cellulose strides forward with a steadfast commitment to reshaping the textile landscape while preserving our planet…
    Trends Poised to Unfold in Circular Fashion & Sustainable Production in 2024
    by Puneet Dudeja, WGSN
    As consumer awareness grows and regulatory pressure increases, brands are turning to circular strategies to reduce their environmental impact and meet consumer demand for more sustainable products. WGSN brings to you, trends in sustainable fashion value chain that are poised to redefine the industry starting 2024.
    Sustainability & Circularity in the Indian Fashion Retail Sector
    by Ashish Dhir, Kashish Gupta & Sumeesha Dhawan, 1Lattice
    India's fashion retail sector, valued around US$ 96B in 2023, has emerged as the second-largest segment within the country's diverse retail landscape after the Food and Grocery sector.
    From Cotton Fiber to Fashion: Scaling Traceability in the Fashion Industry
    by Daren Abney, U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol
    With increasing demands for fashion and retail to improve its environmental impact, the industry faces an emerging and pressing question: how can fashion brands and retailers simultaneously improve their environmental impact while providing transparency and traceability without engaging in greenwashing?
    Plant-Based Innovations in Fashion Retail for Consumer Impact
    by Jim Kreuger, ProTecht / Sanitized USA
    The reasoning for such rapid adoptions of plant-based fibres and feature finishes into apparel and home fashions is linked to the consumer demand for more sustainable products. Plant-based product claims provide retailers and brand name companies with messaging that consumers readily relate to being sustainable.
    Sustainable Fashion & Handloom: A Cultural and Environmental Analysis
    by Swikruti Pradhan, Rustic Hue
    This chapter on sustainable fashion and handloom aims to dissect sustainable fashion's environmental dimensions, emphasising the unique contributions of handloom textiles.
    Adoption of Sustainability in the Fashion Retail Industry
    by Pakhi Saxena, Wazir Advisors
    The fashion industry has become a victim of overproduction and overconsumption, with some fast fashion brands releasing up to 52 micro-collections in a year instead of the usual 2-3 seasons. To make matters worse, there is minimal reuse, repair and fibre-to-fibre recycling of textiles, resulting in most resources used during production ending up in landfills...
    Retail Reimagined: The Future of Retail for Consumers, Companies & the Earth
    by Ganesh Subramanian, Stylumia
    Welcome to the era of 'Retail Reimagined' – a revolutionary approach that aims to redefine the future landscape of the retail industry. This strategy involves harnessing the power of technology and data to forecast demand with unprecedented accuracy, allowing brands, retailers, and manufacturers to produce just what is needed, when it’s needed...
    Shifting to Sustainability with Solutions from Archroma
    by Lee Howarth & Navneet Krishnan, Archroma
    Sustainability is no longer optional in the fashion industry. Nor can mere regulatory compliance set brands apart. Rather, sustainability has become essential to enduring brand relevance and effectiveness. Today, industry innovator Archroma helps brands integrate sustainability seamlessly into their operations without sacrificing productivity, quality or competitiveness.
    Sustainable Packaging Trends
    by Dr Sunder Balakrishnan, Natur Tec India Pvt Ltd
    As time moves on from the outbreak of COVID-19, sustainability pressure is building once again. Manufacturers and retailers of fast-moving consumer goods continue to innovate new packaging formats to improve circularity.
    Transforming Agricultural Waste into Textile Grade Fibres Through Technology
    by Shreyans Kokra, Canvaloop
    Canvaloop, a material sciences company that is building the backend of the global textile supply chain, addresses the problem of agricultural waste with its unique proprietary technology and processes, which transform this waste into textile grade fibres...
    The Transformative Impact of Virtual Design & Technology on Sustainability
    by Anirwan Bansriyar, Aquarelle
    The journey towards sustainable fashion begins with design. By integrating the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, designers can contribute significantly to minimizing the environmental footprint of their creations.
    Sustainability & Circularity in the Fashion Industry: A Perspective on Textile Waste Recycling, Government Policies & Consumer Demand
    by Satish BR, UGO Tech
    One sure shot way of enabling circularity in the fashion retail industry is Textile Waste Recycling. This is achieved by both mechanical recycling and chemical recycling routes.
    Thread by Thread - ABFRL’s Journey in Sustainable Fashion
    by Dr. Naresh Tyagi, Chief Sustainability Officer, ABFRL
    The race for sustainability is never won, only run with unwavering resolve. We recognize the ‘Decade of Sustainability’ as a stepping stone, not a resting point. Building on past achievements, we leverage our learnings to accelerate ESG embedding and solidify our commitment to a sustainable future.
    Renewcell: We Make Fashion Circular
    by Tricia Carey, Chief Commercial Officer, Renewcell
    Dissolving pulp cellulose is used to make viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate other types of regenerated fibers, also called man-made cellulosic fibers. These fibers are then spun into yarns, woven or knitted into fabrics and finally cut and sewn into new high-quality textile products…
    Functionality + Sustainability = Smart & Green Fashion
    By Manish Khambe – Vice President Global Business Development at N9 World Technologies Private Limited
    With current concerns about sustainable development, environmental conservation, climate change, community wellbeing, it becomes very important that the future of apparels and fashion is a synergy of both functionality and sustainability. In this regard, apparel and fashion brands fall back on speciality solution providers.
    Regenerative Fashion Going Beyond Sustainability in Retail
    by Kapil Bhatia, CEO & Founder, UNIREC
    In recent years, regenerative practices, circular initiatives, and technological advancements have emerged as vital components in the quest for a more eco-conscious and responsible fashion landscape…
    Being Human Clothing – Being Conscious – Made in India for the World
    by Vivek Sandhwar, COO, Being Human Clothing
    Being Human Clothing’s journey towards sustainability begins at the source – the materials they choose. The brand quenches its thirst for quality and style with recycled PET in fabrics for denims, and other sustainable materials that reduce its ecological footprint…
India Business of Fashion Report 2023
A comprehensive guide to consumer centric sustainability in the fashion retail industry.
  1. Indian Fashion Retail Market - 2022
    by Amit Gugnani & Tanishka Tandon, Technopak Advisors
    The size of the Indian apparel market in FY 2022 was US$ 65 billion. The domestic apparel market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3%, driven by an increase in both the per capita consumption and the average spend on apparel.
  2. Nothing is Impossible: Transformative Practices in the Fashion Retail Industry
    by Abhishek Sharma Co-Founder & COO, Fashinza
    Being resource-intensive, the fashion industry is among the major contributors to global carbon emissions. With its various processes, including dyeing and the wet processing that fabrics undergo, the fashion industry consumes a lot of water and ends up being a source of pollution.
  3. Helping Address Fashion’s Environmental Impact at The Farm-Level Through Verified Sustainability Data
    by Bruce Atherley, Cotton Council International
    Fashion is being tested as new transparency requirements go into effect, marking the start of a new wave of sustainability. One way brands are addressing data needs is through partnerships or membership in sustainability programs which can help drive visibility.
  4. Art & The Science of Sustainability
    by Swaroop V & Satish B R
    When a traditional artist produces a single, original piece of work, it makes the piece unique and hard to replicate. Just looking at the artform makes one more considerate about the process. The same is true for the textile and apparel industry.
  5. Environmental Impact of the Fashion Industry & the Path to Sustainability
    by Karun Tyagi, Proklean
    Fashion and environmental sustainability have been at odds with each other for a long time. The industry is a major contributor to pollution, due to the fast pace of production and consumption and the use of synthetic materials and toxic chemicals in production
  6. Sustainability Initiatives
    Abercrombie & Fitch; Bestseller; H&M; Nike; Levis; Patagonia; Puma; Ralph Lauren; Reformation; Uniqlo; Under Armour; Welspun; Wrangler
  7. Environmentally Conscious Fashion: Is Sustainability a Passing Trend or an Inevitability
    by Puneet Dudeja, WGSN
    A paradigm shift emanating from the pandemic was more eco-sensitivity. While masses became more environmentally conscious, the fashion retail industry too woke up to misgivings about its shocking 10% contribution to global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
  8. Sustainably Reforming the Fashion Retail Industry: Trends in India & Abroad
    by Dr M M Hundekar, SOFT Pune
    The growth of the fashion retail industry has been so rapid, with terrifying consequences for natural resources at large, that very strict and serious action is required now for protection and regeneration of the environment and the earth’s resources.
  9. The Impact of Sustainability on the Fashion Retail Industry Globally
    by Stefan Krueger & Angie Karsama, Protecht
    Consumers are experiencing eco-anxiety, a term that refers to the growing fear of climate change and helplessness regarding the environmental crisis, and because of this, they are actively looking to engage in sustainable practices that align with their lifestyles.
  10. Is Sustainability a Marketing Fad or Here to Stay?
    by Shardah Uniyal, Brand Consultant
    Why is there a need for brands and companies to adapt a robust sustainability strategy? A lot of post-pandemic studies indicate consumers have become more mindful of not only consumption, but also want to purchase products that are sustainable.
  11. The Indian Handloom Industry: A Major Driver of Sustainable Clothing
    The Indian Handloom Industry: A Major Driver of Sustainable Clothing
    Handloom is a form of sustainable fashion and this sector is a wholesome contributor to sustainable clothing in terms of its practices, ideas of community working, rich cultural heritage. It makes efficient use of available resources without compromising needs of future generations.
  12. Sustainability Initiatives
    Allbrids; ARKET; ASKET; Champion; Fruit of the Loom; Greendigo; Loopify; Lycra; ROTHY's; Threadsmiths; UNITED BY BLUE; Vivobarefoot; Weekday
  13. Green Glamour: How Technology is Transforming the Fashion Industry
    by Ganesh Subramanian, Stylumia
    Deep diving into the technologies driving sustainability in fashion retail, both in India and on a global scale, examining the factors driving and hindering the adoption of energy-efficient technology in the industry.
  14. Archroma: Colouring the Future Green, One Sustainable Innovation at a Time
    by Christophe Maestripieri, Navneet Krishnan, Archroma
    From procuring to manufacturing and the ultimate waste which is generated by the fashion retail industry, everything adversely affects the climate. However, industry leaders are working hard to mitigate this impact and leading the way to a cleaner, greener future is Archroma.
  15. Sustainability Initiatives
    Bolt Threads; Canopy: Packed4Good; CottonWorks; Cradle to Cradle; Dorlet; Ecodown Thermore; Ecologi; Intelligent Label Solutions; LanzaTech; Lenzing; Mireille Steinhage; Mycoworks: Reishi™; N9 World Technology; Pangaia; Polartec Solar Shield; Stony Creek Colors; TENCEL™; TômTex Textiles
  16. Aditya Birla Group’s Sustainable Strategy: Focusing on a Product Life Cycle Approach
    by Dr Naresh Tyagi, ABFRL
    The fulcrum of ABFRL’s sustainability strategy is its new Product Life Cycle approach. From product design and development, to supply chain and customer-centricity, through use and end-use, this life cycle analysis approach works towards integrating sustainability into everyday norms.
  17. The ‘ESG’ Journey of Reliance Retail - Fashion & Lifestyle
    by Akhilesh Prasad, Reliance Retail
    Sustainability and ESG practiced by Reliance Retail is by no means a done deal. The business sees this as a journey towards excellence, one that charts out a newer path and, in the process, helps make the world a better place.
  18. Socially Conscious: How Being Human Helps Build Sustainable Communities
    by Sanjeev Rao, Being Human Clothing
    Modern consumers want to support businesses that are aligned with their values, that are making an effort to create a positive impact by being environmentally sustainable, by ethically sourcing materials and treating employees fairly, and all the while, giving back to the community.
  19. Sustainability Initiatives
    Eastpak; Frank and Oak; Gabriela Hearst; Ganni; Herschel Supply Co.; Marmara Original; Nisolo; Officiana 39; Oros; ORTA ANADOLU; Sanuk; Softstar Shoes; Unspun
India Business of Fashion Report 2022
A compendium of fashion trends & research, expert opinions and technologies.
  1. An Overview of the Indian Fashion Industry
    By Amit Gugnani, Senior Partner & Head, Fashion, Technopak Advisors
    The country witnessed a strong recovery in H2FY22, especially after relaxation of lockdown and other restrictions post the second wave of COVID-19. What fuelled this economic recovery?
  2. The Big Four: Top Trends for 2022
    By WGSN, an Ascential Company
    WGSN, the global authority on trend forecasting, has released the top trends in consumer behaviour and product development for 2022 and beyond. Read on to know what they are.
  3. The True Power of Omnichannel
    By Jaydeep Shetty, Managing Partner, Color Sports India Pvt. Ltd.
    Each retail business is unique and has its own complexities and by their nature, form the core of the brand’s unique proposition to the market. As brand owners, how can you bring your retail business to life in a demonstrable manner?
  4. Living up to Consumer 2.0
    By Raja Vishal Oberoi, CEO, Market Xcel
    Reasoned to limited exposure with work-from-home setups, personal space got redefined, and the home lost its privacy. But what impact has this had on how people think, behave and communicate?
  5. Evolving Consumer Dynamics of the Innerwear Market
    By Shekhar Tewari, Chief Category & Operations Officer, Modenik Lifestyle
    Innerwear in India has evolved from being a basic necessity to an extension of one’s personality. What is driving this fast-paced evolution of men and women’s innerwear market in India?
  6. 2022: What’s in Store?
    By Rajan Vernekar & Sangeeta Vernekar, Partners, Rave Design
    Years 2020 and 2021 have made us reinvent conventional retail in so many ways. During this period, consumers were forced to shop online, even the ones who weren’t tech-savvy. Does this mean that e-retail will take over the brick-and-mortar stores?
  7. Reverse Logistics: The Front Gear for Success in E-commerce
    By Rachna Prasad, Chief of Marketing, Inside Sales & Alliances, Vinculum Group
    In a survey amongst frequent online shoppers who buy fast fashion, 60% felt that ease of returns and replacement is a dominant factor while choosing a shopping destination. What are the other denominators that could satisfy the customers?
  8. Flip Flops of Today, Transformation of Tomorrow
    By Sumant Kakaria, Co-founder, Solethreads
    Since the pandemic, we’re seeing not just a new way of living, but also dressing - one that’s governed by active comfort and functionality. Flip flops are one such example. How did this market manage to expand itself? Where does it stand now?
  9. Direct to Consumer: A Wave Like None Other
    By Anurima Das
    D2C brands understand that making the customer’s end-to-end experience seamless is crucial to success. Is this the reason D2C brands are favoured by young consumers? What can existing brands learn from them?
  10. How to Adapt to a Changing Retail Landscape
    By IMAGES Business of Fashion Bureau
    Businesses must level up their omnichannel strategy to deliver a smooth shopping experience across channels. To do this, a shift has to be made. What changes can you make to level up your omnichannel game?
  11. The Future of Retail: 10 Trends
    By IMAGES Business of Fashion Bureau
    The pandemic has re-shaped businesses and the way we consume things. From euphoric Ads to digital avatars, brands are rising above the bare minimum. What are the top trends that’ll set the stage for e-retailers?
  12. Nano Trend Spotting: Avoid the Biggest Error in Forecasting
    By Ganesh Subramanian, Founder & CEO, Stylumia
    The devil is in the details at the nano level and the opportunity is to reduce the error by almost 50%. This is where nanotechnology comes into play. But what is it and how can you use it to your advantage?
  13. A Beginner’s Guide to the Metaverse and NFTs
    By Supriya Shirsat Satam, Founder & Creative Director, FOReT
    Luxury labels such as Balenciaga, Dior, Hugo and Louis Vuitton brought the ‘metaverse’ technology into the limelight while Facebook changed its name to Meta, endorsing its support for the new platform. Are the metaverse and NFTs the future? Has the pandemic played a role in popularising the Metaverse and NFTs?
  14. The Future is at the Mercy of Technology
    By Abhishek Sharma, COO & Co-founder, Fashinza
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are game-changing technologies that can disrupt and reinvent the operations of fashion retail. What are their advantages and how will they help the fashion industry?
  15. Look Beyond Traditional Models of Sustainable Apparel
    By Priyal Shah, Program Associate - Climate Program, WRI India
    There’s a wave of conscious consumption now. Buying habits are changing and consumers are moving away from the take-make-dispose model. But now it is time to reinvent sustainability.
  16. Sustainable Fashion: How Positive is the Positivity?
    By Rachana Singh, Unit Leader - Fashion Business UG & PG, Istituto Marangoni Mumbai
    Many steps are being undertaken to mitigate the negative impact of our methods and practices created on the ecosystem, over decades. But, is it too late to turn back now? How late are we in this game?
  17. The Feasibility of Sustainability
    By Nidhi Yadav, Founder, Aks Clothings
    Growing consumer awareness has made brands extremely conscious. But for many, going sustainable is not as feasible as it might appear. Can sustainability and feasibility go hand-in-hand?
  18. A Diamond is a Diamond!
    By Prasad Kapre, CEO & Director, Style Quotient Jewellery Private Limited (SQJPL)
    The new-age diamonds themselves are grown in a plasma reactor by a process that exactly replicates the natural process of diamond formation that happened billion years ago deep within the Earth’s crust. So, what is this new technology and how does it work?
  19. Indian Handloom Sector: Still a Long Road Ahead
    By Mayank Tiwari, Founder and CEO, ReshaMandi
    Indian handloom sector depicts our heritage and legacy. But workers in the sector are still a marginalised community. The way forward for the handloom sector is to boost entrepreneurship among these traditional weavers. Here’s how one can do justice to their potential.
  20. Time to Accelerate Sourcing and Supply Chain in Fashion Manufacturing
    By Swikruti Pradhan, Designer & Founder, Rustic Hue
    Fashion’s interconnected global value chain has been severely disrupted owing to the havoc caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. How much manufacturers struggled and how are they rethinking the sourcing and supply chain process to thrive?
  21. The Hand that Moves the Loom
    By Raghuram Kuchibhatla, Founder and CEO, Yes!poho
    The contribution of the Indian handloom sector to the economy has not received much recognition. This research is an attempt at providing a positive perspective on the sector by emphasising on its contribution to the Gross Domestic Product.
  22. Conscious Consumerism will Stay
    By Vineet Gautam, CEO & Country Head, Bestseller India
    Conscious consumption and sustainability are the way forward. In the coming years, people won’t shy away from buying pre-used clothes. Vineet Gautam, CEO, Bestseller, shares his take on the subject.
  23. The Future is Digital
    By Sidhant Keshwani, Managing Director, Libas
    The fashion industry is one of the most important consumer-facing industries in India. Post the pandemic, the fashion e-commerce space saw massive growth, and brands made huge investments in the digital space to stay closer to customers. But, how was all of this possible?
  24. Breaking Barriers
    By Tripti Mehta
    In this article, women in the business of fashion share their stories of diligence, perseverance and some uncalled for challenges that they took in their stride to reach where they stand today - leading brands and breaking barriers!
India Business of fashion report 2020
The report promises to guide the Indian fashion fraternity
  1. India Fashion Retail Market - 2019
    By Amit Gugnani & Radhika Bhambi, Technopak
    The size of the Indian apparel market in 2019 was US$ 56.4 bn, expected to touch US$ 89.2 bn by FY 2025. Find out which segments of the market will drive the change, making your investment worth its while!
  2. Outlook 2020: Apparel Industry Challenges And Opportunities
    By Rajendra K. Aneja, Aneja Management Consultants
    Economic slowdown has impacted everything, from food to readymade apparel sector. What challenges and opportunities the apparel industry faced in 2020?
  3. Doom of Department Stores & Changing Fashion Retail
    By Baqar Iftikhar Naqvi & Samir Soni, Wazir Advisors
    With the proliferation of online shopping, consumers now have more purchasing options. Department stores are soon becoming a thing of the past. But some of these stores have found a way to keep the footfalls coming!What has been their strategy? Can Indian stores follow in their footsteps?
    By Rajat Wahi, Partner, Deloitte India
    Major fashion trends like including AR VR technologies are bringing consumers closer to brands. But are they doing enough to attract consumers frequently.
    By Amol Dhillon, Asia Pacifi c Consulting
    shifting to e-commerce continues to be challenging for many retail brands. Converting the supply chain from single-channel to omni-channel is one of the e-commerce strategies that they are following. But is it as simple as it looks?
  6. The Indian Luxury Fashion Market - 2020
    By Abhay Gupta, Luxury Connect LLP
    The luxury market in India has the potential to grow from $50 billion in 2020 and to $180 billion by 2025. Read on to know what India has in store for the luxury market and brands across categories.
  7. The Gems & Jewellery Market in India & its Future
    By Sunil Nayak, Reliance Jewels
    Contributing 29% to global jewellery consumption, India gem and jewellery market is home to more than 3,00,000 players. What does future hold for this market?
  8. Indian Footwear Market Analysis: Today & Tomorrow
    By Anupam Bansal, Liberty Shoes
    Indian footwear market is expected to grow to $155 million in 2020. With women’s footwear segment generating the highest revenue, what other footwear segment is expected to increase?
  9. Reading India’s Fashion Market For A Better Channel Decision
    By Rupal Shah Agarwal, Your Retail Coach
    The Indian apparel market is holding the majority of share followed by the footwear, bags and accessories market. But is India at par with the global fashion market?
  10. Women’s Apparel, Accessories & Eyewear Drive the Fashion Market in India
    By Anul Sareen, Euromonitor International
    Fashion market taking a setback due to recent economic challenges, how did women’s wear and apparel market manage to stand out and grow?
  11. Future Fabrics: Creating Equilibrium Between Demand & Sustenance
    By Gauri Kathju Purohit & Puja Arya, Pearl Academy
    Fashion industry being the largest polluter in the world, after the petrochemical industry. Is it time for the industries to think of the long-term benefits?
  12. The Ethnic Indian Menswear Category
    By Bidyut Bhanjdeo, Ethnix & Next Look
    The size of the ethnic wear market is currently at about `1.3 lakh crore. Now, the purchasing pattern of Indian consumers for ethnic wear is no longer driven by occasion and usage. What factors are actually changing their behaviour?
  13. Bespoke Men’s Category in India
    By Sandeep Gonsalves, SS Homme
    Men’s bespoke clothing have made their mark globally. Now, many Indian brands are labeling themselves as bespoke. But are they actually delivering what the consumer is asking for?
  14. Global Luxury Fashion Industry Luxury Goods Retailing
    By Anurag Mathur & Subhodeep Nag, PwC India
    The global luxury market was estimated at US$ 402.5 billion in 2019 and is now estimated to reach US$ 450 billion by 2023 growing at a CAGR of 2.5-3 percent. What factors are actually driving this market?
  15. Men’s Innerwear Market & Its Changing Dynamics
    By Brijesh Devareddy, Buttalks
    From Kinky underwear to funky prints, the men's underwear market is on a trendy path. But will the purchasing pattern of today’s men move beyond the need base?
  16. Men’s Innerwear Market & Its Changing Dynamics
    By Yogesh Kabra, XYXX
    No longer is innerwear shopping an after-thought, it is a well thought out decision, made after careful consideration of comfort, functionality and design.
  17. E-Commerce Buoyed by The Growing Demand for Kidswear
    By Mayank Shivam, Amazon Fashion
    Millennial parents are willing to make the most of the moment and dress their kids in the trendiest styles. Are changing dynamics and online stores helping the kidswear market grow?
  18. The Ugly & Beautiful Sides of Fashion
    By Ganesh Subramanian, Stylumia
    A good number of brands and retailers have started taking conscious initiatives in addressing the environmental challenges. But just focusing on changing the front-end is not enough.
  19. Circular Apparel Innovation & Its Way Ahead: A Transition Towards a Circular Textile & Fashion Industry in India
    By Stefanie Bauer & Siddharth Lulla, CAIF, Intellecap
    The world now consumes in excess of 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, according to a report by McKinsey. The question of sustainability still lingers.
  20. Stepping Towards Circular & Sustainable Fashion
    By Swikruti Pradhan, Rustic Hue
    The fashion industry for a long time has been labeled as the most polluting industry. With various sustainable practices in line, will circular fashion become the new norm?
  21. Stance on Sustainability & Conscious Fashion Consumptionn
    By Nealesh Dalal, JD Educational Trust
    As per an EU report published in January 2019 only 1% of used clothes are recycled into new clothes. Hence there’s no doubt in saying that positive change in the fashion industry is the need of the hour.
  22. How Fashion Companies Can Collaborate to Tackle Their Biggest Source of Carbon Pollution
    By Cynthia Cummis, Private Sector Climate Mitigation & Yelena Akopian, World Resources Institute
    When the fashion industry is already in the waters for being the biggest source of pollution, the growth of “fast fashion” is only making it worse . Can big brands and retailers make some major changes?
  23. Fashion Sustainability & the Commitment from India
    By Aniket Satam, Istituto Marangoni
    India comes from a legacy of bartering old clothes for some steel utensils to recycling old clothes. But by time is India forgetting their deep rooted eco-practices?
  24. Delivering Freshness & Performance Using Sustainable, Recycled Raw Materials.
    By Prem Sadhwani, Consolidated Pathways Inc.
    With the growing awareness regarding sustainability, the fashion retail industry is moving forward with sustainable merchandising. But recycling and upcycling has raised some questions on freshness and performance.
  25. Fashioning a New Way of Life: Busting Old Myths with Some New Truths
    By Shalini Rawla, The Key
    There are many psychological fads about fashion that have been doing the rounds for decades now. But are they actually true or just myths?
  26. Social Media in Fashion: The Changing Dynamics of Fashion Retail in the Social Media Era
    By Nishtha Kochhar, The University of Manchester
    Today, the number of social media users in India is 351 million, and is expected to rise to 448 million by 2023. Is social media here to change the rules of the game for the fashion retail landscape?
  27. Fashion Retail: The Moment of Truth
    By Subrata Siddhanta, Texperts
    With the dip in the buying cycle from 12 weeks to 6-8 weeks, bringing fresh and innovative fashion for the new-age consumer has become the new normal for retail brands.
  28. Interpreting the Evolving Fashion Industry of the 21st Century
    By Sid Naidu, Sid Productions
    Change is the only constant and it is true for the fashion industry. From multipurpose pieces to gender neutral style, the fashion industry has seen an overall evolution.
  29. Fashion E-Commerce Start-Ups: The Challenges Faced
    By Aashray Thatai, PostFold
    In the past few years, the fashion industry has seen a drastic shift from offline to online stores. But what challenges can one expect while entering into the e-commerce space?
  30. Physical to Digital: Disruption in the Fashion Industry
    By Cas van Lier, Pixelpool
    From Gucci to Givenchy, everyone is dipping their toes in the innovation pool. So there’s no doubt in saying that digitization is the way forward.
  31. Using AI to Mitigate Challenges in Fashion Buying: A Case Study
    By Priyanka Banerjee, BusinessWiz Oy
    Fashion faces challenges in the buying process. With everything going digital, can the problems faced in the process be solved?
  32. Design Forecast Men & Women: 2020
    By Vivek Vaishnavi & Mohit Saxena, TFF
    For the fashion industry, the past few years have been about major changes - from consumer buying behavior to the digital India campaign. So what are the major trends that one can look out for?
  33. Trend Talk: Athleisure
    By Melissa Moylan, Fashion Snoops
    Athleisure is a trend that is a match made in heaven - balancing comfort and style. It is a look that says, ‘controlled mix’, made up of layering, moderation and clean lines.
  34. Women in Sari: Changing Connotations from the 20th to the 21st Century
    By Ruby Kashyap Sood, NIFT & Dr. Suman Pant, Banasthali University
    Sari is the most distinctive dress that can mark any Indian women’s identity. Over the years, sari has evolved and new trends have been set by Indian icons. But do modern indian women still prefer them?
India Business of Fashion Report 2019
Exclusive data, expert analysis and innovative solutions for companies in the world's largest industry - Retail
  1. India Fashion Retail Market - 2018
    By Amit Gugnani & Saima Nigar, Technopak
    Globally, India is seen as a key consumer market from where future growth is likely to emerge. As per this exclusive Technopak Report, growth in consumption will be driven by both services and merchandise consumption...
  2. Fashion as a Refl ection of Aspirational Lifestyles
    By Anul Sareen & Pradeep Srinivasan, Euromonitor International
    In 2018, the fashion market started overcoming the economic challenges, with the apparel and footwear categories alone posted a growth of 14 percent in 2017-18. Manufacturers in apparel and footwear adapted to the new tax structure and the government introduced initiatives to help domestic manufacturers...
  3. Fashion Accessories: Market Dynamics & Consumer Trends
    By Carl Virk, Carlton London
    As far as innovation in product design and improvement goes, the fashion industry is highly competitive in nature. Continuous evolution and expansion in changing consumer trends are driving the growth of fashion accessory market. A study of these trends...
  4. Fashion And Space - An Evolving Synchronicit
    By Ankita Sood, Knight Frank India
    It is not merely the metros, but today fashion has reached Tier II III cities thanks to the internet boom. It is to be noted that the coming of international brands has only increased competition for the share of the buyer’s wallet with domestic brands re-inventing and changing their positioning and formats to attract the buyers...
  5. The High-Velocity Consumer
    By Petah Marian, WGSN Insight
    The retail world is moving at a supersonic pace. It’s not technology driving that speed, it’s the consumer. Today’s high-velocity consumer is challenging current retail models; evermore demanding, with new values that are taxing even the most consumer-centric businesses. This is a consumer who is time-poor and looking to save time through mobileled, frictionless retail strategies, but at the same time, seeking a more human connection...
  6. Women’s Ethnic Wear Market in India - A Trend Overview
    By Vivek Vaishnavi, The Fashion Forecaster
    As per leading consultancy firm Technopak, the Indian women’s wear holds a market share of 37.5 percent out of which ethnic wear enjoys a whopping share of 71 percent. The segment is expected to grow from Rs 82,200 crores in 2018 to Rs 1,26,210 crore in 2019 out of which women’s ethnicwear dominates with an 83 percent share. A report...
  7. Indian Jewellery Market - An Overview & The Future
    By Saurabh Gadgil, PNG Jewellers
    Being one of the fastest growing, export oriented and labour intensive sectors in India, Gems and Jewellery contributes around 7 percent to India’s GDP and 15 percent to India’s total exports. Based on the sector’s growth potential, the Indian Government has declared the Gems and Jewellery sector as a focus area for export promotion. An in-depth look...
  8. The Saga of the Burgeoning Menswear Indian Market
    By Harssh Chheda, Corporate Collars
    The Indian retail economy is one of the most rapidly escalating economies of the world and growing disposable incomes, brand responsiveness, and cumulative tech-savvy millennial population are the main driving factors of corporatized retail within the country. In general, the Indian retail set-up, and particularly the apparel retail set-up, has revealed sustainable longstanding development compared to other emerging economies. A study...
  9. The Women’s Denim Market: An Overview & Its Future
    By Apeksha Patel, Deal Jeans & E2O Accessories
    Today, denim is among the fastest growing categories in women’s casual apparel segment in India. Various factors have contributed to its growth which can be defined with massive latest innovations in styling, newer technologies, latest trends and opening up of new territories driving the future growth in the market. A detailed report...
  10. The Evolution of The Indian Jewellery Industry
    By Navin Sadarangani, NYUZ
    As we enter into the 19th year of the second millennium, the Gems and Jewellery industry along with the real estate industry, has seen its biggest shake-up yet. This unorganised business, which grew into an infant industry, is now in its formative stages of maturity in India. A study of the industry...
  11. Fashion Accessories Market in India
    By Jacqueline Kapur, Ayesha Accessories
    The field of fashion accessories covers a diverse array of products. Within the non-apparel portion of fashion retail in India, the largest category remains footwear, while scarves, sunglasses, belts, gloves, bags, watches, shawls etc make up the rest. A look at how the fashion accessory market in India has witnessed a significant surge the factors leading to an increase in its market share...
  12. Overview of the Footwear Segment in India
    by Kamal Gupta, BFL Brand Folio
    The footwear industry in India employs over 1.1 million workers. India is also the world’s third largest footwear consumer after China and USA. About 90 percent of the footwear made in India is consumed by domestic market and the rest is exported. An in-depth look at the factors that are helping the industry stay a step above the rest...
  13. How AI is Influencing Modern Fashion Brands
    By Ganesh Subramanian, Stylumia
    The next wave of fashion planning will be through ‘Demand Intelligence’ combined with ‘Prediction’, powered by consumer demand signals at an Internet scale. All this is available for the decision maker on the cloud at a fraction of cost of the enterprise software of today. A detailed report...
  14. 3D Technology: A New Dimension for Fashion
    by Cas van Lier, Pixelpool
    It seems only a matter of time before 3D visualisation and virtual reality technology become the standard over physical products and samples when presenting to consumers in B2C environments. And with key fashion technology players moving forward faster than the industry can keep pace, the road ahead seems both uncertain and exciting...
  15. Reconfiguring Supply Chains in the Indian Fashion Industry
    By Dr Rajesh Bheda & Ramesh Nair, Rajesh Bheda Consulting
    Fashion retailing, which includes apparel footwear and accessories, comprises roughly 9 percent of organised retail in India, suggesting the enormous potential for growth in the coming years. A detailed study of the supply chains that help the industry run seamlessly...
  16. Explaining Retail & The Need of Visual Merchandising
    By Akash Ashesh, ITC - LRBD
    Consumers now want state of the art products having superior quality of global standards. A study in how visual merchandising plays a significant role in the creation of a euphoric experience for consumers by creatively prepping the interior and exterior of a retail destination...
  17. Growing Importance of Brand Partnerships for Long-Term Business Success
    By Rakesh Bali, Reliance India Ltd.
    The most successful brand partnerships need to anchor their positioning in a shared value - a resonant, powerful value that both partners can authentically claim, which would differentiate them from competitors, and one that it can share with its target consumers...
  18. Data & Analytics Is Reshaping The Indian Fashion Retail Industry
    by Subhodeep Nag & Saurabh Bansal, PricewaterhouseCoopers
    While a lot of retailers have started their analytics journey and are at various stages of maturity, they are still struggling to identify the most appropriate model for sustainable analytics implementation. Retailers can adopt analytics across their enterprise using various options. This report tells you how...
  19. Youth Psychology in India: It’s Implication on Fashion Marketing
    by Kaustav SenGupta, NIFT Chennai
    There has been a steady, ever increasing affinity towards the darker side of life which is becoming predominantly popular among the youth. Black almost appears to be a compulsory statement attire for both genders of urban youth. A study of youth psychology...
  20. Indian Fashion Heading towards Rebuilding the Past to Rejuvenate Sustainability
    by Dr. M. M. Hundekar, School of Fashion Technology (SOFT), Pune
    The buzz around sustainability - which started in 2009 - continues till date and is directed towards planned action to achieve the envisioned objectives. The dominance of continual consumption and globalised production systems have been witnessed in today’s business of fashion, creating environmental and social impacts. An comprehensive analysis...
  21. Responsibly Fashionable: An Introduction To Sustainability
    By Saumar J Sharma, Indian Weavers Alliance
    A piece of cloth undergoes a colourful and inspiring journey before it adorns us. From a mere worm / waste, to a thread, from a thread to a weave, absorbing nature’s colours and Ȧ nally from loom to closet, the journey of the cloth is an exciting one. However, this journey must be one that keeps the wearer ‘responsibly fashionable’ and which contributes towards creating a sustainability-centric eco system...
  22. International Fashion Supply Chains & Corporate Social Responsibility
    by Dr Patsy Perry, University of Manchester, UK
    In recent years, segmentation of the market has emerged with the rise of ‘affordable luxury’ brands such as Michael Kors, while the phenomenal growth of the online fast fashion sector has speeded up product life cycles even more. However, corporate social and environmental responsibility has become an increasing concern, especially given the geographically dispersed nature of fashion supply chains...
  23. Global Fashion Trends - 2019
    A Report by Trend Council
    Famous for compiling comprehensive forecasts that are laid out clearly and systematically, making them ‘go to’ for fashion community, Trend Council’s analysis is synthesized into key reports identifying items by product category that guide the design process and buying strategies for seasons ahead...
  24. Emerging Consumer Trends in Fashion Retail 2019
    A Report by Team WLS
    Fashion today is an amalgamation of versatile trends that have time and again surfaced in various phases with a major influence from the global fashion scene. From ethnic to high-street fashion, the fashion industry in India has definitely gone through a dynamic transformation...
  25. What’s In Store for The Indian Fashion Industry in 2019
    by Abhay Gupta, Luxury Connect LLP
    Given the greater appreciation for high-end luxury products, global trends awareness, rising aspirations and better purchasing power across the middle class and upper middle class, luxury brands, especially in fashion, have the most advantage in the current economic scenario...
  26. Sportswear: Is It Really Worth The Sweat For Apparel Players
    by Anul Sareen, Euromonitor International
    The sportswear segment in India is projected to grow exponentially over the next five years. Trends and influencing factors, backed by a young consumer base, Omnichannel distribution networks and increased disposable incomes are expected to further propel the growth of this segment...
  27. Sustainable Consumer Centric Innovation Ideas
    By Prem Sadhwani, Consolidated Pathways Inc
    Manmade fibers are perfect sustainable blends to improve drape and durability - qualities which the consumers are exploring options for in all categories, from athletic apparel to occasion apparel...
  28. Out of the Closet: Fashion & The New Gender
    by Aniket Satam, Istituto Marangoni
    The time for gender-based frills over great design and functionality has come to an end, with the fashion retail industry shifting focus to gender neutrality...
  29. Why Consumers Don’t Buy More Sustainable Fashion?
    An analysis by Susanna Koelblin
    Consumer surveys about fashion and sustainability are misleading, because consumers answer to meet social desirability; they want to appear green even if they mainly care about price, status and look...
  30. Glocal - The Approach of Indian Fashion Brands & Designers Towards Slow Fashion
    An analysis by Swikruti Pradhan, Rustic Hue
    Indian brands and designers are considering the environmental as well as social impact of textiles and clothing, focusing on going local - ‘glocal’ - by connecting to the handloom artisans in the interior villages to the global sustainable fashion industry. A detailed report on the Indian Handloom sector...
  31. Adaptive Clothing: A 360 Degree Look at Fashion & Universal Design in Clothing, Shopping Experience
    by Anita Iyer Narayan, EKansh Trust, Pune
    India has a population of nearly 1.4 billion people. This means a consumer base of millions, of which 1/5th suffer from some disability: visible, invisible, from birth, genetic or acquired later in life. These special people need adaptive clothing as well as access to the shopping outlets where they are sold...
  32. The Fashion Innovation You Can’t See: Preventing Odors Before They Take Over
    by Karel Williams, DowDuPont
    If you were to try to define the human experience, you might focus on the everyday occurrences that unite us all with shared understanding and emotions, no matter where or how we live. To name just a few: the exhilaration of hearing live music, the satisfaction that comes after eating a wellcooked meal, the wonder of encountering a breathtaking view of our planet’s natural beauty...and, unfortunately, odors stuck in our fabrics. A study of new technology that prevents odors...
  33. Renting as a Viable Business Model in Fashion in India
    By Aanchal Saini, Rent It Bae
    Taking a numerical future forecast, global revenues of renting businesses have been forecasted to increase from $15 billion today to around $335 billion by 2025 according to Price Waterhouse Cooper. An in-depth study of the business of renting clothes and how viable is it in today’s retail scenario, where sustainability is a big goal...
Shirtopedia 2019
The shirt market in India therefore has huge scope for brands and retailers
  1. The Evolution of The Shirt Through The Finishes: From 1975 To 2018
    BY Giovanni Petrin, Strategic Advisor - Product Innovation Denim Finishing, Arvind Limited & Andrea Petrin, Technical Business Developer, Arvind Limited
    Your favorite piece of clothing has changed a lot over the years. But how has it changed in terms of finishes? Let’s find out...
  2. Shirts & Their Fabrics in History
    BY Ashish Gurnani, Co-Founder, PostFold
    Your wardrobe staple has evolved over the years. Linen and cotton are not the only choices. See how and what changed over the years for the SHIRT.
  3. The Evolution of Checks
    BY Harssh Chheda, Founder and CEO, Corporate Collars
    Checks may be your go to, but how did they ever come about to be?
  4. Women’s Shirt Innovations: Driving Significant Business in Fashion Retail
    BY Melissa Moylan, Vice-President-Creative, Fashion Snoops
    Enough with the plain boring shirt! What is the ‘IT’ game for shirts in women’s fashion now?
  5. Changing Market & Consumer Trends in the Shirt Business
    BY Anul Sareen, Senior Research Analyst, Euromonitor International
    Fads keep on coming and trends keep on changing. How does this affect the market for this staple?
  6. The Evolving Business of Men’s Formal wear in India
    BY Shibapriya Saha, Program Manager, Customer Research Practice, Frost & Sullivan
    ‘Shirt’ is synonymous with men’s formal wear. But how did this come about to be? Let’s find out together
  7. It’s Not ‘Just A Shirt’
    BY Arvind Nandan, Executive Director - Research, Knight Frank India, Ankita Sood, Lead Consultant - Research, Knight Frank India
    The shirt may seem ordinary, but did you know it once was an undergarment? Let’s see how it became the shirt we all know now...
  8. Indian Shirt Market To Grow at 6% to Become ₹ 81,578 Crore by 2027
    BY Amit Gugnani, Senior Vice President - Fashion, (Textile & Apparel) with Saima Nigar, Associate Consultant, Fashion (Textile Division), Technopak
    Where does the shirt industry stand right now? What does the future hold for this market? Let’s explore.
  9. 2019 Menswear Trends: Let’s Embrace the Change
    BY Shaswati Basu Sengupta, CEO and Research Head, INgene Insights Consultancy
    Styles change and so do trends. Here are the menswear shirt trends that await you.
  10. Where is the Honest Shirt?
    BY Namita Bhagat, Retail Expert
    The ‘popular’ shirt market size is about 60% of the total. But there is a sparse presence of large corporates in this sector. Isn’t that intriguing?
  11. The Shirt Story of Jermyn Street
    BY Suresh Karale, Head of the Department P.G. Section MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology, Pune
    From King Charles II to the Duke of Windsor, how has the Jermyn Street changed?
  12. The History & Evolution of the Shirt
    BY Suresh Karale, Head of the Department P.G. Section MKSSS’s School of Fashion Technology, Pune
    Dating back over 5000 years, shirts have evolved from being an undergarment to a staple daywear in today’s age. But how?
  13. Iconic Shirt Campaigns of our Times
    BY IMAGES Group
    Mediocre advertising clings to stereotypes but good advertising breaks all stereotypes. Which are the most notable shirt campaigns over the years?
  14. Top 15 Men’s Dress Shirt Collar Trends
    BY IMAGES Group
    However small the size may be, the collar is the most noticeable part of the shirt. Let’s look at some dress shirt collar trends.
  15. Why Retailers are Betting Big on the India Shirts Market
    BY IMAGES Group
    From market size to trends, from challenges to opportunities, what does the Indian shirt market look like?
  16. Heading: Case Study: Zodiac Clothing Company
    BY N/A
    Zodiac, a brand that debuted in the market with a single product - neckties- is today synonymous with men’s formal wear. Read on to know the journey of the brand.
  17. The Journey of the Shirt: What Happens When Fashion Meets Function
    BY Anjani Kumar Prasad, Managing Director, Archroma India & Raj Verghese, Head Finishing-Textile Specialties Business, Archroma India
    Now-a-days fashion and function move hand-in-hand. Here are some ways to make this ever evolving staple functional.
  18. Bespoke Shirts Taking Over Designer Luxury Fashion
    BY Aarti Kapur Singh, Independent Writer
    Bespoke fashion is gaining momentum, again. When it comes to shirts, here is all you need to know about it.
  19. Advent of Global Brands & the Score of Indian Brands in the Shirts Market
    BY Harminder Sahni, Founder & MD, Wazir Advisors
    The shirt market is dominated by international companies and their brands. Let’s look at the national and international brands in the Indian shirt market and their journeys.
  20. The Impact of Fast-Fashion on Shirt Market
    BY Namita Bhagat, Retail Expert
    Fast fashion has creeped into every sector of the fashion industry. Take a look at how it will affect the shirt market.
  21. Shirts & The Art of Power Dressing
    BY Manjula Tiwari, CEO, Future Style Lab
    Shirts may be synonymous to formal wear, but power dressing is an art. Here is all you need to know about it.
  22. The Luxury Shirt Segment
    BY Abhay Gupta, Founder, Luxury Connect LLP
    Seen everywhere from a formal setup to a dance, the shirt is a very humble garment. But what makes it luxury?
  23. Pink is the New Blue
    BY Harssh Chheda, Founder and CEO, Corporate Collars
    Once considered ‘warlike’, the colour pink somehow transitioned to being associated with femininity. Time to change that belief!
  24. The Fashionable Shirt Story
    BY Meher Castelino, Fashion Writer
    The shirt is no longer just an undergarment. It has evolved over the years. What can the men of today’s day and age expect out of it?
  25. Shirt it Like a Bollywood Star
    BY Aarti Kapur Singh, Independent Writer
    Styles and trends come from celebrities. What does Bollywood have to say about this humble garment?
  26. The Shirt: A Fashion Landscape Staple
    BY Aniket Satam, Guest Faculty, Istituto Marangoni
    Transcending the realm of class, culture and gender, the shirt is truly democratic. Here are some shirt trends for women to take note of.
  27. The Need of Innovation in Men’s Shirting
    BY Saggar Mehra, Creative Director, Sunil Mehta
    Shirts are the most accurate parameter to measure men’s fashion. Where is the scope of innovation in this staple garment for the man of the 21st century.
  28. The Evolution of Shirting Fabrics in India
    BY Namita Bhagat, Retail Expert
    Whether bespoke or ready-made, fabric is the soul of any garment. Let’s have a look at the shirting fabrics in India.
  29. “From Dirt to Shirt”: Traceability Solutions for Textiles
    BY MeLin Wan, Vice President, Textiles Sales, Applied DNA Sciences
    In today’s day and age, transparency is something that can’t be overlooked. Knowing your supply chain is crucial.
  30. What’s New in Cotton?
    BY Bruce Atherley, Executive Director of Cotton Council International
    Cotton is the most common fabric used in shirts. What’s new in this field? Let’s find out!
  31. The Fibre if The Future
    BY The Woolmark Company
    Sustainability is the future. As the most reused and recycled fibre on the planet, Merino wool is said to be fibre of the future.
  32. Shirt Fabrics: Analysis of its Trends, Innovation & Consumption
    BY Gurbir Singh Gulati
    With every innovation the face of the shirt manufacturing industry changes. It’s vital to keep up. Here is a 365ͦ view of the shirt industry in India.
India Business of Fashion Report 2018
A complete study of the Indian retail market, a reliable resource for businesses looking to make informed decisions
  1. Fashion 2.0: The need for Artificial Intelligence for Fashion and Lifestyle Businesses
    by Ganesh Subramanian, Founder & CEO, Stylumia
    In an age where technology has enabled consumers to be well aware of the action around, AI has emerged as an indispensable tool for fashion players to get closer to the consumer and stay in tune with his tastes. A study...
  2. Intuition versus Artificial Intelligence
    by David R Shah, Trendforsker and Publisher - Metropolitan Publishing BV
    From driverless cars to killer drones, robotics and AI are about to transform not just society but human civilisation. In the fashion business, retailers were all confidence that AI could never replace humans, especially on the design and marketing front - but could that confidence be misplaced? An in-depth report...
  3. How Blockchain Is Disrupting Fashion
    by Susanna Koelblin, Business Development Manager - Textiles, Eastman Chemical Company
    There’s no denying that the fashion and retail worlds will become one with technology. We deep dive into these worlds to see whether the line between these two industries is actually blurring and if it is reflected in trends such as change in the brick-and-mortar structures, virtual realities, AI, robots, 3D printing, Internet of Things and Blockchain...
  4. The Human-Centric Resolution
    by David R Shah, Trendforsker and Publisher - Metropolitan Publishing BV
    While some consumers are embracing technology, others, as a reaction, are returning to fundamentally human characteristics of community and difference, embracing the analogue and the down-to-earth. An analysis of the depth of this growing appreciation of human-centric behaviour and its impact on fashion...
  5. Blending of Worlds: Fashion Consumption in India Through Millennial Perspective
    By Kaustav SenGupta, Associate Professor, Link Chairperson and Centre Coordinator, NIFT Chennai
    Our alphabet is Latin, our numeric system is Arabic and our philosophy is Greek. We live in a blended world! India’s burgeoning population of Millennials and Gen Z’ers are leading the charge of bringing blend in the world of fashion, retailing and media. We take a look at consumption patterns and purchase decisions...
  6. The Localvists: The Future Consumer Breed
    A WGSN Report
    Analogue activism has given rise to a consumer profile WGSN calls the ‘localvist’. Localvists are determined to keep money in their communities. An in-depth study into whether there has been a shift from previous localism movements and whether the call to local action to solve global problems is effective...
  7. The Indian Fashion Market 2017
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP; Goutham Jain, Principal Consultant; and Niharika, Associate Consultant for Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak
    From changing consumer behaviour to the rise of fast fashion, the Indian fashion market has been subjected to tectonic shifts. An in-depth look into the Indian fashion market encompassing analysis of the key segments, trends, bottlenecks and challenges, and the growth prospects...
  8. Apparel Market Polarisation and New Opportunities
    by Baqar Naqvi, Business Director and Willson Anand, Associate Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    India’s fashion consumption story has taken off to new heights, altering the size and shape of the market. Today, the Indian apparel market is being polarised between the ‘economy and value’ segment on one side and the ‘premium and super-premium’ segment on the other...
  9. Online Fashion Consumer Behaviour learnings from 2017
    By Nitin Bawankule, Director Sales, Google India
    Access to the internet has taken off dramatically in the past few years in India. Online and offline worlds are blending for retailers and today, the customer is the channel. Google India deep dives into the subject...
  10. Omni-Channel: The Future of Fashion Retail
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP; Goutham Jain, Principal Consultant; and Niharika, Associate Consultant for Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak
    Omni-channel has transmuted the sensibilities of both retailers and the hyper-connected consumers of today. Is need of the hour is an effective omni-channel strategy that can improve shopping experience, customer satisfaction, cross sales and productivity? A study...
  11. Investment Themes in the Indian Fashion Industry
    by Mohit Jain, Business Head - Transaction Advisory, Wazir Advisors
    The Indian fashion industry is at the threshold of a growth revolution and is a bankable assurance for investors round the globe. A detailed look at the themes that have hitherto influenced investors as well as some that are most likely to play out in the near future...
  12. Supply Chain in the Fashion Industry and its Upcoming Future
    by Vineet Kanaujia, Vice President - Marketing, Safexpress
    At a time when product cycles are reducing, store footfalls decreasing and e-commerce booming, dependable supply chains will make all the difference to the fashion industry. What will make these supply chains more efficient and quicker in future? Safexpress presents a report...
  13. Fashion - The Prime Driver of Shopping Space in India
    by Pankaj Renjhen, Managing Director-Retail Services, JLL India
    Fashion has always been a prime propeller of retail destinations, but the changing landscape in India necessitates fashion retailers to constantly reinvent themselves, create competitive and innovative real estate strategies and above all, urges all stakeholders to embrace these changes simultaneously. JLL India with an in-depth study...
  14. Driving Success through ‘Social media’
    by Suraj Nagappa, Vice President, Isobar
    Social media is bringing fashion brands and consumers closer than ever before. It allows brands to strike a personal rapport with people, involve them emotionally and even direct their selections and purchase decisions. In fact, in today’s digital era, no business can afford to ignore social media, which has emerged as one of the most influential marketing tools out there...
  15. Retail Design for Fashion: Purposeful & Personal
    by Sanjay Agarwal, Managing Director, FRDC (Future Research Design Company) with inputs from Heather Klee, JGA and Nimmi Elizabeth, FRDC
    As consumers get more demanding, there is a pressing need for fashion retailers to invest and concentrate on making their retail layout more personal and purposeful. Smart design decisions make a significant difference to whether you make a sale or not...
  16. Click to Brick: Flipping the Script
    by Team IMAGES BoF
    While establishing digital presence was a fad till now, a new shift in the trend has been apparent of late. Images BoF looks at the latest wave of born-and-bred online retailers that are betting big on o2o (online-to-offline) commerce...
  17. The Future of the Business of Women’s Wear
    by Jaydeep Shetty, Founder & CEO, Mineral Fashions Ltd
    Over the last decade, women’s brands in the premium space are sourcing out of China, and India is becoming a consumption market as against a manufacturer’s market. This is a marked shift and will have consequences for Indian apparel and textile manufacturers. A detailed report...
  18. The New World Order: Curated Commerce
    by Debangini Nath, Fashion Director at Creyate
    A look into the revolution that has set in fashion retail, perpetuated by the rising influence of evolved millennials in India, shifting the retail focus from a search based project purchase model to a suggestion based model, curated to fit their lifestyle and mindstyle...
  19. The Indian Luxury Market - An Overview
    by Nandini Kelkar, Research Director, Customer Research Practice, Frost & Sullivan
    Although population from key metro cities forms the core consumer base for the luxury purveyors in India, an equal and rising penchant for opulent fashion has also been registered from non-metros as well. Here is a look at current dynamics and the key drivers...
  20. Beyond Disruption: Fashioning Success in India’s Luxury Market
    By Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO, Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect B School
    The luxury fashion and lifestyle market in India is one of the world’s most multifaceted, exciting and tricky markets. Brands and retailers that want to capture a share of this rapidly-evolving market need to learn to adapt, or risk missing one of the next greatest untapped opportunities for the luxury business. A complete analysis...
  21. Private Labels: A Changing Perspective in Indian Retail
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP, Goutham Jain, Principal Consultant and Niharika, Associate Consultant
    Private labels in India have witnessed a new era of growth buttressing on the data harboured by e-commerce players. The rich customer insights translate to a slew of significant advantages, all resulting in shorter shelf-time of products...
  22. BeSpoke Fashion and the Technology Influences On It
    by Tejinder Singh, COO, Arvind Limited
    Bespoke fashion in India is stealthily embossing a stronghold in line with the modern consumer’s burgeoning penchant for singularity. Arvind Limited brings a deeper understanding of the modus operandi and the newfangled technologies that keep this artistry flowing...
  23. The Big Opportunity in Licensing in the Indian Fashion Market
    by Jiggy George, Head of India, Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA).; Founder and CEO, Dream Theatre.
    The character licensing industry has been stealthily growing in India over the last few years. Licensing has massive potential with ready to run style guides, design programs, marketing props, retail templates and most importantly, proven success stories from other markets...
  24. INDIA size: India’s Sizing Survey is Finally Here
    by Dr. Noopur Anand, Professor - Department of Fashion Technology, NIFT
    Supported by the Ministry Of Textiles, GOI, Project ‘India Size’ entails studying a population, aged 15-65 across six cities, with men and women in equal numbers using 3d body scanners to develop the first of its kind Indian size charts for better fitting of RTW garments. A detailed study...
  25. A Glimpse at Indian Ethnic Wear 2018 Trends
    by Namita Bhagat
    The Indian wardrobe is incomplete without ethnic wear. They are not just clothes, they are fashion! But, where there is fashion, there also are ‘stylistic’ trends that capture people’s fancy for a certain period of time before the new ones emerge. Here’s a run-down of some key Indian ethnic wear trends of 2018...
  26. A Creative Fashion Merger
    By Meher Castelino
    Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion has been a highlight of the Indian textile heritage since time immemorial. Artisans and fashion designers are today teaming up to add a touch of their own to this tradition and culture...
  27. Underpinning the Ethos of Indian Fabrics
    by Anupam Arya, Director, Fabriclore
    T he rich handloom craft of India is gradually gaining a brand value of its own. Yet it still is confined by the old shackles that manifest in terms of legacy trade mechanics and highly unorganized production and distribution. An online platform empowering both the artisans and the consumer may just be the answer...
  28. The Indian Designer Fashion Kaleidoscope
    by Meher Castelino
    Indian designers pushed their creativity not only into the domestic market with numerous fashion weeks but also made their mark in the global fashion scene. We bring to you a compendium of the culmination of extraordinary creativity showcased through 2017 by various designers...
  29. Newage Bridal Wear
    by Meher Castelino
    Modern bridal wear flaunts sharp contrasts between outmoded traditions and uber-modernity. Indian designers are bridging the gap by letting their collective imaginations soar through seamless blend of indigenous skills with western silhouettes and styling. A lookbook...
  30. 10 Reasons to Invest in the Textile Sector in India
    by Disha Acharya, Consultant and Ayushi Puri, Associate Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    The textile sector in India is blooming, but sentinels hold that the real growth phase of the industry is only about to start and India is poised to be a powerhouse for textile and apparel manufacturing, exports and consumption in the near future...
  31. Indian Textile Industry: Present Scenario, Challenges and the Way Ahead
    by Anubha Sehgal, Senior Consultant and Ayushi Puri, Associate Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    The Indian textile industry has reaped benefits of china’s growth slowdown, favourable government policies and a strong raw material base and has registered a bolstered growth curve. A thorough look at the challenges that still lie ahead and the way forward...
  32. Key Issues Holding Back Textile & Apparel Manufacturing In India
    by Mausmi Ambastha, COO & Co-founder,Threadsol Pvt. Ltd.
    Manufacturing in the Indian Textiles and Apparel industry has made a strong contribution to spurring national growth over the years. Although the future growth seems optimistic, the tremendous potential of this sector is still plagued by a multitude of factors...
  33. Polyester Innovation, Efficiency & Competitiveness Walk Hand-in-Hand
    by Rakesh Bali, Senior Vice President & Head Marketing, RIL
    With increasing consumer demand for specific higher performance apparel, the opportunities for strong polyester adoption are on the rise. Following extensive research and development, and using its expertise in fibre re-engineering, RIL has recently launched its portfolio of specialty fabrics called R|Elan™...
  34. Fitting India in Fashion Industry 4.0
    by Ram Sareen, CEO, Tukatech
    Fashion creation in the new world order faces an immense array of disruptive digital influences and also possibilities that all fashion creators must inevitably prepare for. An in-depth study...
  35. Jewellery: A Re-Evolving Fashion Sector
    by Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels
    Indian jewellery was used in infinitely more complex ways than as mere decorations - as a social signifier, insurance policy, talisman, and even as a diplomatic calling card. Reliance Jewels brings to you, a deeper understanding of the jewellery market in India and the opportunities the country is home to...
India Business of Fashion Report 2017
An aggregation of research and trends driving the fast paced evolution of retail in India and abroad
  1. WGSN’s Future Consumer Outlook
    by WGSN
    In an extract from their 2018 Future Consumer report, global trend authority, WGSN takes an overview of the major global shifts and key consumer priorities that will shape fashion consumer behaviour and choices in the immediate future...
  2. Beyond the Haze: A Confident Indian Consumer Ready to Spend
    by Team IMAGES Business of Fashion (Based on Nielsen Report)
    Findings from Nielsen’s Consumer Confidence Index indicate a coming period of boom in consumer spend...
  3. Consumer Centricity: The New Look of the Season
    by Hemant Mehta, Managing Director-Media, Digital & Chief Strategy Officer, Kantar IMRB
    The report takes an overview of the huge metamorphosis of the Indian fashion consumers; and how attitudes, mind-sets, and lifestyle choices around styling and grooming have undergone a sea change...
  4. Consumer Shifts and Evolving Buyer Behaviour in Fashion
    by Vineet Satija, Associate Director, and Subhodeep Nag, Knowledge Manager, Retail and Consumer, PwC
    With fashion consciousness increasing across socio-economic segments, Indian markets are catering to all desires of new-age consumers. PwC shares its observations on the key growth drivers and trends driving the fashion retail market in India...
  5. The Indian Fashion Market - 2016 & Beyond
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior Vice President, Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak with research inputs from Goutham Jain and Saima Nigar, Team Technopak
    Expert Analysts at Technopak sizes the Indian fashion retail market, its key categories and analyses the current and future growth prospects and trends...
  6. Growth of Fashion E-Commerce
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior Vice President, Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak with support from Goutham Jain and Saima Nigar, Team Technopak
    Technopak shares insights on how e-tailers carry out their businesses through online retail platforms in comparison to brick and mortar format...
  7. Omni Channel Retail: The New Buzzword in the Market
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior Vice President, Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak with support from Goutham Jain and Saima Nigar, Team Technopak
    Technopak highlights the opportunities and challenges prevalent in delivering an Omnichannel retail experience...
  8. Case Study: Van Heusen
    by Team IMAGES Business of Fashion
  9. Trends That Will Define the Future of the Indian Apparel Industry
    by Renu Aggarwal, Principal Consultant and Willson Anand, Associate Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    Wazir Advisors outline 5 key consumption trends in India shaping the future of the apparel industry and present significant opportunities for new as well as existing businesses...
  10. Digital Transformation in Retail is Imperative
    by Mike Ghasemi, Research Director, Retail Insights - Asia Pacific & WW Hospitality, IDC Singapore
    Retail Insights takes a look at the inevitability of fostering digital change within organisations to survive in the new era...
  11. The Top New Technologies and Innovative Applications that Fashion Businesses Just Can’t Ignore!
    by Sweta Chandna, Developer Architect-Retail, SAP Labs India
    Pinpointing the technologies that will have the greatest impact on fashion businesses in India and elaborateing on how exactly they work wonders...
  12. Staying Ahead of Trends with Data Analytics
    by Raman Bhushan, Partner, Data & Analytics, PwC India
    An insight into how high performing retailers are turning to big data and advance analytics for decision making and how these technologies are enabling them to understand so much more, in real-time, and across the entire value chain of retail operations...
  13. AI - Fashion Powered by AI would be the New Fashion
    by Santhosh Rao, Associate Director - Distribution Sector Leader, IBM Cognitive Solutions
    Analysing the machines of tomorrow - cognitive systems and their impact on the fashion industry, the way new technology magnifies human expertise and enables retailers to think more creatively...
  14. Retail and Technology - A Bond Growing Stronger
    by Lisa Mukhedkar, Founder and Director, Restore
    The current and future retail technology trends in retail stores and environments; their role in creating memorable retail experiences and their impact on the new age retail consumer...
  15. GST and Fashion Businesses in India
    by Suresh Nair, Partner, Ernst & Young
    Ernst & Young’s report gives an overview of why GST is a subject of great interest and intrigue for fashion businesses in India, and outlines its implications...
  16. Funding Bling! Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments in Indian Fashion
    by Thillai Rajan A., Professor, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras and C. Rathika, Fashion Designer
    An analyses of the growth in VCPE investments in the Indian fashion industry, how they have benefitted first generation entrepreneurs to scale faster, supported extensive use of technology and benefitted the consumer by increasing access to high quality fashion products...
  17. Funding and Investments in Indian Fashion - Dynamics and Prospects
    by Namita Bhagat
    The Indian fashion retail industry has emerged as an exciting and promising opportunity from an investment point of view and even though the past year was marked by a decline in overall funding and investments in India, long-run prospects remain bright...
  18. The Changing Dynamics of Fashion Retail Spaces
    by Ankita Sood, Consultant - Research, Knight Frank India
    Knight Frank India on the significance of fashion for modern retail in India, its salience in space occupancy and the dynamics that will define the future...
  19. Luxury Fashion - An Indian Perspective
    by Tarun Joshi, Founder, VanityCask
    Exploring the journey of international luxury fashion in India - the trends, market growth, increase in number of the wealthy, as well as growing spends on luxury goods along with a comprehensive overview of what ails luxury fashion in India and how to tackle these problems...
  20. International Fashion Brands in India - The 2017 Perspective
    by Devangshu Dutta, Chief Executive, Third Eyesight
    An overview of the journey of the international brands in India, touching upon evolving approaches, varied and unique challenges the Indian market poses, and how to achieve success via a long-term view of the very same market...
  21. Launch Pad Report 2016-17: Global Fashion Brands Entering India
    by Team IMAGES BoF
    India is fast becoming a hot bed for international fashion brands. As the years pass, a noteworthy increase has been witnessed in the number of brands that have ventured into the Indian fashion market every year indicating a healthy and steady growth of the market in India...
  22. The Rise of Fashion Private Labels in India
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior Vice President, Fashion - Textile & Apparel, Technopak with Goutham Jain and Saima Nigar, Team Technopak
    An overview of why there has been a surge in private labels in recent years, why consumers consider them smart shopping and an in-depth study of whether they are at par with premium brands in terms of quality and price...
  23. Case Study: Myntra
    By Team IMAGES Business of Fashion
  24. Global Fashion Trends - 2018
    by Trend Council
    A forecast on emerging fashion trends that will impact global fashion in the immediate future, an expert analysis of emerging global lifestyles and socio-cultural trends, and an overview on why these top 10 picks will redefine shelves...
  25. Fashion Education - The Right Way Forward
    by Antonio Maurizio Grioli, School Head, Pearl Academy
    Pearl Academy’s outlook on why the role of a fashion designer is to translate a decade into infinite possibilities, where creation is a definition of the moment, a reflection of an era and a mirror of the future...
  26. The Indian Textile Industry - A Review
    by Sumit Parmar, Research Associate, Wazir Advisors
    An assessesment of the current market status of India’s textile and apparel industry, the second largest manufacturer and exporter in the world, along with a study of factors leading to its growth, key trends shaping the future, presence across the value chain and overall sector performance...
  27. Future of Fabric and Fashion Ingredient Sourcing
    by Benita Singh, Founder & CEO, Le Souk
    An in-depth study of fabric sourcing - state of fabric, discovering materials, fashion sourcing and creating distinctive, long-lasting garments that justify an accessible luxury price point...
  28. Why the World Needs Wool
    by Lisa Griplas, Editor, The Woolmark Company
    The Woolmark Company takes a step back to ponder a while on why wool matters and through it also why the choices we make will shape the way things are in the future...
  29. Investment Opportunities in Man Made Fiber-Based Textile Manufacturing in India
    by Anubha Sehgal, Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    While India’s product basket is majorly cotton focused, the world trade in textile and apparel is tilted towards Man Made Fiber (MMF). There is a huge untapped opportunity in MMF based product categories, which can give an exponential growth to India’s export of textile and apparel...
Women's Fashion Lifestyle
The evolution of Women’s Fashion Lifestyle in India
    BY Meher Castelino
    The introduction of liberalization in 1991 opened doors to new possibilities. From Benetton to Adidas, women had everything on their fingertips. Find out how women’s fashion got an upgrade post 1991...
    BY Amit Gugnani, Prerna Pandey & Saima Nigar
    It has been estimated that the once ₹1,02,358 crore (US$17 bn) women’s wear market will grow at a CAGR of 11% to reach ₹2,89,518 crore (US$48 bn) in 2025. Find out which opportunities the women’s fashion market is expected to see...
    The power of the internet seems to be one of those support pillars that women from various socio-cultural groups from across India heavily rely on. But how are modern women driving the online lifestyle shopping in India?...
    BY Kaushal Shubhank, Co-founder, Roposo
    Gone are the days when an annual fashion week was the only way for designers to unveil their creations. With news pouring in 24 hours a day, personal devices have become the most dynamic ramp for everyday fashion shows. Here’s how the digitalization of fashion changed the way women shop...
    By Aarti Kapur Singh
    A woman’s fashion choices can be affected by a number of factors. From celebrity fashion to latest trends, women look for inspiration everywhere. Read on to know how women find their perfect fashion match...
    By Jaideep Shetty
    Department stores have increased the footage of the western wear category by 45% in the last five years and the yields per foot have had a CAGR growth of 12%. What other rare democratization are we witnessing in the fashion industry?...
    By Tarun Tahiliani
    India’s rich and diverse heritage has much to offer to fashion, with each province having its own traditional apparel. But one Indian ace designer has used this untapped potential much to his advantage. Find out who got the formula right!...
    By Archana Kochhar
    Hidden behind the modernity of urban societies are the rural and tribal populations of India whose indigenous designs have been well-preserved in the modern fashion industry. Here’s how fashion businesses have struck the right chord...
    The Indian woman’s wardrobe has metamorphosed into a more comprehensive style. From the pre-liberalization traditional sarees and salwaar kameez to the ardent inclination towards Western wear, here’s how women are keeping up with the changing trends and brands need to, too...
    The versatile saree conveys a multitude of looks, from glamourous and opulent, mature and professional to ceremonial and culturally intrinsic. Take a look at its transition into a glamorous piece of clothing...
    To counter the Western wear category’s popularity, the ethnic wear segment is going through a deep transformation. With only a handful of brands available in the past, ethnic wear is looking at fast changing the face of the industry...
    Weddings remain a stable business as a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people in the country. Indian fashion designers have spotted a huge opportunity and successfully aligned with the wedding wear market. But what exactly does this relationship entail?...
    Indian weddings, for the most part, have a tendency to continue for a few days, essentially meaning a new attire for each moment, often multiple in a day. How can the traditional bridal wear market in India adapt?...
    We sketch the course of Bhanu Athaiya, India’s first Oscar winner and the Hindi film industry’s most renowned costume designer, whose work spans over five decades...
    By Srikant Velu, President, Sangam India Ltd.
    Though, historically, lingerie can be tracked to 3,000 BC in Egypt, it still has a long way to go, more so in India, the reason being the lack of freedom given to the garment. What other challenges does this industry face in India? How are brands overcoming them? Find out here...
    For those looking to shop for lingerie in comfort, e-commerce has been a blessing, resulting in a much-needed evolution of the women's lingerie market from just blacks & whites to being a fashion statement. Is your brand getting it right?...
    Although shapewear has already presented itself as a promising innerwear segment in India, it still has a long way to go. A fairly common term in the West, why has it still not gained momentum in India? Are we awaiting a breakthrough?...
  18. Western influence with an Indian touch- Women’s western wear market in India
    The mall culture and the growing reach of social media have made Western wear in India not only accessible but also acceptable for women. How is fashion being democratized to make it within the reach of women across the country?...
  19. Women’s Winter trends
    Based on the fashion weeks around the world and our interactions with myriad fashion designers, we rounded up the focus points of this year's trends in women’s wear, right off the runway...
  20. The evolution of women’s denims in India
    By Prem Gupta
    Jeans have made inroads into the wardrobes of women even in rural India. Looking at this rising popularity of denim among women, is it safe to assume that the demand for jeans is going to dominate the apparel business in India in the near future?...
  21. Contemporary trends in women's denim
    Today, denim is not just a bold fashion statement but a wardrobe essential for women all over the world. Has there been a development in the way women consumers perceive denim? How has denim evolved in India?...
  22. Denims go for a jog with jeggings
    The market for women’s bottom wear in India went through a mammoth change with the launch of knitted leggings. What are these changes and how has this shift helped in evolving the Indian market for women’s denim wear?...
  23. Knitted leggings: Changing the leg-wear category in India
    India was set up for a revolution with the introduction of knitted leggings almost a decade ago. How did this new development help in transforming Indian women’s bottom-wear?...
  24. The unclaimed silhouette women’s shirt market- Untapped opportunities
    By Nischal Puri
    In the past one decade, women's formal wear is seeing a steep rise in demand. From men’s brands becoming unisex and women-only brands coming up, are marketers successfully catering to their needs?...
  25. The future beckons: Get the basics right in women’s wear fashion
    By Rajini Roy
    As in any industry with diversity of high magnitude, the success in the fashion industry also lies in getting the basics right. How well do we understand fashion and what influences it?...
  26. Ingredient Branding: A winning proposition for all
    By Shardah Uniyal
    Consumers are now smarter than before; they want to know everything that goes behind making a product. Is this where ingredient branding comes into play? How are brands defending themselves?...
  27. Fashion accessories market on a growth curve
    By Anjan Chowdhury
    Accessories have moved past being just an additional style piece. They are no longer a necessity but an expression of one’s individuality. Are they a booming industry now? What has fuelled this demand?...
  28. Wgsn’s top Fashion Accessory Must-Haves: A/W 16-17
    Fashion accessories have now gained great prominence and have become the focal point of the entire get-up. WGSN lists the top must-haves...
  29. Women’s Jewelry in India
    By Anil Prabhakar
    From its auspicious slant to becoming a fashion statement, the significance of jewellery has evolved with time. This article sketches out the history of jewellery in India...
  30. Women Influence on the Home Fashion Industry
    By Anil Mathur
    The furniture, home and lifestyle market has finally caught up in India. The women of this country have been and still are paramount to the growth of this industry. Read on to understand the role women play in helping this industry grow...
  31. The Beauty Obsession- Contemporary Beauty Aspirations of the Indian women
    The beauty industry’s dynamics in India have witnessed a complete overhaul in recent years. ‘Looking good’ is a necessity today and brands must take note...
  32. Of Women and Eating Out
    Eating out alone, for a woman, was well beyond the cultural norm till a few decades back in India. But things are changing for the better. Industry veterans chalk out the reasons, trends and preferences of modern Indian women...
  33. Renting as a Business Model
    By Sahyujyah Shriivas
    The renting business has emerged as a win-win situation for both companies that work on this model as well as buyers. Does it have the potential to be the next big business model in the near future?...
India Business of Fashion Report 2016
A compendium of the most powerful retail-led business research, trends and ideas that have helped build the futuristic and connected world of retail
  1. The Globalisation of Fashion: Key Movements, Current Trends and Critical Forces
    by Dr. Thomas Vetter, Senior VP & Global Head-Consumer Industries, SAP
    In a global fashion retail market that is increasingly getting more open and more competitive, brands need to draw their game plans for the long run. Dr Vetter, an expert at SAP – the company which has delivered solutions to over 700 leading global fashion retailers – shares his thoughts…
  2. Growth of E-Commerce in Fashion Businesses
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP - Fashion and Sakshi Chhillar, Associate Consultant, Textile & Apparel, Technopak
    Technopak details the bolstered growth curve of retail in India led by e-commerce, with an emphasis on how businesses are embracing technology and innovation at a pace unfamiliar, along with typical consumer behaviour, growth drivers and challenges.
  3. Online Fashion Retail will grow to US$ 30 Billion in Next 4 Years
    by Nitin Bawankule, Director Sales, Google India
    Google India analyses why apparel is the most searched shopping category on Google, how many Indians have bought and purchased a fashion product online and where this growth chart is heading in times to come…
  4. Fashion Ecom 2.0
    A study of how user behaviour will change fashion specific technology, what users want in the second wave of fashion e-commerce, and how retailers need to think like consumers…
  5. Top Trends in Fashion Retail
    by Shreyansh Kocheri, Research Analyst, Euromonitor International
    A study of how India – poised for strong growth over the years, backed by buoyant economic growth – provides opportunities for growth within many consumer goods industries, with fashion retail being a key contributor.
  6. The Indian Fashion Apparel Market
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP - Fashion and Sakshi Chhillar, Associate Consultant, Textile & Apparel, Technopak
    It is estimated that the USD 45 billion Indian fashion apparel market will grow at a CAGR of 10 percent to touch USD 122 billion by 2025. Exclusive Insights on the burgeoning apparel fashion market of the country…
  7. Omni-Channel: Way Ahead for Fashion Retailers
    by Amit Gugnani, Senior VP - Fashion and Kanti Prakash Brahma, Principal Consultant, Technopak
    Technological advancements have helped the fashion industry to transcend beyond the boundaries of physical stores and omnichannel has become the new buzzword of the retail industry. Technopk analyses the actuality and the challenges of the multichannel approach…
  8. Evolving Retail in Fashion Networks
    by Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond Limited
    A look at why embracing disruptive technology and staying nimble footed as a retailer is a pre-requisite to profitably exploiting the immense opportunity and smartly partaking in the future of fashion retailing and fashion networks…
  9. P.E. Investment Scenario in the Indian Fashion Sector
    by Renu Aggarwal, Principal Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    A study of the opportunities and challenges awaiting both investor groups and fashion brands and ways to engender winning partnerships…
  10. Funding and Investments in Indian Fashion
    by Namita Bhagat, TEAM BoF
    Why the fashion retail sector has been generating a lot of investor interest over the last few years and reasons 2015 in particular was a great year in terms of investment activity on angel, VC, PE and IPO fronts…
  11. Valuation of E-Commerce Companies
    by Harminder Sahni, Founder & Managing Director, Wazir Advisors
    The e-commerce economy is affluent but volatile with valuation surging and plummeting routinely. Wazir Advisors bring a detailed analysis on how these companies are valued, and illustrates 5 parameters on the basis of which investors select startups to invest in…
  12. Global Brands in India: The Latest Wave
    by Manisha Bapna, TEAM BoF
    IBOFR takes a look at the latest wave of international brands that have arrived on Indian shores over the last year and presents brief snapshots of the brands, their entry strategies and India plans...
  13. Luxury Fashion Marques in India - Triumphing New Frontiers
    by Abhay Gupta, Founder & CEO, Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business School
    From Armani to Chanel and Ermenegildo Zegna to Versace, luxury brands have created a niche in India, while brands which are already in the country Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Jimmy Choo et al are eying the market with renewed country specific localized strategies…
  14. Designers Go the Retail Way
    by Aarti Kapur Singh, TEAM BoF
    Well-dressed, well-heeled Indians are being wooed in innovative ways by multi-brand luxury attire and accessory stores launched by Indian fashion designers, who have finally begun to find their feet and a clientele. An in-depth look…
  15. The Restored World of Customised Menswear Clothing in India its Evolution and What Lies Ahead
    by Renu Aggarwal, Principal Consultant, and Mukesh Agarwal, Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    Till the late twentieth century, clothing as a consumer product was a ‘tailor delivered outfit’. While the market continues to exist even today, its scale and structure has changed quite a bit since then and recently several business models have also emerged…
  16. The Business of Fashion: Recognising the Power of Design Innovation led Creative Enterprise
    by Siddharth Shahni, Executive Director, Indian School of Design and Innovation (Parsons India)
    As modern customers are becoming increasingly demanding, fashion brands are stepping up to more design innovations; technology is taking off, and there have been huge advances. A look at how top brands are propelled by design innovation and sustainability principles…
  17. Smart Garments Present & Future
    by Prof. (Dr.) Noopur Anand, Chairperson, Department of Fashion Technology, NIFT
    High tech is the way the apparel sector is growing. From key functional benefits across health, wellness, sports, protection to fashion and everyday comfort, we study why ‘smart garments’ are the way forward for the sector…
  18. Mobile Apps for Fashion Retail
    by Mark McDonald, CEO and Martin Halford, CTO, Appster
    The luxury of mobile devices has had a huge impact on retail and retailers are vying for establishing their presence via responsive sites and apps. a study into why apps make for great convenience, the perceived risks of app-commerce and what retailers can do to put consumers at ease…
  19. Why and How the Consumer Embraces a Social Brand
    by Manish Mandhana, Managing Director, Mandhana Industries Ltd.
    The conscious consumer is increasingly inclined towards companies committed to a positive social and environmental impact. As a result, brands are working at corporate responsibility to keep up with this pro-social trend and are no longer looking at CSR as a marketing move…
  20. Internationally Indian: Indian Designers making Global Waves
    by Aarti Kapur Singh, TEAM BoF
    Indian designers have shown their charisma in the international sphere and are widely flaunted by top international celebrities at award functions, celebrity events, runways and social dos. Team BoF profiles prolific designers and brands which have made inroads into the global arena…
  21. Human Resource in Fashion Retail - The Finer Humane Detail
    by Dr. Suruchi Mittar, Director, Learning & Development, Appster India and Aditi Agrawal, Student, NIFT
    The labour intensive nature of the fashion industry and the dearth of skilled personnel mean that there are too many companies chasing too little talent. Appster India and NIFT present a report on unique hr practices that help brands stand out on the placement platform…
  22. Supply Chain Performance Improvement and Brand Protection via Collaboration
    by Dr. Rajesh Bheda, Director, Rajesh Bheda Consulting
    Although the Indian apparel market is positioned as one of the most promising across the globe, there is an ubiquitous tendency to overlook the need to address the challenges of sustainability and social standards in supply chain. A compendium of solutions to these challenges…
  23. Textiles Overview: Current Status and Major Developments
    by B Prakash, Principal Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    The textile industry in India ranks just after agriculture and although 2015 proved to be a lacklustre year for the industry, experts predict a strong future and credit this to manufacturing competitiveness, impetus from the government and robust domestic market dynamics…
  24. India in the Global Cotton Market
    by Justin Coates, Manager Market Analysis, Cotton Inc. and B Prakash, Principal Consultant, Wazir Advisors
    Recent trends in the Indian domestic market are driving consumption of high-quality cotton products and creating opportunities like cotton fibre branding. This expert opinion illustrates the production and consumption patterns of cotton at a global level and India’s position within this global context…
  25. Top Innovations in Wool for the Fashion Industry: Options for F/W 16-17
    by Roy Kettlewell, Global Innovations Manager, Australian Wool Innovation
    The rising popularity of merino wool has ushered in myriad innovations to add value to end products. A look at international merino wool trends for as illustrated by the Wool Lab, a twice yearly creation of the Woolmark Company, to encourage brands and retailers to view and source wool as a premium fibre…
  26. Denims – A Rapidly Growing Business Opportunity for India
    by Dr. P R Roy, Chairman, Diagonal Consulting (India)
    India contributes about 15 percent of the global denim production, an industry which is estimated to be around USD 110 billion. Although, the country is among the largest producers of denim and enjoys a healthy compound annual growth rate of 15 to 18 percent, there is a huge gap to be filled. A look at how India can become a global hub for branded denim apparel…
  27. Lingerie “Make in India” Challenges
    by Chandrajith Wickramasinghe, Founder & CEO, Corrigo Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
    As inner wear graduates into a staple in the Indian women’s wardrobe, the industry has burgeoned, albeit in pockets of different states in India as a small scale unorganised sector. But is the Indian lingerie industry competent enough to cash in on the rising opportunity and rival the global brands?
  28. Evolution of the Leather Fashion Industry in India
    by Atul Amode, COO, Zakiz
    The appeal of leather is no longer constrained to metro cities or to consumers who fall within the sec a bracket, but has transcended to smaller towns and cities. With the influence and reach of social media, consumer habits and decisions are expected to change further, along with lucrative opportunities…
  29. Women’s Wear: Fashion Trends 2016
    by Shaswati Basu Sengupta, CEO and Research Head, INgene Insights Consultancy
    INgene Insights has analysed main trend snippets of 2016, which are pretty dramatic with sheers, transparency, layers and frills. There is strong influence of 1950s...
  30. The Fashion Guru that is Bollywood: Fashion Collaborations
    by Aarti Kapur Singh, TEAM BoF
    Bollywood has always inspired a multitude of trends that have been religiously followed for ages. However, nothing is eternal as they say. With the dawn of new age cinema and characters leaning toward a more realistic template, the influence seems to be finally attenuating. A report…
  31. Celebrity Branding: From Endorsement to Deeper Involvement
    by Aarti Kapur Singh, TEAM BoF
    Marketing and celebrities are inextricable. Brands have long been cashing on the affinity that celebrities enjoy to influence consumers’ purchase behaviour. Recently, many celebrities have graduated to involvement and are expanding their portfolio by launching their own lines of clothing and accessories. An in-depth study…
The Denim Bible India - 2014
Does your denim fit into the new reality of the fast-paced Indian youth?
    What started as a revolution has now become a piece of passion for us. Read on to know how the classic blue jeans became what they are today...
    BY P R ROY
    From Gucci to our beloved home-gown brands, denim jeans are now one of our favourite garments. But what is India still to learn from global denim players?
    Has India actually moved past its traditional attire and accepted the denim category with open arms?
    Did you know India is globally credited for painting the denim blue? Read on to know the evolution of denim in India and how we contributed globally.
    The absolute margin one can get from a piece of denim apparel is quite healthy since it is now a value-added category. Read on to know more...
    With the growing popularity for denim products, some top formal-wear brands have also ventured into this category. But is the move worth its while?
    Denim has been there in the Indian fashion market for a very long time, but our annual consumption is still not at par with other countries. Find out why.
    How do brands manage to capture the Indian women’s wear market and offer something unique every time? Read on to know.
    Denim jeans have blurred the lines between looking cool and pleasing our Indian parents. But what is so revolutionary about ‘being in a pair of jeans’?
    In a world full of branded denims, can departmental stores meet consumer expectations and change the game in the future?
    Why are denim brands embracing social media and how is the digital medium helping them stay on top of their game? Read on to get answers.
    Most people find it difficult to search for the right size and style online, yet major e-commerce sites are seeing a surge in online demand. Does your brand need that secret ingredient?
    Designing a good denim brand store is as necessary as designing denim jeans. What goes behind the execution of a great design idea? Find out here!
    Bollywood has always played a major role in revolutionizing the fashion industry. But how did they manage to impact our denim choices?
    Celebrities are our top fashion influencers. But are these A-listers ready to trade their designer dresses for a pair of well-fitted jeans?
  16. Rebel Yell
    Baby boomers who grew up in the 1970s and ’80s with jeans brands are still young at heart. Are jeans brands doing enough for the 50 something?
  17. The Greatest Jeans Ever made
    The iconic Levi’s 501 jeans, first introduced in 1873, is going strong even after 149 years. Why is it called the greatest jeans ever made?
    From talking about the fabric to latest fashion trends, denim Ad campaigns have always been interesting. Here’s how and why.
    The history of jeans in Europe and those in America are so different! In fact, premium denims don’t actually belong to America. Explore more!
    With so many new and exciting brands rocking the denim world, it might get hard to remember every one of them. We are here to help...
    The Indian denim manufacturing capacity today stands at 1.1 BMA and this constitutes a significant 17 percent of the global consumption of 6.5 BMA of denim. Fascinating?
    The image of denim was a typical 14.5 ounce rugged pair of jeans, but today the image has completely changed, or has it?
    Mr. Paolo Briatore, MD, INVISTA, South Asia on how India has emerged as a key global opportunity for domestic business development for INVISTA.
    Is wearing age-old ill-fitted jeans still a thing? What are consumers looking for in jeans now? Are brands actually meeting those needs? Find out here.
    Performance fabrics are revolutionary. Their latest developments were showcased at the Global Fashion Trade Show. But were they able to make heads turn?
    As the denim market continues to suffer, we try to understand the challenges brands in the segment face. What is stopping them from innovating?
    Synopsis - Denim, traditionally a youth-centric and casual fabric often associated with a defiant attitude, is going to join the glamour factor. Find out how.
    In addition to zero environmental impact, the laser wash is able to guarantee significant energy savings. Are lasers actually the future of denims?
    Next summer’s essential skinny jeans include ornate damage, motocross styling and elevated laundry techniques. Does your brand have its look on point?
    BY Editor’s Pick, Source: Sportswear International#261
    Which key denim piece will attract your customers in summer? Here, designers give us a sneak peek of their favourites.
    Fashion designers are known to experiment every season. So, for them, adding their own twist to classic denims is no surprise. See how they do it.
    Creativity goes beyond imagination and denim kurtas have proven it. But are they going to be as revolutionary as denim jeans?
    In order to make the denim fabric more suitable for home furnishings, finishes like mercerisation, emerising and PU coating are applied. Is denim furnishing the new trend?
    The denim industry is the number one polluter in the fashion world. It is time to take a healthier path and revolutionise the denim industry. Read on to know how.
    Today’s customers are willing to spend a bit more on clothing-provided that it meets their requirements. Now, they want to know everything. Are brands paying enough attention?