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Monday, September 25, 2023


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Meesho’s Project Suraksha leverages technology, AI to redefine safe e-commerce

Homegrown e-commerce marketplace, Meesho, has unveiled Project Suraksha, an umbrella initiative that encompasses multiple strategies to combat counterfeit and restricted products. The project is a part of its Trust Assurance Report, a comprehensive document that showcases the company’s steadfast dedication to creating a secure and trustworthy marketplace for its customers.

Under Project Suraksha, Meesho has implemented stringent verification processes, engaged in brand partnerships, and leveraged analytical models for fraud detection.

Leveraging AI to Counter Counterfeiting

Addressing the growing concern of counterfeit products in the digital era, Meesho has proactively tackled this issue with significant measures. By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and data science models, the platform can promptly detect and flag suspicious listings and bad actor seller accounts.

The project has identified ~1,800 brands as high-risk for infringement and counterfeiting and has helped deactivate nearly 42 lakh counterfeit and infringing product listings and 10 lakh restricted products.

Since February 2023, there has been a 80% reduction in platform views for non-compliant listings, they now represent a mere 0.1% of platform views. Over 12,000 bad accounts have been detected and blocked since the beginning of this year itself. This robust verification process ensures only legitimate sellers are listed on Meesho. 

Forging Partnerships with Brands

Meesho has forged strong partnerships with brands, ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights and providing customers with a trustworthy shopping experience they can rely on.

Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder & CTO at Meesho says, “As a technology-driven platform, Meesho is dedicated to providing its customers with a safe and trustworthy online shopping experience. We leverage advanced techniques in computer vision and natural language understanding to continuously fortify our quality checks and effectively identify counterfeit products and bad actor sellers. We also have a dedicated quality and compliance team that proactively cross verifies automated signals and in turn enables us to combat fraudulent practices which builds trust with our users.”

Utkrishta Kumar, CXO, Business at Meesho adds, “At Meesho, our customers’ safety and satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. By continuously investing in technology, enhancing quality checks, and forming strategic brand partnerships, we have significantly improved our ability to detect counterfeit products and protect our users from potential harm. Our strong focus on customer and seller education fosters a transparent relationship, instilling trust in our platform and making Meesho the preferred destination for authentic and reliable products in India’s competitive e-commerce landscape.”

The company’s vision of empowering 100 million small businesses in the online space highlights its pioneering role in democratizing internet commerce and supporting MSMEs in their transition from offline to online.

A Solid Reputation

Emphasizing on technological innovations, seller-friendly policies, and robust security measures, Meesho has earned a reputation as the go-to, cost-effective destination for India’s price-conscious consumers.

Deep Bajaj, Co-Founder at Sirona Hygiene says, “Meesho has come a long way to ensure both customers and sellers are safeguarded from counterfeit products. In today’s competitive market, preserving the sanctity of our brand is paramount. The team has been extremely proactive in addressing this challenge and we are confident that with the new technological features and designated compliance team, Meesho will soon become the preferred marketplace for all brands.”

As part of its commitment to customer and seller education, Meesho provides extensive seller education programs, ensuring sellers understand regulatory frameworks governing online product sales.

Simultaneously, Meesho educates consumers about fraudulent activities and provides a simple reporting mechanism to swiftly address any issues. By empowering users with knowledge, Meesho aims to create a secure and informed shopping environment.

 The Meesho marketplace provides small businesses, which includes SMBs, MSMEs and individual entrepreneurs, access to millions of customers, selection from over 30 categories, pan-India logistics, payment services and customer support capabilities to efficiently run their businesses on the Meesho ecosystem.

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