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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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Women Leaders in Fashion Retail: Divya Aggarwal, Creative Director, KAZO Brands

Powerful women are essential change-makers in the business world, driving innovation, diversity, and equality. Their leadership not only challenges the status quo but also inspires others to break down barriers and create more inclusive, sustainable, and forward-thinking industries. These women are catalysts for progress, reshaping the business game and paving the way for a brighter, more balanced future.

The presence of women in the business domain serves as a powerful source of inspiration for individuals across various demographics and industries. They not only change our perception of how we view business traditionally but also make room for new-age ideas and ways of working.

In this special feature, IMAGES Business of Fashion presents the journey of Divya Aggarwal; Creative Director of Kazo Brands and a strategic trendsetter who is changing how we perceive Indian fashion – one innovative design at a time.

About Divya Aggarwal

Divya Aggarwal is a graduate from Parsons School of Design, New York, and spearheads design and buying at Kazo along with a team of highly skilled professionals.


  • Divya completed her High school education from The British SchoolNew Delhi
  • She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of DesignNew York, with a major in Fashion Designing and a minor in Design Management

Career History and Experience 

  • Divya has been working as a Design Director at BL International since June 2018 and continues on in the role till date
  • She is the Creative Director – Design and Buying at Kazo Brands
  • Additionally, Divya Aggarwal is the Founder and Designer at Divya Aggarwal Label

Roles and Responsibilities  

About her expertise in fashion and responsibilities at work Divya said, “My expertise covers all aspects of the fashion industry, from ideation to execution, including design, buying, marketing, and business strategy. I approach projects holistically, ensuring a cohesive and successful outcome.”

Her Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Insatiable curiosity for creativity, positive approach, and possessing problem-solving skills. 

Weaknesses: Detail-oriented, inquisitive nature to question things extensively, and seek perfection in everything.

Divya’s Aspirations

On this, she said, “My aspirations include continuous learning in every aspect of my life. I continuously strive to make a mark in the vast and ever-evolving fashion industry with a graceful and purposeful approach. By creating products that blend artistic expression with sustainable practices, I aim to contribute positively to the fashion landscape and inspire others to embrace a more eco-conscious mindset.”

Her Game-Changing Retail Technologies

According to Divya, “With upgraded e-commerce platforms and online shopping at the forefront, the retail industry has witnessed significant transformation. Leveraging data analytics and machine learning algorithms, AI support and product promotion have emerged as key drivers of brand differentiation. From interactive chatbots to targeted advertisements, AI is revolutionizing retail, creating engaging and user-friendly experiences.”

Skills that Helped Her Succeed

She says, “My success in the fashion industry is driven by my deep enthusiasm for trends, which fuels the growth of my brand. With a keen eye for aesthetics, trend analysis, and open[1]mindedness to receive constructive criticism, I continuously enhance my craft and strive for improvement in my work.”

Divya’s Learnings over the Years

To this, she said, “It is crucial not to predict the trajectory of one’s career, as unexpected opportunities often lead to unexpected personal growth. Additionally, embracing new experiences without hesitation opens doors to uncharted creativity and breakthroughs. By nurturing a clear vision and embracing innovative ideas, one can carve a unique path toward personal success.”

Her Take on the Future of the Industry

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see a significant impact on various aspects of the industry. From enhanced sustainability practices to immersive virtual experiences, technology will shape the way we design, produce, and consume fashion. From trend forecasting to data analytics insights to personalized recommendations, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will revolutionize various processes within the fashion industry.”

Changes that Divya Aggarwal Inspired 

She said, “Since joining the business, I have infused a fresh global perspective into our designs, drawing inspiration from my enriching four years of studying abroad. We have embraced a conscious approach by prioritizing ethically manufactured products crafted from eco-friendly, recycled, and low-impact materials. In our commitment to sustainability, we have also integrated circular store fixtures in our stores, utilizing movable infrastructure to minimize resource consumption.”

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