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BoF Promo Codes: How JACK and JONES’ Don’t Hold Back 3.0 helped increase brand visibility

In a world where fashion evolves faster than ever, finding the perfect balance between staying on-trend and maintaining your unique style can be a challenge for brands. In this competitive landscape are brands that are staying relevant and redefining their fashion game through exciting marketing campaigns – campaigns where trends meet timelessness! Merging contemporary fashion with their brand ethos, these brands show how to do a marketing campaign right.

In this special feature, BoF Promo Codes, bring you a collection of some of the best campaigns by brands that have captured the audience’s imagination and have resulted in profits.

This week, the spotlight is on JACK and JONES – a brand under the aegis of Danish fashion brand BESTSELLER.

Danish men’s fashion brand Jack & Jones is part of the BESTSELLER A/S group, one of the largest fashion retailers in Europe. Founded in 1989, the brand primarily focuses on creating stylish and affordable clothing for men, including a wide range of casual wear, denim, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, and accessories.

Jack & Jones gained popularity for its contemporary and trendy designs, as well as its emphasis on quality and comfort. The brand has a significant presence in the Indian market, establishing a strong retail presence through standalone stores, as well as by being available in various multi-brand retail outlets and online platforms.

The brand often engaged in marketing initiatives to reach its target audience in India.  It recently elevated its market status and positioned itself further with an incredibly fresh and forward-thinking campaign titled Don’t Hold Back 3.0’.

The campaign was created to showcase a new style of clothing that carried an underlying message for individuals to live more freely and uncompromisingly in their everyday fashion choices.

The brand often engages in marketing initiatives to reach its target audience in India, including collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and participation in fashion events to help increase brand visibility and maintain its relevance in the competitive Indian fashion market.

It was for one of its campaigns that JACK and JONES won the IMAGES Most Admired Marketing Campaign of the Year, in the Celebrity Endorsement Category at IMAGES Group’s flagship event, India Fashion Forum 2023.

The campaign for which it won the award was called Don’t Hold Back 3.0: JACK and JONES’ Campaign for India’s Youth.

About the Campaign: JACK and JONES has always been at the forefront of bringing fashion for men that is high-on-trend. The brand recently elevated its market status and positioned itself further with an incredibly fresh and forward-thinking campaign titled ‘Don’t Hold Back 3.0’.

Don’t Hold Back 3.0 was created to showcase a new style of clothing that carried an underlying message for individuals to live more freely and uncompromisingly in their everyday fashion choices.

Objective: Through Don’t Hold Back 3.0, the brand weaves a narrative for the youth of India. By addressing all the rule-breakers, rebels, misfits, outsiders, oddballs, and mavericks, the campaign sends a simple message to all youngsters – to be themselves without holding back.

JACK and JONES’ objective – to give their clothing more purpose and agency by making their style synonymous with all that is unconventional, unique, brave, and bold.

Star Collaboration: For this, the brand chose to collaborate with Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh to whom the massive success of the campaign is largely attributed. The correct superstar selection proved to fashion brands and business owners alike that the best person to represent any brand is the one who represents its ethos in their everyday life and also because new age and technology-driven audiences like to follow leaders who practice what they preach.

Through his bold and eccentric fashion sense on and off screen, Ranveer Singh is the epitome of a personality who lives unapologetically, even amidst opinions and speculations, undoubtedly making him the best choice to be the face of this campaign.

Execution: The film opens in a corporate setting where voices of ‘norm-following’ and ‘dressed by the code’ individuals are heard in the background. They tell the protagonist (Ranveer Singh) to hold back his fashion choices and to ‘tone it down’. Enter the protagonist, who is seen dressed in bold colors and in an outfit that is an unconventional choice of work wear. He mocks their remarks with a sarcastic but confident grin, indicating that he can’t and won’t change.

The marketing team at JACK and JONES created a smart 360 Degree Media Plan for this campaign which included –

  • TV
  • Print
  • Outdoor and Mall Branding
  • Event and In-Store
  • Digital Amplification
  • PR
  • CRM and Website

Television: The brand ran its ad campaign on popular household television channels like &TV, RomedyNOW, ZEE CINEMA, ZEE TV HD, REPUBLIC, Colors, VH1, Zoom Tv, Star Sports, NDTV 24×7, MTV, Sony Max, MOVIES NOW and 9xM.

JACK and JONES first launched their campaign by airing the commercial on Star Sports during the first ODI match of a cricket tournament. The idea behind this was that cricket is the most watched genre in Indian television and is watched on average on about 79% of televisions in the country. The sport also has the highest affinity towards the male audience, who were targeted by the brand to create an appeal.

Print Ads: A print campaign was created and circulated through some of the largest print publications in the country with a reach of approximately 4 million+ audiences located across 8 cities.

Outdoor Hoardings: The campaign was displayed on large-sized outdoor hoardings at 150+ sites across different Indian states.

Mall Branding: This was showcased in 75+ malls in India, mainly through in-door and outdoor large hoardings.

Digital Amplification: The campaign partnered with several digital channels that allowed the ad to reach its target audience through their mobile devices. They also ran their ad through social media and websites.

Public Relations: The campaign’s reach was widened as the brand chose prominent magazines to feature in. These included magazines like – GO India, Elle India, GRAZIA India, Femina India, and Mansworld India.

Vineet Gautam, CEO and Country Head at BESTSELLER India spoke about the campaign saying, “We are more than thrilled to have the country’s biggest superstar, trendsetter, and fashion icon Ranveer Singh, team up with JACK and JONES once again. With Don’t Hold Back 3.0, we plan to go bolder with our collection, bringing in edgy, contemporary street style looks that resonate with the brand’s core essence of not being afraid to hold back! We are super excited to introduce the third video of the #DONTHOLDBACK campaign, which celebrates Ranveer’s unmatchable zeal, energy, and enthusiasm.”

Actor Ranveer Singh added, “#DONTHOLDBACK started off as a very small idea, and eventually evolved into a campaign that is now larger than life. The kind of responses that we received for the digital contest was truly exhilarating. The final track that the 4 rapper boys (winners of the contest) and I worked on has undoubtedly the most unabashed, unapologetic vibe to it which truly embodies the spirit of #DONTHOLDBACK. I am proud to be the ambassador of JACK&JONES, a brand that I love and identify with, and I am truly grateful for having been given the chance to encourage the talent that the youth of our country possess.”

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