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Lenskart’s visionary campaign transforms the eyewear industry through supply chain

Lenskart, a leading eyewear company, disrupted the industry landscape by crafting an innovative campaign to redefine eyewear as not just a visual necessity but also a compelling fashion accessory. This transformation was not just about clear vision; it was a visionary approach that revolutionized how consumers perceive and interact with eyewear. By seamlessly merging style and function, Lenskart ignited a paradigm shift that resonated with fashion-conscious consumers.

For companies that think creatively and embrace innovation, there are several perks to reap. Firstly, it sets them apart from competitors by giving them a unique selling proposition. In Lenskart’s case, this was the fusion of fashion and eyewear. Such creative campaigns have the potential to capture consumer attention and leave a lasting impact, increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.

In this exclusive feature, presented by BoF Promo Codes, unveils yet another remarkable marketing campaign that not only grabbed attention but also deeply resonated with its audience, leaving a lasting impression.

About the Campaign

The ‘Be Smart. Check Out Lenskart’ Campaign consists of three ad films that convey what it means to make smarter choices with eyewear. Lenskart as a company was founded on the belief that eyewear in today’s time is not just a medical tool but a fashion accessory. The vision was to make eyewear as popular as any other fashion wearable that experienced a huge demand from its consumers.

Just like t-shirts, trousers and shoes enhance one’s physical appearance, eyewear too can be used to glam up an everyday look. This never-heard-before ideology revolutionized the eyewear industry and forced people to look at it as part of their fashion closet. Building upon this ideology, Lenskart also educates its customer base on how to make smart choices that are stylish, cutting-edge and also highly economical in comparison to other eyewear brands in the market. 

Tapping into the common shared experiences of people is one of the easiest ways to evoke emotions on a large scale, and Lenskart has aced the game of making a real connection with audiences through its ad films. 

The ad campaigns from Lenskart are simple to understand, transparent and message-driven. Being a perfect amalgamation of good cinematography, great script and effective messaging, it takes the company’s core value of disrupting stereotypes and makes the customer rethink their choices and shopping behaviour.


  • To showcase the company’s value proposition through each individual ad film
  • To educate customers on how traditional eyewear operates, what it offers and how Lenskart positions itself uniquely in the market


Lenskart made use of key visuals for all campaign collaterals that furthered their message in a visually smart and informative way. These visuals are found in the ad campaign films and the Lenskart mobile application.

Campaign 1: No Middleman

In the age of Direct-to-Consumer brands, Lenskart is transforming the eyewear industry by owning the entire supply chain. They offer complete transparency in pricing, and uncompromising quality at an unbeatable value. With a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy and a 1-year warranty scheme, the brand stands behind all of its products and delivers high-quality eyewear directly to its customers.

The ad film for this campaign opens with two customers trying to purchase some eyewear, but the seller of the traditional-looking store quotes a very large sum. At this point, one of the customers explains to the other that manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and distributor costs are impossible to avoid, as are the resulting prices. Then the scene shifts to the modern Lenskart store that has no middlemen and operates on a D2C (Direct to Customer) basis. Here, we see how smart technology is used to assemble the eyewear that reaches customers straight from the factory at reasonable prices.

Taglines from the visuals of this campaign – 

  • “No Middlemen – Best Price Served Right!”
  • “No Wholesaler, Distributor, Importer – We Do It All So Your Expense is Small.”

Campaign 2: Free Service

At Lenskart, quality and service come free, with no questions asked. They offer a range of free services like nose pad changes, frame alignment and ultrasonic cleaning, to all eyewear consumers. Their USP in service is that they repair eyewear for all customers regardless of the brand. This means customers with eyewear from brands and stores other than Lenskart can also walk into any of their branches without a prior appointment and get their eyewear serviced for free. 

With over 1300 Lenskart stores across the country, the brand is committed to providing the best quality products and services to all its customers.

In the ad film for their free service, we see two types of people – a younger, more aware man and an older traditional one with less awareness of free eyewear service. The younger man is seen cleaning ‘Major General’s’ plaque, and the older one enquires about the General’s missing glasses. He tells him that he has sent the glasses for free servicing at Lenskart, after which, viewers are made aware of Lenskart’s free eyewear service scheme and that it is open to all customers regardless of the eyewear brand they own.

The ad also includes the company’s knowledge of eyewear and the quality and range of services they provide. To promote this campaign, Lenskart displayed it on their app’s landing page and used it as a platform to connect with audiences online. It allowed them to book store appointments directly at their convenience.

Campaign 3: Progressive Not Expensive

Progressive lenses have always come with an expensive price tag and a lot of hidden costs. This makes them unapproachable by a large number of eyewear owners, making it a very intimidating experience overall.

At Lenskart, customers with multifocal powers are provided with a unique vision experience. Their lenses are made at their company-owned manufacturing facility by robots, with zero error precision. This direct-to-customer model also allows them to price their lenses at Rs.4000 for 2 frames which is not only affordable but also makes it a stress-free experience for all customers.

The ad film here opens with a confused customer receiving his bifocal number from a Lenskart staff member. The customer traditionally assumes that bifocal glasses are synonymous with a lack of style and option range. He is then offered smart-looking ‘progressive’ eyewear, which he thinks will be outside his budget. The advert then educates its viewers about Lenskart’s ‘Progressive But Not Expesnive’ eyewear which is available in a range of styles and colors and at affordable prices. Upon hearing that, the customer is motivated to buy more than one option of bifocal eyewear.

To promote its progressive eyewear, the company used rich visuals on its mobile application to create an in-app experience and communicate the same.

Impact of the Campaign

The Measurable Impact of Lenskart’s Advertising Campaign (March – June 2022) was evident through the following –

  • Increase in In-Store Footfalls by 66%
  • Free eyewear service availed in-store increased by 83%
  • Monthly installations of their Android app increased by 67%
  • Revenue from their progressive Glasses went up by 50%
  • As per Google Trends after their advertising campaign, Lenskart’s popularity peaked exponentially above average 

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