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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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Expert Opinion: How brands can stay conscious and relevant at the same time

As has been true since the advent of retail, a consumer will be associated with a brand, as long as it is relevant to him/her. Relevance (more specifically brand relevance) is the degree to which consumer perceive a brand and its products / services as relevant to his needs and wants. These needs and wants are a derivative from consumers value system. So, brand relevance is directly impacted by consumers value system.

The consumer value system is influenced by various factors, including personal values, cultural norms, social influences, and economic considerations. Due to increased awareness, quick access to authentic data, influence of social media and environmental concerns, consumers of today have become ‘socially conscious’.

  • They are well-informed and concerned about the social and environmental challenges faced by our world.
  • Sustainability, global warming, equality, giving back to society are on top of their agenda.
  • They expect that every action of theirs to contributes to the betterment of the society.
  • They recognize that their buying decisions can influence corporate behaviour and have a tangible impact on the corporate world. Hence, they want to support businesses that are aligned with their values and are making an effort in creating a positive impact.

This includes supporting companies that are environmentally sustainable, source materials ethically, treat employees fairly, and are giving back to the community.

As the world evolves, these sentiments only get stronger and number of socially conscious consumer is going to increasing. Hence, in order to be relevant to consumer, organizations will need to evolve and being ‘socially conscious” is going to be a critical pillar for sustenance.

Advantages of being a ‘socially conscious brand’

Differentiation and competitive advantage: In a crowded marketplace, being a socially
conscious brand can help one stand out from the competition. By demonstrating social consciousness, one can differentiate the brand and gain a competitive edge.

Increased customer loyalty and brand affinity: When consumers perceive a brand as
socially responsible, they are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty and affinity towards that brand, leading to a stronger connections. They feel good about supporting a brand that shares their values, and this can lead to long-term customer relationships and repeat business.

Expanded customer base: Socially conscious brands can attract new customers who are specifically seeking out products or services that align with their values. By appealing to this niche market segment, one can expand the customer base and tap into a growing consumer demand for socially responsible options.

Enhanced brand reputation and trust: When a brand actively demonstrate its commitment to social and environmental issues, consumers perceive that brand as trustworthy and credible. This can lead to positive word-of-mouth, recommendations, and a stronger overall brand image.

Attraction and retention of top talent: A company that puts social responsibility high
on the list of important things to do attracts like-minded employees. These employees want to feel they’re making a difference, and they want to contribute to a greater cause.

They draw their sense of purpose from the organization and are more engaged at the work. This led to enhanced job satisfaction, thereby increasing employee loyalty. Hence, a socially conscious brand can attract skilled professionals who are passionate about their cause and are dedicated to contributing to the organization’s success.

Innovation and adaptability: Socially conscious brands need to be at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. To address social and environmental challenges, brands need to continuously evolve their practices, develop sustainable solutions, and find creative ways to making a positive impact. This focus on innovation can lead to new opportunities, competitive advantages, and improved business performance.

Healthy Supply Chain: To serve the customer better, a socially conscious brands needs to maintain transparent supply chains, ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, and responsible sourcing. The sustainable upgradation of supply chain can create a distinct competitive advantage for the brand.

Attract Quality Investors: Being socially conscious also helps with attracting quality investors. Now-a-days there are Funds which are focused towards investing and supporting Socially Conscious Brands. If a business model finds a way to give back to society, source ethically, or can find ways to ‘go green’ in their operations, investors will take notice. This can help with the companies achieve the vision faster. But it’s also important to note that being a socially conscious brand requires authentic commitment and consistent action.

Consumers are increasingly savvy and can quickly detect greenwashing or insincere attempts at social responsibility. To fully capitalize on the advantages of being a socially conscious brand, it’s crucial to integrate social and environmental considerations into core business practices and foster a genuine commitment to making a positive impact.

Being Human as a Socially Conscious Brand

Being Human Clothing straddles the ‘Business Circle’ with the ‘Conscious Circle’. While many of the apparel brands were first created for business and they are now gyrating there purpose towards social consciousness. Being Human Clothing was conceptualised with the purpose of ‘giving back to society’. Hence, Being Socially Conscious is in our DNA and is expressed though every action of ours.

Being Human is a brand with a purpose. And the purpose is to ‘give back to the society’ straddling the conscious circle. Every garment of ours helps shape a life through ‘education’ or helps save a life through ‘healthcare’. It embodies the six positive human values of – Love, Care, Share, Hope, Help and Joy. We exhibit these values through:

Providing Employment: Stores of Being Human employs specially-abled personnel on its payroll. This helps them become financially independent, improves their morale and helps with social inclusion. It also makes them feel valued and empowered. Some of the specially-abled personnel are the best performing staff in our company, their passion and commitment is infectious and they push others to become a better version of themselves.

Provide Quality Healthcare to the Underprivileged: We have tie-ups with some of the best hospitals in India and have sponsored some of the most complex surgeries in the world. Some of the projects undertaken are Craniofacial Program, Cleft Program, Free Eye Camps, Little Hearts Program, Marrow Donor Registry, Cochlear implants, Women’s
Health Camps, etc.

Provide Quality Education to the Underprivileged: Education is one of the most important things a child can receive. It lays the foundation for their future and helps shape the person into what they will become, and we at Being Human recognise the same. Some of the initiatives taken under this program are, Career Development Centres, Educational Resource Centre, etc.

Improving Diversity and Inclusion (D&I): Being Human recognises that D&I is very important for workplaces and society. To improve D&I, we have launched stores which are exclusively managed by all female staff, employing specially-abled person, special emphasis in inclusive days like ‘Retail Employee Day’ and ‘World Disability Day’, etc.

Going forward, we aspire to amalgamate the ‘business circle’ with ‘conscious circle’ and in process create a sustainable business model which addresses the ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability, where economic, social, and environmental considerations are all taken into account to creating a better world.

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