Fashion accessories have now gained great prominence and have become the focal point of the entire get-up. WGSN lists the top must-haves in the segment for the sumptuous season, where maximalism takes center stage.

Accessories not only string the entire outfit together but their designs draw attention and become the focal point of the entire get-up. This season, in particular, with several prominent trends across young women and women’s must-haves, is drawing connections from the past with shocking futuristic punches that add playful values to bring freshness to the accessory scene. The balance of this duality comes in diff erent forms of thematics, shapes and sizes that are all applied for A/W 2016-17. Urban sports references with the likes of punk gothlike aesthetics, underpins romantic looks and colour palettes that are influenced from historic influences; topped with the eclectic, anything-goes spirit as inspiration for playful accessories. From micro to XL, top to bottom, proportion is the key to trendy accessories for this season.


This season, the classic shopper is looking for mid- weight leather for a practical, structured silhouette, paying particular attention to removable shoulder strap that allows for versatility. This special feature comes in contrast colour straps or gussets to add overall interest to the item. Boxy shoulder bag continues to dominate bag selections, incorporating a top handle and short shoulder strap for new cross- body styling, as seen with the bags worn higher on shoulder or tucked under the arm. Micro-proportion remains a key message for the new bag forms, with novelty mini-bags moving into a substantial commercial item, the application of straps and closures like that of draw string pouches becomes decorative focus for this season. Extra-long, chunky and large-gauge chain straps add interest to easy pouch constructions, channeling an urban, industrial feel for a contemporary look. This is a miniature alternative for those looking for the classics, with less weight on the shoulders.


Moving on to eyewear, a flat browline and narrow width combined with a futuristic take on the classic shield, with metal trim at the bridge of the noseor bottom edge accentuates the futuristic feel. These modern silhouettes are accessorised with chain straps as key pairing. Onanother note, feminine cat’s eye form has come back to oppose linear forms.We also found decorations deemed as essential on the topline or as wing accents; gem-setting, glitter decoration and bold graphic prints also highlight the item for a maximalist effect.


Nothing communicates this trend better than jewellery this season, as we see proportion at play with the silhouettes defined by the oversized earrings. With architectural and sculptural influences dictating a more directional look, the all-metal and new plastic materials translate an evolution of minimalist jewellery looks for how these pieces can be styled. The choker becomes a go-to item for another season, as it taps into the tougher feel of buckles and chains from the pretty-femininity that will prevail in S/S 2017. However, fabric choice like velvet makes this item more wearable and charm- like pendants creating commercial appeal. Ring sets remain to be another important commercial offering, with dangling charms that offer eclectic spirit inspiring the season’s maximalist mood. We also find pearls to be confirmed as important materials and details message for A/W 2016-17.


Dramatic, longer-length opera gloves are another important note as an alternative for cold-weather gloves. Primarily seen in leather, the elongated proportions also work for knitted style in monotone designs with minimal decoration. In addition, extra- long length belts, styled loose and swinging from the hip are reminiscent of skater style and tap into the subcultural references that inspire the Urban Sports theme. Buckles with round hardware add a modern twist, wherein wider waist belts are key to both flat, back-fastening and front-buckle styles; incorporating a contrast or covered frame, materials are constructed in smooth, snake skin, or foil coated leathers, making the buckle fastening belt a must- have wearable.


An extra-large beret cannot be missed when talking about exaggerated proportions. Tactile and faux-fur materials are being used to accentuate these oversized proportions. The styling is traditional, worn, pulled over to one side at an angle. Another classic is the opulent, antique fur stole in cosy, faux-fur fabric. This long, wide stole with extended collar-like proportions are key to a default playful look when paired with unexpected colour combinations. Alternatively, stripes drive the trend for patterned fur this season or animal prints for that exaggerated look.

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