The internet has indeed transformed the entire fashion industry beyond bounds. From ease of shopping on the go, immediate access to trends, and personalised offers to evaluating products based on user reviews and ratings, the digital revolution has empowered today’s women to be the boss of her fashion choices.

As we enter the digital age, the ways in which we work, shop, and spend our free time, are rapidly changing. The fashion industry has also undergone a great transformation, with both retailers and consumers opting to interact and conduct transactions online. Indian fashionistas now have a much wider range of products to choose from – thanks to the latest developments in technology. Women all over the country can shop at aesthetically appealing online stores, pay through integrated online gateways, and enjoy seamless delivery and return logistics. Not only can a customer instantly find the best deals and the most fashionable products online, she can also share reviews with friends and get style tips from experts. Here are some of the ways in which women are using technology to stay abreast of fashion trends:

They may be located in different continents; yet Delhi and New York are now closer than ever. The increasing penetration of high-speed internet has connected the entire globe, with the result that a trend emerging in any part of the world can be promptly consumed all over. Gone are the days when an annual fashion week was the only way for designers to unveil their creations. With news pouring in 24 hours a day, personal devices have become the most dynamic ramp for everyday fashion shows, transforming the industry beyond bounds. Given the dizzying pace at which fashion trends change, consumers have access to an infinite range of content at any given point in time. This makes ‘discovery’ not just the process of finding something new, but gaining immediate access to something fresh and highly relevant. Platforms that act as aggregators for different vendors have become one-stop shopping destinations for women in India. The plethora of options available to customers means that brands are already offering the best deals and discounts online, allowing fashionistas to reserve their concentration for the trendiness of a product. Through integrating the inventories of both established and emerging brands, fashion portals now enable women to view products available in real-time, on a single platform, and choose from the newest apparel or accessories available.


Choosing the trends that suit you best is a crucial part of staying on top of your fashion game, and being constantly bombarded with information and options hardly helps the situation. For a customer to stay fashionably forward, she needs to view products in a way that makes it absolutely convenient for her to choose the right ones for herself. The good news is that technology is making this possible! Advanced machine learning algorithms have become an integral part of the fashion industry as platforms strive to build models based on what an average customer needs. The leading platforms of the country are leveraging technology to offer customers personalised feeds and avoid any clutter. The focus of the sector has shifted to anticipating what the shopper is likely to look for, and then offering the same in order to enhance the experience of e-shopping. By using browsing history, earlier purchases, and gradually even artificial intelligence, platforms seek to learn the taste of customers to offer them personalised recommendations, even before they type in a single word in the search bar.

E-commerce has brought an entire world of options into the customer’s palm. With the widespread adoption of smartphones, a number of platforms in India have launched mobile apps that allow fashion enthusiasts to shop on the go. Purchasing a product no longer requires you to set aside a few hours over the weekend to go scouting through the market with your friend or relative. Now, women can shop instantly – even while travelling by the metro or taking a short break at work. Mobile applications not only provide a seamless discovery experience, they also keep customers updated with notifications about the latest trends and offers. Customers can track the inventory of their favourite brands, with just a few taps on their smartphone, no matter where they are. The concerns usually associated with online shopping are also, now, rapidly receding in the background. For example, delivery processes are becoming increasingly swifter by the day, and finding the perfect fit is easy with an entire range of size specifications available for every product. In case one is still dissatisfied with the item received, there is no reason to worry as return and exchange policies are extremely efficient and consumer-centric. And, of course, the incredibly fast payment gateways integrated with apps allow one to make secure and instantaneous transactions with multi-layered authentication processes. Customers can choose anyone of the multiple payment options available, including cash-on-delivery, net banking, and online payments.

Fashion is as much about following the freshest trends as it is about personal style and innovation. Getting your hands on the most fashionable products is only the first step, carrying it all off with panache comes next. Women around the world make shoes, dresses, sunglasses, and the likes work for them by sharing tips with friends, reading up on what style gurus have to say, and using their imagination to create something unique. The creation of online social fashion networks has streamlined this phenomenon, providing women convenient access to blogs, tips, and DIY stories. Indian customers can now stay connected with friends and even celebrities, and share their fashion experiences. After all, every woman has a tale to tell about how she resolves her fashion challenges. Joining a style-centric social network makes one a part of a fashion community that transcends geographical boundaries – a sisterhood where you can share these tales and move forward together. Every customer, thus, has the potential to become a fashion influencer – someone who can inspire others and garner some inspiration in return.

The fashion industry today bears little resemblance to the way it was organised, say, a decade ago. While customers do still feel in awe of trends and designs, they exercise a lot more power and can negotiate with the industry on their own terms – making every trend their own. Women can discover an entire world of fashion instantly, receive personalised recommendations, view options that are perfect for them, shop multiple items in minutes, pay securely, follow celebrities personal style and share their own reviews with friends. And yet, this is just the beginning of the transformation, with a lot more in store. The intersection of technology and fashion is generating amazing results, and this interplay is set to become even more intense in the years to come. Features like digital fitting rooms, visual search, and digital assistants are all set to enhance the e-commerce industry – providing shoppers with more scope for accuracy when they choose products online. In addition, concepts like wearable technology, solar-powered garments, smart fabrics, and 3D printing are gearing up to blur the line between devices and apparel while sustainable fashion is becoming a reality, all thanks to technological innovations. Going forward, customers will have access to even more exciting products, created using the latest tech, and delivered at their doorstep.

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