Monday, September 25, 2023
Monday, September 25, 2023


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Neometa unveils a non-binary apparel brand; NoBiY

Bengaluru-headquartered fashion upstart Neometa launched an apparel brand; NoBiY, which challenges gender norms and celebrates individuality through the lens of science fiction and fantasy, the company announced in a release on Wednesday.

Neometa plans to open the brand’s first outlet in Bengaluru by next month and 20 more outlets by the year 2025. Furthermore, it plans to have 500 point of sale for NoBiY over the next 5 years. The brand is currently seeking expansion opportunities in cities that embrace diversity and individuality.

“Our mission is to establish a fluid and non-judgmental brand with no boundaries, independent of social norms. At the core of NoBiY, we value the individual,” Anupam Singh, founder and chief executive officer of Neometa said.

NoBiY’s target audience is Generation X and Generation M, encompassing individuals aged 14 to 28, bridging the gap between Gen Z and Millennials. This generation embraces a gender-neutral approach, allowing men and women to comfortably wear anything from NoBiY’s collection. They are focused towards breaking stereotypes, refusing to be confined by societal norms, and aspiring to achieve limitless ambitions, the release added.

The name ‘NoBiY’ is a fusion of ‘non-binary,’ it draws inspiration from artificial intelligence of non-human origin and aims to create a progressive, inclusive, and unisexual space for fashion enthusiasts.

According to the release, NoBiY’s inception draws inspiration from iconic quotes – “The sleeper has AWAKEN” from Dune and Jim Morrison’s statement about the current human plight. The brand seeks to explore the human experience through space and time, viewing it through the lens of alien perspectives—a concept deeply rooted in sci-fi and fantasy.

Founded in 2023, Neometa is a fashion venture with two brands under it; Gloria Vanderbilt and NoBiy.

Gloria Vanderbilt is a women’s jeans brand, inspired by the journey of the Vanderbilt family. The brand offers knits, woven garments, denim pieces, and outerwear for women.

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