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BoF Promo Codes: Max Fashion’s ‘Max is in You’ campaign resonates with customers

In the dynamic realm of retail, where consumer preferences and market trends are in a constant state of flux, the significance of valuing customers and crafting the right campaigns cannot be overstated. For big retailers, the “the customer is king” tag holds more truth than ever before.

With a myriad of options at their fingertips and information readily accessible, modern consumers are not just seeking products; they’re searching for experiences, connections, and brands that resonate with their values. In this landscape, nurturing customer relationships and curating compelling campaigns isn’t merely a strategy – it’s a necessity for survival and growth.

In this special feature, BoF Promo Codes, presents yet another remarkable marketing campaign that not only led to the resurgence of customers but also showcased uniqueness and substantial profitability.

At the Indian Fashion Forum 2023, Max Fashion was awarded the Images Most Admired Marketing Campaign of the Year for their ‘Festival Sales Campaign’ during the Diwali season.

Launched in the UAE in May 2004, Max was established in India in 2006. It opened its first-ever store in Indore and since then, its customer base has grown rapidly. Today, Max India has expanded its reach to over 60 cities across the country. Boasting a loyal customer base of over 5.5 million people, Max is among the most profitable fashion retailers in the market.

About the Campaign

The ‘Max is in You’ campaign was created with the intent to reconnect with the brand’s target audience in a real and emotional manner. The brand realizes that while its customer base is mostly the same, over time, consumer aspirations, needs, values, and lifestyle choices have undergone a notable change. The pandemic has played a crucial role in reshaping people’s thoughts. It has forced individuals to re-evaluate how they seek happiness and balance in life without making compromises.

Consumers today are also a lot more educated and aware of what brands they choose to buy from and why. The customer return rate is high for those brands that manage to create a deep and meaningful connection with their audiences. Max aims to avoid being just another retailer in the market and instead, distinguish itself by being a brand that people embrace and come back to again and again.

The films promoting the campaign highlight the joys of smaller things in everyday living. Through this, the brand tries to create a presence that is fresh, stylish but also affordable and homely. Through this campaign, Max Fashion projects itself as a brand that can be approached by people from all walks of life.

Campaign Objective

The festive campaign’s philosophy is – “When you find familiarity, yet the feeling is new. When your loudest celebration is laughter. When you have a million places to travel to but the only place you want to be is home. When you like the best of all worlds but never restrain yourself to one – Max is in you.”

By trying to cater to the audience’s feelings and emotions, the campaign’s objective is to become a customer-first brand that people can not only spend their money on, but also rely on and trust in return. By taking this customer-first approach in their campaign, Max aims to become a brand for the people.

‘Max is in you’ signifies that the brand or the company is not just a physical store that customers visit, but is a feeling that is part of them and with them.

Festive (Diwali) Period Objective

  • Campaign Period – 16th Sep to 31st Oct (46 Days)
  • Business Objective – To achieve targeted sales during the festive period
  • Marketing Objective – To establish MAX as a one-stop destination for all festive shopping needs
  • Communication Objective – To communicate about “Max is in you” under the festive overarching thought of “Max Diwali Khushiyon Wali” to evoke a positive, happy and emotional connect.


  • TV Media Plan and Strategy

The campaign was launched through 3 interesting and robust films that had a strong media plan across TVC and Digital. The Diwali Campaign ad secured 3380 spots on TV and attained 50 million+ views with 84% of viewership.

  • Out-Of-Home Advertising

Max also promoted its campaign outdoors through hoardings, transport brandings and more. There were about 17 outdoor (pan India) hoardings, FOB and gantry at key locations and junctions across the city.

  • The Residential Welfare Association (RWA)

RWA was another way in which the campaign was promoted with special offers included. Canters were also used across Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns to promote the campaign.

  • In-Store and Mall Branding Plans

These brandings were undertaken for maximum exposure. Strategic sites were selected for festive branding across all key malls in the region. These included box arches and pillars, mall façade, dropdowns, backlit sites and branding were executed at primary customer touch points.

  • Offer Gratification – Newspaper and Catchment Drive

This was done by distributing CTA offer cards in the catchment to drive footfalls, coupled with messaging via WhatsApp with instant gratification in all the cities, covering all residential areas, high streets, colleges, and locations with a higher target audience rate.

  • Alliances and Tie-ups

Max tied up with different companies to reach and convert potential existing customers into buyers. They aimed at new customer acquisition through other brands via exclusive offers and planned out special activities for stores with key concerns.

  • Influencer Strategy

The company collaborated with prominent social media influencers in the fashion domain with a large following to generate more traction towards their campaign and reach a wider youth audience.

  • Other Communications

Promotions were also done through A5 leaflets and launcher emails to grab the attention of potential customers. Besides these, promotional offers and in-store radios were also used as communication tools to further the ‘Max is In You’ campaign.

Besides those, all other communications regarding the campaign were done in regional languages and English across different locations. The company also carried out transport branding through 60 Volvo buses that carried the Max festive branding. They were deployed at strategic roots and locations across Bangalore. Additionally, there was also Metro Train Branding done in 50 Stations, 45 Trains and was viewed by approximately 9 Lakh Customers.

Based on customer profiles in the region, youth-oriented Western festive visuals carrying the Diwali logo and ELPP were picked and prioritized.

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