Brand Leaders : Harsh Hari Modi, Co-Founder & CEO, Mulmul


MBA, BSc business

Career history
Have been working in the field of textiles for the past 22 years.

Working towards making Mulmul one of the biggest brands in the fashion industry.

Strengths & Weakness
Positive attitude, Managerial skills and Marketing mind. Tend to do things in haste sometimes.

Skills that helped you succeed
• Warm and personalised shopping experience for the customers, locate stores where your audience is and soothing store ambience.
• Solid foundation of textiles, professional approach and
team building is something that helped me.

Lesson learned
Always have a long term vision and not fall for short term attractions. Honesty, integrity and handwork will always pay sooner or later.

On the industry
India is going to dominate the world in the next 10 years. The fashion industry is going to evolve and grow by leaps and bounds.

Role model
W for women, as scaled their business in a very professional way and I admire their journey.

Learning from career
Work happily, work positively and work honestly.

Life mantra
Everything happens for the best.

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