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Chennai startup Ordrobe using AI so customers can generate exclusive designs

Chennai-based D2C online fashion platform Ordrobe is empowering customers to embrace their unique fashion choices by giving them the power of AI, which helps with impeccable, high-quality clothing designed for individuals of every shape and size.

The first AI-powered fashion brand in the city, Ordrobe is steadfastly committed to affordability and celebrating individuality. The brand aims at fostering a community that thrives on diversity and creativity.

At the heart of Ordrobe’s innovation lies a groundbreaking feature is state-of-the-art AI technology on their website which enables customers to collaboratively design one-of-a-kind pieces based on their inputs.

A prompt sets the creative wheels in motion, as users witness their vision materialize into a a unique fashion image. This extraordinary customization elevates personal style, enabling people to embrace clothing that authentically mirrors their individuality, setting them apart from the crowd.


Transcending conventional fashion boundaries, Ordrobe has also partnered with gallery artists to feature their exceptional designs on the platform. This synergy not only supports the artistic community but also provides customers with the opportunity to wear art-inspired garments customers that tells a story.

The “OR-Tist” section of the website showcases these artistic collaborations, enabling customers to purchase and proudly display designs that symbolize the fusion of style and creative expression.

The brand has also entered the silver screen by becoming the official Merch Partner  for the upcoming movie Nanban Oruvan Vandha Piragu.

Brand Journey

Ordrobe’s journey began with a resounding belief: that fashion should never be confined by limits, budgets, or stereotypes.

Commenting on the occasion, Mohamed Akram, Co-Founder & CEO, Ordrobe, says, “Our fusion of AI innovation and artistic collaborations is a celebration of the uncharted territories of self-expression. We aim to represent a transformative shift in how fashion is approached. Every piece made by our AI-powered designs and collaborations with artists tells a unique story, allowing our customers to showcase their personality without saying a word. This further resonates with our brand philosophy as we believe that we are not just selling clothes, we are enabling people to wear their stories.”

Adding to this, Avinnash Kumar, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Ordrobe, states, “We believe that fashion is more than clothing. Envisioning a future where fashion is inclusive and inspiring, we wanted to celebrate making high-quality fashion accessible to all with Ordrobe.”

Anchoring its vision in AI and set to make waves in the fashion industry, Ordrobe’s mission is to democratize fashion, making it accessible, exclusive, and inspirational for all.

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