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Karan Nangia
Karan Nangia
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Punit Balana: Weaving Indian heritage into contemporary fashion

Renowned for his contemporary and innovative designs that draw inspiration from traditional Indian craftsmanship, Punit Balana, a native of Bikaner, stands as a creative force in the fashion world. His creations intricately weave the tapestry of his home state, Rajasthan, and its rich cultural heritage. Today, “Punit Balana” resonates with authority and distinction in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

As fashion continues to evolve, driven by broader acceptance, increased disposable income, and more women entering the workforce, the transformation of traditional Indian clothing into modern design has brought about a burgeoning market for ethnic wear. Over the past few years, this transformation has given birth to several brands and designers who are shaping the landscape of Indian fashion. Among this fleet of creative minds is Punit Balana, who embarked on his fashion journey nearly 22 years ago. He is celebrated for his contemporary and innovative designs rooted deeply in traditional Indian craftsmanship, a signature style that authentically reflects the cultural opulence of his beloved Rajasthan.

The Early Days
Punit Balana’s story begins with an arts graduate who showed little interest in his father’s plaster of Paris business. From a young age, he had always been captivated by textiles and fashion. “I started working in 2001 and relocated to Jaipur in 2007. My fascination with fashion trends, movies, and a passion for creating something new guided my journey,” Balana recalls. “Block printing has been a part of my life, and the city of Jaipur, with its craftsmanship, serves as a boundless well of inspiration.”

In 2015, he took a monumental step by launching his eponymous brand. The same year, he opened his first store in Jaipur’s Civil Lines, encompassing 1,200 square feet of space and showcasing the “Shahi Darpan” collection. In 2019, he expanded his retail presence with a 1,250-square-foot store in Mumbai’s Kala Ghoda, featuring the “Ravari” collection—a collection that still stands as one of his most successful to date. Over the years, Balana has graced prestigious fashion events and platforms in India, including Lakme Fashion Week and India Couture Week, cementing his strong connection with Bollywood.

Punit Balana: Weaving Indian heritage into contemporary fashionA Rising Star in the Fashion Landscape
Today, Punit Balana’s brand has soared to prominence in the fashion industry, captivating audiences with its unique design sensibilities. “My designs are recognized for their seamless fusion of traditional and modern elements, blending traditional Indian textiles, patterns, and embroideries with contemporary silhouettes,” he proudly asserts. Furthermore, Balana is celebrated for his role in reviving and reinventing traditional Indian textiles and crafts. With a profound connection to Jaipur, he aspires to showcase “the opulence and craft legacy of the city” through his creations. His work, he emphasizes, celebrates India’s rich heritage while catering to the contemporary fashion preferences of a global audience.

Punit Balana: Weaving Indian heritage into contemporary fashionThe Latest Store and Collection
Adding a new chapter to his journey, the brand recently expanded its footprint to Delhi with the inauguration of a 950-square-foot store at Dhan Mill, Chattarpur. This event also marked the launch of the “Chaap” collection, inspired by the rich heritage of his hometown, Bikaner, and a unique wax printing technique known as “maum ka chhaap,” which translates to the “imprint of wax.” This unconventional technique replaces traditional wooden blocks with metal blocks filled with wax, creating intricate designs sprinkled with gold—a testament to Balana’s commitment to reinventing age-old art forms within his signature silhouettes. The “Chaap” collection offers classic pieces for everyone, blending tradition with modernity and featuring anarkalis with embroidered yokes, short kurtas paired with shararas, three-piece sets with cowl skirts and handkerchief crop tops, and gauzy organza sarees.

Exuberantly expressing his feelings, Balana remarks, “It was a dream come true to put my work on the map and showcase it. This collection is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, offering timeless pieces that appeal to a diverse range of fashion enthusiasts.”

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