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‘Nykd by Nykaa’ campaign provides comfortable solutions for women’s innerwear journey

In the realm of fashion, comfort begins with the right foundation, and Nykaa’s innerwear brand, Nykd, understands this well. With a powerful marketing campaign, Nykd embarked on a mission to empower women on their journey to discovering the perfect innerwear – garments that not only fit flawlessly but also instill unwavering confidence.

This campaign by Nykaa, aptly named “NYKD,” is designed to create awareness and provide invaluable guidance, ensuring that women find their perfect fit and comfort in every step of their innerwear journey; it is a celebration of self-assured women embracing their inner beauty, strength, and comfort.

In this exclusive feature, presented by BoF Promo Codes, discusses in detail Nykaa’s impressive marketing campaign that grabbed people’s attention for voicing an important message.

About the Campaign

Nykd is a Nykaa-owned women’s innerwear brand that was founded by the beauty giant to give women high-performing and comfortable innerwear that is suitable for all body types and sizes. The brand partnered with Bollywood actor Bhumi Pednekar to be its ambassador and flag bearer of the campaign’s core message.

Their campaign ‘Nykd by Nykaa’ hopes to strip away the discomfort, awkwardness, and general lack of awareness associated with discussing basic and real issues that women go through when it comes to wardrobe staples such as bras. Nykd wants women to talk about how their bras make them feel and to choose ones that are unequivocally the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear.

Bhumi Pednekar is known to be a celebrity who is real and likes to keep things simple. She speaks freely about issues that are generally swept under the rug and has a large social media following of people who appreciate her for who she is as a person even off-screen. Nykd bagged her as their brand ambassador for similar reasons. Together, they wish to enable women in finding the right innerwear and provide solutions they face during bra purchases ranging from wrong size, wrong style, bruises from uncomfortable bras, and bulky bras that are visible under t-shirts.


The campaign targets three core areas which they identify as Need, Opportunity, and Positioning. In these areas, lies a gap or loophole in the existing innerwear market that Nykd aims to fill through its value proposition.

The Need: Women struggle to find the right bra

The Opportunity: Nykd by Nykaa wants to accompany women on this journey and simplify their search for the right one.

The Positioning: The brand wants its products to feel like a second skin for everyday comfort and to become every woman’s closest confidant.

Execution Strategy

Nykd aimed at gaining targeted visibility over 60 days by reaching its audience through digital platforms. Their promotional strategies included –

  • Media Amplification
  • PR
  • Trade Branding & Activation
  • E-commerce Branding and Visibility
  • Influencer promotions
  • Social media promotions
  • CRM (Through Nykaa and Nykaa Fashion’s existing customer base)
  • PR Gifting of products to close members in the media space

To achieve their target, Nykd made use of key creative visuals, 3 short films that were about 20 seconds in duration, and thematic packaging. They also created a technology-driven ‘Bra Advisor POS’, which consists of a QR code that can be scanned by customers to get the right advice from experts on their bra size within 3 minutes.

Each of their ad films focuses on a key concern area that women are faced with when shopping for bras. Their focus areas include – Support, Comfort, and the White Tee Test.

Film 1, Focus Area:  Support

This ad film from Nykd’s campaign promotes a bra as a clothing item that is meant to make women feel comfortable all day long. The protagonist enters feeling tired about ‘adjusting’ to a discomforting bra that provides no ‘support’ in return. Brand’s ambassador, Pednekar, tells her to ‘end toxic relationships’ and switch to Nykd’s  bras that ‘support and don’t suffocate.’

Film 2, Focus Area: Comfort

In this film, a bunch of girls are seen having a good time in an indoor setting. One of them feels surprised when the brand’s ambassador plans to go to bed with her bra on. She then convinces them that bras by Nykd are as good as one’s skin and feel ‘braless’.

Film 3, Focus Area: White Tee Test

Here, a young woman enters excited about passing ‘The White Tee Test’ as she realizes that her bra from Nykd stays invisible under her white t-shirt. Pednekar then highlights that Nykd’s T-shirt bras are made using soft and breathable modal fabric and are designed to stay invisible underneath white t-shirts.

Through this campaign, Nykd tries to solve a common issue faced by countless women when they shop for bras – that they are visible under light colors, especially whites. The brand positions itself uniquely by addressing this problem in the market.

Social Media

The campaign was also promoted outdoors through hoardings in Tier 2 and 3 cities, as well as through social media, leveraging Pednekar’s audience base. It was also promoted on Nykaa, Nykaa Fashion, and Nykd’s social media platforms.

The brand’s objective with their social media strategy was to create a community of women, for women and their highs and lows so that they can share lingerie stories and start conversations on lingerie & self-love, in a safe space.

Notable Features

  • Nykd’s campaign featured in prominent media titles such as The Times of India, Voice of Fashion, Dainik Jagran, and Punjab Kesari among others.
  • Positive features by advertising and marketing media also took place by ET Brand Equity, Afaqs and Exchange4Media
  • There was one organic feature on MarketingMind’s social media platform.

Overall Campaign Impact

  • Bhumi Pednekar’s association with Nykd has yielded 44 lakh rupees worth of PR coverage
  • The brand achieved 300 thousand organic views through Bhumi’s and Nykd’s social media
  • There was a 2327 count of follower addition in Nykd’s Instagram handle post the campaign and the engagement rate went up from 3% to 7%.
  • The brand saw an increased audience base after its CRM activation.

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