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Brand Profile: Ed-a-Mamma

Launched: October 2020, in Mumbai, India

Brand Format: D2C based

Founder & CEO: Alia Bhatt

The Brand

Ed-a-Mamma is a sustainable kids wear brand that offers a series of products, designed to help put the planet first and build a conscious generation. The D2C, eco-friendly brand was launched by Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt in 2020. 

Market Presence

  • Ed-a-Mamma is strictly an internet-first company
  • The company has no brick-and-mortar stores yet.
  • Currently ranked as one of the top 3 brands on Myntra in the kidswear category.
  • Estimated to be worth Rs 150 crore (as of Q1 2023)
  • Retails from the top 6 digital marketplaces and from its own website.
  • Product range has grown from 160 options in 2020 to 1,800 in Autumn-Winter (AW’22), which is more than a 1000% increase.
  • Ed-a-Mamma is unfunded by any external sources – it does not have any institutional or angel investors and doesn’t intend on raising any funds for now.

Despite being very new in the Indian retail market, Ed-a-Mamma has been quick at making it to the top. The brand’s philosophy of caring for children whilst promoting thoughtfulness and sustainability has successfully appealed to its target audience which is mostly made up of new moms, to-be-moms, and mothers or parents in general.

Brand Narrative

Coming from a film background herself, Founder and CEO, Alia Bhatt’s vision behind creating this brand was to take her ability of story-telling ahead through it. Caring about children, their future, and about how they will later care for the planet in turn, Ed-a-Mamma champions all things sustainable.

The brand aims at bringing conscious clothing to children at a very young age so that they learn to care for the planet early on while using clothing that sparks a thought and is sustainable.

Founders’ Motto

Speaking of why she had started Ed-a-Mamma Alia says, “I wanted to start my own label. When you become semi-successful, you start looking back to see if you can start something of your own. I was interested in clothes and fashion, and when I looked deeper, I realised there was no dearth of clothes or fashion labels for people in the age group of 25 to 45 years. The competition, in fact, is high.”

She adds, “I wanted to focus on bridging a need gap. I thought we may have to move away from fashion and focus on a gap that lies in another product. There was a need for a world-class children’s clothing brand, which is Made in India,”

Brand USP

  • The brand’s biggest aspect that drives its sales is that offers sustainable yet fun and thoughtful clothing for children at affordable prices.
  • Built around a narrative of care and concern for the planet and children, their target audience feels part of a more meaningful journey by purchasing its merchandise.
  • The cornerstone of the brand is to get parents and children to love and look after the planet from an early stage and for as long as possible.


  • Ed-a-Mamma makes use of natural fibre that is bio-degradable for all their fabrics. Most of their clothing can be discarded in an ordinary compost pile after their lifecycle.
  • They use dyes that are AZO free.
  • The brand intentionally designs its clothes to endure more wear and tear and last longer.
  • The scraps from fabrics are repurposed to make hair bands and mini draw-string bags rather than being discarded straight away.
  • Their fabrics are all pre-washed and dried to eliminate shrinkage and to align them with the purpose of long-lasting clothing.
  • Metal trims in all their clothing are nickel-free and safe for children and newborns.
  • Their garments have plastic-free buttons.
  • Their Organic Tee range is made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified yarn.
  • Garment tags at Ed-a-Mamma are also made from FSC-certified paper.
  • Each one of their product is screened through a needle detector machine.
  • Upon the purchase of each garment, customers can receive a seed ball that they are encouraged to plant in their surroundings

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