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Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt’s chic-casual fashion trend forecast

Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt's chic-casual fashion trend forecast

Insights from DeepVision
The global Casual wear market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2021 to 2028. Casual wear refers to clothing that falls outside formal, semi-formal, or informal dress codes in Western fashion. In India, the casual wear segment has seen significant growth since the pandemic, with the increasing number of young people contributing to its popularity even in formal settings and events.

NIFT VisioNxt is the first trend forecasting initiative for India. It is backed up by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI). The fashion signals collected by our 800+ trained Trendspotters nationwide are processed using the robust, ethically certified deep learning model (DeepVision) developed with 100+ product categories. A unique taxonomy with 100+ product categories is designed for India to analyse localized trends. The results are further visualised as infographics, closer-to-season trend reports, micro trend reports, mindset reports, and trend books to share accessible insights with the fashion, retail, manufacturing, startups and weaver community of India.

Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt's chic-casual fashion trend forecastDesign Directions for Tomorrow

Theme: “Summer sharbat” in fashion embodies a refreshing and cool vibe, much like the drink itself on a hot day. This theme focuses on chic-casuals, placing comfort at the forefront. Drawing inspiration from croquette-core influences, which blend elements of leisure and elegance, and incorporating soft romanticism, this trend offers a relaxed yet stylish approach to summer dressing. Embracing the carefree spirit of summer while maintaining a sense of style and sophistication, “summer sharbat” is metaphorically a casual break during the hot summer afternoons.

Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt's chic-casual fashion trend forecastDesign Directions: Summer brings a breath of fresh air, reflected in lighter, brighter colours, elevated casuals, and intriguing details. Drawing inspiration from classic patterns like gingham and stripes, along with elements of croquette-core like bows and ribbons, brands are embracing softer, safer styles. Comfort is key, with a focus on breathable cotton, crisp linens, and other summer-friendly fabrics. This approach prioritises both style and comfort, creating a perfect blend for the season.

As the winter months pass by, summer takes a front seat, and so do cottons and linens. The scorching heat and dry summers call for cool, bright colours that are airy and perforated.

Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt's chic-casual fashion trend forecast

Design Directions for Tomorrow

Theme: As a homage to bygone eras, today’s youth are deeply enamoured with retro aesthetics, reviving bold truck-inspired and matchbox-inspired artworks. They wear these prints as if they are time travellers, embracing the past with fervour. Paired with regional typographies, these bold visuals create a unique and powerful aesthetic. This trend is a testament to Indian sensibilities at their peak, embodying the essence of g’local without compromising on the richness of summer vacation. Oversized shirts, linen bottoms, and soft, bright colours are the focal points of this trend, exuding a sense of nostalgia and modernity.

Design Directions: Bringing the bold and fun back to the casuals, the popularity of ‘retro modern graphics’ is still trending. Brands can focus on oversized fits, drop shoulders, bright and ‘in your face’ statement prints. Bright colours, and highly contrasting patterns can be seen popular among the youth. Details and trims can also be focused, adding more character to the pieces.

Summer Sharbat: NIFT VisioNxt's chic-casual fashion trend forecast

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