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ORRA on expansion spree, to open 24 stores next year: Dipu Mehta, Managing Director

From sculpting and manufacturing diamonds to crafting and retailing the finest diamond and gold jewellery, ORRA has come a long way since its inception as a family jewellery brand. ORRA has leveraged its rich heritage and has risen to become one of the most-trusted diamond brands in the country.

ORRA has consistently set the benchmark for design leadership and product innovation. In a gold dominated market, the company had very high aspirations and wanted to build a ‘diamond’ centric consumer business at a ‘national’ level, and it succeeded in doing so with its rich Belgian heritage and commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. A symbol of timeless elegance and style, the brand’s collections are mostly designed keeping consumer demands in mind and the traditional patterns that ORRA has been using for the past 130 years.

Today, the brand is spread across 38 cities, in 88 stores. It also prides itself for consistently being at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with numerous global design centres.  Over the years, ORRA has conducted an in-depth study of international markets to map a journey of both diamond consumption as well as brands in this space. It has also invested heavily in people, technology, e-commerce and a robust supply chain to emerge a winner in the post-pandemic retail space.

In a freewheeling chat with Editor, Surabhi Khosla, Dipu Mehta, Managing Director, ORRA Fine Jewellery India, talks about the brand’s design philosophy, its product and technology innovations, future plans and much more.

How do you strike a balance between traditional and contemporary elements in your jewellery designs?

Balancing traditional and contemporary elements in our jewellery designs is a core principle at ORRA. We aim to create jewellery that not only complements traditional wedding ensembles, but also suits modern settings like cocktail evenings. Our designs are intentionally kept simple yet captivating, drawing inspiration from Belgium’s rich craftsmanship heritage and utilizing intricate diamond sculpting techniques.

What are some product innovations that you have introduced?  

We have introduced innovations like the ‘ORRA Crown Star,’ a 73-faceted patented diamond renowned for its unparalleled brilliance, true sparkle and unmatched fire. To continue blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics, we’ve expanded our Astra Collection, featuring accessible diamond necklaces that seamlessly merge both design elements. The Desired Collection, featuring styles in Rose gold and in diamonds, caters to modern women who view jewellery as a form of self-expression.

Moreover, our Platinum Collection celebrates the resilience and character of men as “Men of Platinum,” offering them a preferred metal choice. To express love eloquently, we provide diamond-studded love bands and creatively designed couple rings. This commitment to harmoniously integrate traditional and contemporary aspects defines ORRA as a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Location Strategy

How many stores do you retail from?

We have established our retail footprint across a significant number of locations, with a total of 88 stores spanning across 38 cities. This widespread presence allows us to bring our exquisite collections and exceptional customer experiences to a diverse range of communities and regions.

How many more do you plan to open in the next year?

We plan to open another 24 stores next year.

What is your location strategy?

ORRA’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction continues to drive our plans for the upcoming months. We have recently opened a new store in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru and will soon be launching another store in Bengaluru. We are continuously exploring opportunities to connect with our customers in new and meaningful ways. ORRA is dedicated to providing convenient access with our growing presence across 38 cities and 88 stores, considering the varying preferences of our customers across West, North and South India.

Online Presence & E-Commerce

How do you translate the in-store experience into your online platform? What features do you offer to enhance the online shopping experience for jewellery?

ORRA replicates its in-store experience online by offering detailed product visuals, 360-degree views and videos. We provide comprehensive product information, and expert customer support through chat and live video consultations. Secure transactions and convenient delivery options ensure a trusted and convenient online shopping experience, maintaining the confidence of our customers akin to our physical stores.

How do you ensure the security and authenticity of online jewellery purchases?

At ORRA, we prioritize the security and authenticity of online jewellery purchases. Our strict quality standards and certifications ensure genuine jewellery pieces. With encryption protocols and secure payment gateways, we safeguard transactions. Our customer service team assists, and our flexible policies guarantee satisfaction. At ORRA, trust and security are embedded in every online jewellery purchase.

Craftsmanship & Materials:

What quality standards and techniques do you employ in crafting your jewellery pieces?

In the creation of our jewellery pieces, we uphold stringent quality standards and employ meticulous techniques. Every piece at ORRA is 100% certified, ensuring authenticity and value. Our collections encompass a range of materials, including gold, diamonds (BIS Hallmarked Jewellery), and platinum (PT 950 certification).

Can you provide insights into the selection of materials, gemstones, and metals used in your creations?

In the realm of jewellery crafting at ORRA, our approach to selecting materials, gemstones, and metals is emblematic of our commitment to excellence. Our materials are sourced from trusted suppliers, undergoing stringent scrutiny to ensure authenticity and unparalleled quality. When it comes to gemstones, our choices are guided by factors such as color, clarity, and cut, with a focus on certified, ethically sourced options that align with our responsible practices. As for metals, our gold pieces bear the prestigious BIS Hallmark, a symbol of purity and genuineness, while our platinum creations boast the esteemed PT 950 certification. Every single element in our creations is chosen with precision and purpose, embodying our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and integrity that define the essence of ORRA.

Do you have any signature techniques or materials that set your brand apart?

One of ORRA’s most remarkable innovations is the India’s brightest patented 73-faceted diamond called the ‘ORRA Crown Star’. This diamond captivates with its brilliance, fire, and sparkle like no other. The result is what every woman seeks-to outshine in a crowd.

Customer Experience: Customization & Personalization

Do you offer customization options for customers who want to create unique and personalized jewellery pieces? How do you collaborate with customers to bring their design ideas to life?

Absolutely, at ORRA, we offer tailored customization for unique and personalized jewellery. Through interactive events at our stores, we engage with customers to understand their preferences and gather design feedback. This collaborative process allows us to bring their ideas to life, creating bespoke pieces that hold deep meaning and reflect their individual style.

What measures do you take to ensure a seamless customer experience both online and in-store?

For a seamless customer experience, we have taken steps both online and in-store. Our website offers easy filters for jewellery selection based on various criteria. We prioritize customer satisfaction with 100% certified products, a 7-day Return Policy, and a Life Exchange and Buyback Policy. Additionally, we provide complimentary insurance, 6-months upgrade facility, and assured lifetime maintenance.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Have you collaborated with any designers, artists, or brands to create unique jewellery collections? How do these collaborations contribute to the identity and appeal of your brand?

ORRA has fostered impactful collaborations that define our brand’s essence. Notably, we have partnered with ‘Falguni & Shane Peacock’, uniting ORRA’s Crown Star diamonds with their modern-traditional style.

These partnerships attract attention across the spectrum. From Hollywood and Bollywood to royalty, our unique creations have adorned prominent figures, and our collaborations include acclaimed artists like SH Raza and Anjolie Ela Menon, making headlines.

Furthermore, as the exclusive jewellery partner for Femina Miss India 2023, we underline our commitment to enhancing our brand’s identity and impact. Each collaboration adds a distinct thread to ORRA’s legacy.

Innovation & Technology

How do you incorporate technological advancements into the jewellery-buying experience?

We have a video-calling facility, where the customer gets to view the product they like, before coming down to the showroom.

Industry Challenges & Insights

From your perspective, what are some of the current challenges and opportunities facing the jewellery retail sector?

In the world of jewellery retail, there are many challenges and opportunities. Competition, shifting tastes, and economic trends demand attention, while ethical sourcing and e-commerce reshape norms. Our strength lies in customization, seamless omnichannel strategies, and pioneering digital outreach. Personalized in-store experiences remain our forte. We aim to stay aligned with the ongoing industry innovations and trendsetting progress.

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