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CEOs decode scale and viability at IFF 2024

As IFF 2024 takes center stage, an array of forward-looking sessions await, offering a comprehensive exploration of the fashion landscape. The CEO’s Agenda on Fashionomics leads the charge, scrutinizing the delicate equilibrium between scale and viability in the intricate world of fashion economics. From unraveling the dynamics of globalization and local adaptation in Indian fashion retail to diving into the strategies of discounting and exploring the investor perspective on fashion startups, each session promises unique insights. Venture into the operational framework of fashion franchising, understand how regional players outpace national and global giants, and witness the redefinition of luxury fashion in India – all under the spotlight at IFF 2024.

CEOs Agenda Fashionomics: Scale Vs Viability:
On the intersection between the economics of the fashion industry and the balance between achieving scale and ensuring sustainability or viability, this session delves into finding solutions that support growth while also addressing managerial, operational, and economic sustainability challenges. 

Fashion Beyond Borders – Globalization & Local Adaptation:
Fashion retail in India is a fascinating blend of globalization and local adaptation. It showcases a unique interplay between global trends and the Indian market’s distinct cultural, social, geographical, and economic characteristics. This session will feature both Indian and global brands. 

While it will be interesting to find out from global brands if their market-specific strategies are any different for India and its different regions, from India-originated brands we aim to glean insights on global influence in their lines of offering, communication, and merchandising will be extremely relevant for all. 

Customers Love Discounts. How Do Retailers Make Them Happy?
Balancing the benefits and drawbacks of discounting in retail is a challenge that requires a holistic approach with strategic planning, and a customer-centric mindset to achieve this balance effectively. The goal is to harness the advantages of discounts while mitigating the potential negative impacts on brand perception, profitability, and customer expectations. Fashion retailers in this session share insights on their regular evaluation of adopted discounting strategies and their results that will be crucial for all to understand the effectiveness of various discounting initiatives. Also in discussion will be – areas of collaboration for alternate promotional strategies and plans to limit the frequency and depth of discounts to avoid training customers to expect perpetual discounts. 

Investor View On Fashion Retail Business:
The convergence of innovation, technology, sustainability, changing consumer behavior and most of all dare devil entrepreneurial spirits of new-gen business leaders and visionaries have gained, investors’ appetite for disruptive ventures and that has led to a surge in funding for fashion startups. These trends indicate a growing belief in the potential of these ventures to reshape the fashion industry and cater to evolving market demands. This session with venture capitalists will reveal what’s beyond due diligence that gives them the confidence to invest in new ventures. 

D2C Brands Fashioning Retail Shelves:
Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands have gained significant traction in recent years as consumers seek out more personalized and convenient shopping experiences. While D2C brands typically sell their products online or through their standalone physical stores, some have expanded their presence into national and regional department stores to reach a broader audience. This session with D2C Brands and Department Stores explores possible avenues of collaborations to add newness in retail shelves offering wider shopping options for consumers. 

Operational Framework for Fashion Franchising:
Fashion franchising has been notably successful in India, contributing significantly to the growth and expansion of numerous fashion brands. However, challenges such as maintaining consistency in brand standards, navigating diverse consumer preferences, managing franchisee relationships, and ensuring profitability across outlets continue to exist. This session with some of the most successful partners in fashion franchising discusses how they have been able to create channels for robust, clear communication, effective support systems, and a well-defined operational framework to ensure brand integrity and sustainable growth for both franchisors and franchisees. 

How Do Regional Fashion Brands & Retailers Score Over National & Global Players?
While facing competition from larger players, regional fashion brands in India often find success by capitalizing on their unique strengths and the ability to connect more intimately with their local audience. This session will see regional masters share unique insights including how the combination of innovation, quality, and a deep understanding of local markets allow them to compete effectively and even score over national and global players in certain aspects including:

  • Local Cultural Understanding
  • Authenticity & Heritage
  • Customization & Adaptability
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Localized Marketing Strategies
  • Niche Markets & Unmet Needs
  • Flexibility & Agility
  • Strong Community Bonds
  • Innovation & Differentiation 

Luxury Fashion In India – Redefined:
Reflecting the evolving preferences and changing dynamics within the country’s fashion landscape, the redefinition of luxury fashion in India encompasses a blend of traditional values, global influences and technological advancements – creating a dynamic and evolving luxury market within the country. This session brings leaders in the business to talk about the 10 most important factors that are driving the luxury fashion business in India. 

  • Shift in Consumer Preferences 
  • Emergence of Luxury Retail Hubs 
  • Increasing International Presence 
  • Rise of Indian Luxury Brands 
  • E-commerce Influence 
  • Customization & Personalization 
  • Experiential Retail 
  • Celebrity Endorsements and Influencer Culture 
  • Focus on Sustainability Cultural Fusion

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