Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Celio India integrates Gen AI across business functions

Celio India, the French menswear brand, is creating ripples in the fashion industry by integrating Generative AI across different business functions. This innovative approach not only enhances creative processes but also optimizes operational efficiency, positioning Celio as a frontrunner in the realm of fashion innovation

Leveraging AI-powered tools and algorithms, Celio has streamlined its content generation pipeline, driving efficiency and innovation while enhancing creativity and customer engagement. By harnessing the power of GenAI, Celio is able to analyse vast amounts of data to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, trends, and behaviour, facilitating tailor made content to resonate more effectively with their target audience. This data-driven approach enables Celio to produce personalized, high-quality content at scale, spanning across various channels, from social media to e-commerce platforms resulting in compelling storytelling and fostering deeper connections with its customers. 

The fashion industry is currently at a crucial point, dealing with the twin challenges of making fashion more sustainable and accelerating innovation throughout the entire process. Celio is tackling these challenges directly by incorporating GenAI into its system. One such example is where GenAI is seen to be playing an important role in optimizing Celio’s inventory and supply chain management by enhancing operational efficiency throughout the organization, as well as ensuring streamlined restocking procedures and reducing leftover inventory. 

Celio’s adoption of AI technologies ensure highly personalized shopping experiences, suggesting products that match individual customer preferences. This personalized touch strengthens the bond with customers, boosting loyalty and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

At Celio, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment, utilising AI to optimize both operational efficiency and foster creativity. This strategic move marks a significant step towards sustainable fashion practices. GenAI is reshaping how we generate product images and creative content, reducing time and resources. This transformative technology, coupled with GenAI’s content creation and personalization capabilities, deepens our connection with customers, enriching their shopping experience and fostering lasting loyalty,Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio India.

Celio is a French menswear brand and is present across 1100 stores in 60 countries. It carries the latest international range in India of casual wear; denim & smart work wear through its exclusive 63 standalone stores and more than 700 points of sale in leading departmental stores. Decoding trends, to offer smart and contemporary menswear, is the brand’s forte. Showcasing collections oriented to the different moments of a man’s life, Celio captures effortless style for men.

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