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Brand Profile: Vero Moda

Store Count: 67 stores and 285 shop-in-shops spread across the country

Parent Company: BESTSELLER India

India Launch: Vero Moda was launched in 2010 with its headquarters located in Mumbai

About the Company

Founded in Denmark in 1987 by Troels Holch Povlsen, Vero Moda is BESTSELLER’s first clothing label and one the most recognizable high-street European fashion brands.

Vero Moda was founded to appreciate and capture the essence of everyday style in womenswear.  With a motto of elevating everyday essentials from ordinary to modern, the brand goes by the principle that a consumer is defined not by their age but by their lifestyle. Their clothing is authentic and vibrant and promotes honest style expression.

India Presence

Vero Moda operates through over 67 stores in India that are spread across some prominent places. Among other places, their store can be currently found in –

Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, and Surat.

Vero Moda’s largest store in India can be found in Delhi-NCR’s DLF Mall. But it also retails through e-commerce mediums like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart.

India’s retail market, especially for western wear, has, over the past few years, attracted several brands from around the world that are banking on the country’s need for fast fashion. Consumption expenditure on apparel in the country is expected to increase 3.8 times to $225 billion over the next seven-eight years, according to a report by Boston Consulting Group.

There are many international brands in the Indian retail market today – and yet, Vero Moda is among the few that were able to withstand its competitors and build a strong and loyal customer base over time.

Brand USP

Vero Moda’s success in the Indian retail market can be attributed to factors beyond its social media presence. The brand has expertly tapped into the specific needs and interests of local Indian shoppers who are on a constant hunt for fashionable clothing at pocket-friendly prices.

The biggest draw for customers to Vero Moda is its frequent refreshing of merchandise. Aimed at 15 to 40-year-old women, pricing starts from Rs 1,995 and goes up to Rs 7,995 or more, clearly grabbing the attention of the millennial generation.

The European fast fashion brand also offers a mix of tops, bottom wear, dresses, and accessories that are good quality, affordable, and inspiring for the young woman who wants to look good and have fun with her style.

New collections like the Spring-Summer or the Winter collections are first presented to the creators with opinion and reach – the bloggers, vloggers, diarists, and fashion editors.

Another crucial factor that resonates with Indian shoppers is the brand’s inclusivity when it comes to body types. One of the biggest backlashes that fashion retailers face is a shortage of sizes and this kind of inaccessibility on size range directly cuts down on their customer base. By catering to all body types, Vero Moda extends its reach to a wider consumer base.

Vero Moda Retail’s operating revenues range is INR 100 – 500 crore for the financial year ending on 31st July 2021.

Sustainable Fashion

Just by the nature of its operations, fashion can take a toll on the environment. Fast fashion has been criticized for its contribution to global warming, waste disposal hazards, and the alarming working conditions of the employees that manufacture the clothes.

Given the negativity brands face on the matter, creating a conscious fashion industry is the need of the hour.

‘Aware’ is Vero Moda’s first step towards bridging this gap between fast fashion and a more sustainable world. It rethinks wardrobe staples in a more sustainable way. Equal parts cool and conscious, this standalone collection is packed with eco-friendly materials like –

  • Tencel
  • Recycled polyester
  • Recycled cotton
  • Organic cotton

These are materials that reduce the load on natural resources used during production.

In trying to bring sustainable fashion forward, Vero Moda aims to promote three major changes: Becoming climate positive, fair for all and incorporating a circular design policy.

  • Climate Positive – They are working on their value chain to reduce the level of greenhouses they emit and are trying to make a positive impact on the planet.
  • Fair for all – They aim to empower everyone working in their value chain by creating jobs that are safe, protective of human rights and fair in terms of incomes and opportunities so that everyone can reach their full potential.
  • Circular by Design – The company’s business model is based on design principles that prioritize efficiency and the reuse of resources at every level.

Vero Moda mainly targets its five focus areas to become as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible. These areas are –

  • Materials – They aim to use more sustainable materials in all their creations.
  • Business Operations – They are continuously working to improve the environmental footprint of their products, operations and supply chain until they are in line with the planet’s needs.
  • Social Responsibility – Vero Moda promotes dignity, equality and safe working environments for all people across their value chain.
  • Delivery – The company is working on engaging with consumers and partners across the industry to develop and deliver solutions until circularity and transparency become a mindset and consumers are empowered to act sustainably.
  • Innovation – Invest FWD is their investment platform. It reflects their commitment to finding, funding and supporting innovative, disruptive, scalable and commercially viable solutions to help us push the sustainable fashion agenda forward.
  • Sustainable Styles – One of their goals is to use even more materials made with sustainable fibres, year after year, until all their products are circular by design. Their sustainable styles are here to help customers make the best & greenest choices.


In 2020-2022, Vero Moda was able to hit the following targets –

  • EU Ecolabel Certified – Vero Moda is one of the first leading brands to have their styles EU Ecolabel certified.
  • 90% Sustainable – In 2022, their ‘AWARE’ collection consisted of more than 90% authentic, sustainable materials.
  • Launch of Fashion FWD Lab – In 2020, they successfully launched their experimental platform, which acts as a catalyst for collaborations with innovators and entrepreneurs to pilot and test new ideas and solutions.
  • Considerable Work and Economic Growth – As a member of ACT (action, collaboration and transformation agreement on living wages), Vero Moda has actively participated in setting industrial structures and mechanisms for enhancing social dialogue and freedom of association in the global textile supply chain.
  • Circular Production – Vero Moda became one of the first fashion brands to produce garments at market scale from Renewcell’s Circulose®fibres, which is made with discarded textiles, such as production waste and worn-out garments.
  • Partnerships towards Achieving their Goals – Vero Moda is a member of various global organizations and industry associations to share knowledge, collaborate and implement solutions, including: Fashion For Good, G7 Fashion Pact, ACT, Global Fashion Agenda, Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Textile Exchange.

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