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Bata India enters athleisure segment, launches ‘Power Apparel’

Bata India, the footwear retailer, is expanding its horizons by venturing into activewear and athleisure clothing with the launch of ‘Power Acti-Wear.’ Under the banner of Bata’s flagship athleisure brand ‘Power,’ this clothing range is set to combine cutting-edge technology with contemporary style, focusing on comfort.

Olivier Heck, Global Athleisure Brands Director, said on the launch, “Power Acti-Wear is not just clothing; it’s Power’s commitment to pushing boundaries. By combining our innovation expertise with our passion for style, we’re setting a new benchmark in performance and athleisure. Power is synonymous with fitness, and now, with Apparel, we’re introducing not just clothing but a powerful lifestyle.”

About The Collection

Known for its performance-driven footwear, Power aims to merge innovation and fashion-forward designs in its clothing collection. ‘Power Acti-Wear’ includes a variety of t-shirts, shorts, and tracks, blending functionality with style.

This range is designed to offer comfort and support to fitness enthusiasts pursuing various physical activities. Key technologies such as Qik-Dry, Acti-Vent, Acti-Stretch, and Feather Tech ensure quick sweat absorption, improved air circulation, perfect stretch, and lightweight comfort, enhancing performance during workouts.

Continuously Innovating

Bata has been on a path of continuous innovation with its Power brand. Recently, the brand unveiled ‘Power N-Walk’ walking shoes equipped with the latest ‘Step & Go’ hands-free technology, offering convenience and style. The introduction of ‘Power Acti-Wear’ further strengthens Bata’s innovative product portfolio in the Indian market.

The Power Acti-Wear range starts at INR 799 and is currently accessible at leading Bata stores in metropolitan areas and through the D2C website

Bata, a trusted brand in the Indian footwear industry, has redefined the industry for over 85 years. As the largest retailer in India, it sold over 35 million pairs of footwear in 2022 and served over 250,000 customers daily. Bata India operates in over 2000 stores across India.

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