Adidas running introduces the latest iteration of adidas 4DFWD and adidas 4DFWD Pulse – the next step in data-driven 3D printed midsole innovation, designed to move you forward for the everyday runner.  

These running shoes are a result of combining years of athlete data with the unique technology of 3D printing, adidas 4DFWD is created to provide runners with an all-new running experience. Additionally, 4DFWD Pulse comes with the combination of 4D and EVA technology to ensure a soft landing with every step. Perfectly printed and precisely positioned, the shoe is coded for a smooth run with the 4DFWD heel angled to increase impact absorption, working together with the EVA midsole. This unique design translates into a smooth heel transition at the moment of touchdown. Highly recommended for the everyday runner

Furthermore, the three-layered mesh upper in the 4DFWD PULSE has been engineered for seamless stretchable support for lateral and linear movement, combined with the outsole designed to work in harmony with the midsole, providing superior traction as you run.

Adidas has developed 4D lattice mid-sole technology in partnership with Carbon for more than four years by collating the athlete data and Carbon’s Digital Light SynthesisTM technology to produce precision tuned 3D printed midsoles.

Adidas 4D footwear is amongst the first across the globe to use this cutting-edge technology which offers the ability to fine tune midsoles to specific patterns of movement, so that athletes can enjoy precision performance with every step.

Identified from one of five million possible lattice structures and made of 39% bio-based material, the bowtie-shaped FWD CELL has been specifically coded to compress forward upon vertical impact. As compared to previous generations of 4D midsole, adidas 4DFWD generates three times as much forward motion under vertical loading in mechanical testing conditions. As a result, peak braking force experienced by the athlete during running is reduced on average by 15 per cent as the midsole redirects these vertical impact forces into horizontal forward motion – delivering running economy comparable to that of ‘Ultraboost’ midsoles in lab conditions.

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