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Women Leaders in Fashion Retail: Neha Kant, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Clovia

In the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry, women today are not just contributors, instead, they are innovators and trendsetters. These women are rethinking and re-imagining what most individuals perceive as normal. From entrepreneurs to designers, women are taking the lead in dismantling traditional concepts and ideas and revolutionizing how we engage with fashion. 

The transformative influence of these trailblazing women spans diverse domains, from advocating sustainability and shattering gender norms to reviving age-old textiles, designs, and techniques for the modern world; they are re-writing the narrative of fashion and are leaving an indelible mark in its world.

This week, IMAGES Business of Fashion looks deeper at the life and achievements of Neha Kant, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Clovia.

> Graduation from Delhi University (Miranda House)
> Masters in Management from the FORE School of Management

Career History and Experience
After accumulating a decade of experience in the corporate sector of India, during which Neha Kant worked with FCB Ulka and the India Today Group, she chose to venture into entrepreneurship. She aimed to fill the void in the Indian lingerie market, specifically by offering well-fitted, comfortable, and stylish underwear options that were noticeably absent within the Indian intimate wear market.

Current Roles and Responsibilities
She is tasked with overseeing and managing the brand’s sales and operations in various channels and geographic regions.

> Neeta Kant harbors ambition and has consistently enjoyed strong familial support and guidance.
> Her relentless dedication has been her sole path to success, nurturing her competitive and ambitious nature from the very beginning.
> Balancing the roles of a mother and an entrepreneur necessitates extensive long-term planning and effective time management.

Neeta’s aspiration is to position Clovia as the “preferred brand” in the minds of its consumers and aims to reshape the landscape of the Indian lingerie market.

Changes brought in the industry
Clovia has effectively introduced ‘Clovia’s Fit Test’ to elevate its customer satisfaction ratings. To date, this fit test has been utilized by over 500,000 women. Furthermore, Clovia takes pride in blending fashion with technology. Its algorithms enable the analysis of customer buying behaviors across various sales channels and facilitate real-time feedback tracking. Through these innovations, the company consistently enhances its product offerings and optimizes inventory planning.

Game-Changing Retail Technologies
WhatsApp serves as a platform for customers to initiate purchases and receive updates on offers and services. The chatbot interprets customer needs from their messages, recognizing both sales and service-related inquiries. Within the first month of its launch, the chatbot successfully engaged with 200,000 customers, effectively driving sales by comprehending customer preferences and offering product recommendations.

Skills That Helped Her Succeed
> Strong problem-solving skills
> Proficient in critical thinking
> High attention to detail

Lessons Learned Over the Years
Over the years, Neha has gleaned a valuable lesson: In the realm of product-based businesses, neglecting the service aspect is not an option. It holds equal importance within the overall brand experience. Building the brand occurs incrementally, one customer interaction at a time, underscoring the significance of each engagement.

Future of Fashion Retail
> Lingerie, once primarily functional, is now an integral component of daily fashion, carving out its distinct niche. The market segment is rapidly transitioning towards organized retail.
> Consumers are increasingly conscious of their requirements and are open to exploring a wider range of choices.
> Fashion has played a pivotal role in educating consumers about the significance of quality, style, and the cut of innerwear in enhancing their overall appearance.

Role model in life
Neha looks up to Mary Kom as her role model. Although Mary Kom is not associated with the fashion industry, Neha greatly admires her ability to consistently bounce back stronger, successfully balancing her roles as both a boxer and a mother simultaneously.


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