Dating back to 1664, Jermyn Street was the preferred clothes shopping destination for the nobility as well as the elite of London. The street was – and still is – the home of many famed shirt makers including Turnbull & Asser, Hawes & Curtis, Thomas Pink, Harvie & Hudson, Charles Tyrwhitt and T.M Lewin…

Dukes, of York Street London SWI holds the distinguished stature of being home to Jermyn Street, which is the place to head to in the entire world for men’s bespoke fashion, especially shirts. This street was an outcome of the vision of Charles II, which was brought into reality by Henry Jermyn and manifests tasteful clothing values, making it very special and specific.

The Brands of Jermyn Street

The brands which are available on Jermyn Street are a very original and unique range of shirts, brands that have set a benchmark in the history of shirts in the world.

Hawes & Curties: The brand – which was established by 1913 – has two boutiques on Jermyn Street and emphasises on office and formal wear for both men and women with in-store tailoring services.

The Duke of Windsor, considered an international style icon and a trendsetter in his time, was a notable customer of Hawes & Curtis. His signature style of tie-knot was incorporated by Hawes & Curtis in their collection. They shaped the famous spread collar designed precisely to accommodate his ties and the knot. The collar today is called the Windsor Collar.

Over a period of 21 years, Hawes & Curtis has established seven shops on Jermyn Street as well as the Piccadilly Arcade and boasts of 12,000 regular account customers. Other brands on Jermyn Street include New & Lingwood, which offers traditional classic men’s wear with modern twist; Roderick – Charles, which is known for its traditional styling and countryside aesthetic; Twinbull and Asses which specializes in combining a classic British style with Italian tailoring using Egyptian cotton and Rare West Indian Sea Island Cotton; Thomas Pink which is known for stocking business,casual and formal shirts for men in a selection of fits and styles.

Then there are brands like shirtmaker Charles Tyrwhitt, which has Jermyn Street since 1986, since the year its founder Nick Wheeler decided he could make a better shirt than anyone else; Horue and Hudson which was established in 1949 to create heritage tailored shirts, became popular for its flamboyant shirts in the 1960s and remains one and the most popular shirt makers on the street till date; Emma Wills which specialises in bespoke luxury shirts made in England from Swiss and Italian cottons besides a range in linen and silk; Emmett, a brand that focuses on luxury men’s shirts.

Shirt Heaven

Jermyn Street’s bespoke shirts are exceptionally superlative, crafted from the finest cotton yarns with rich hand, comfort and longevity. The luxurious fabric range which is used to make the shirts that are usually found here include Poplin, Twill, Herringbone, Pique, Oxford and End-to-End. The fits available include Extra Slim Fit, Slim Fit and Classic Fit.

Since these are premium shirts, the collars are shaped exclusively to meet aesthetics and professional requirements. Complimentary collar stiffeners are provided with each shirt to ensure that rich look. Even the cuffs come in many styles including Button Cuff and Double Cuff.

Rich in its heritage, Jermyn Street is a gentlemen’s shirt heaven nestled in St.James, London. The brands here are defined by their commitment to providing quality and luxury, and the area is a must visit for men looking for superior shirts.

Such fabric options are made available on website of concern brands.

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