Shirts always have this amazing democratic appeal which transcends the realm of class, culture and gender. Season after season, this perennial fashion staple has evolved and has adapted to both our emotional desires and functional needs…

The Basic Chemise has emerged as one of the most integral wardrobe staple for everyone, everywhere across the globe. The power of this collared humbleness has tested the taste of times and has victoriously stood gracefully through the trend waves of our volatile fashion thunderstorm.

Shirts always have this amazing democratic appeal which transcends the realm of class, culture and gender. Season after season, this perennial fashion staple has evolved and has adapted to both over emotional desires and functional needs. Here are some of

Balancing the volume of these details is the key to have a visually balanced shirt style. These style lines are further amplified with street style details adding to its athleisure appeal.

Utilitarian Chic

For summer 2019, the oversized, anti-fit style lines are proving to be major comeback this season. Inspired by the classic interpretation of the Boyfriend shirt, slouchy XXL variation is proving a runway hit for the coming season. Not just the main shape but also the details such as cuffs, collar and pockets are going to be a bit exaggerated and larger. Balancing the volume of these details is the key to have visually balanced shirt styles. These style lines are further amplified with street style details adding to its athleisure appeal. Contrast placket, Drawstring hems, eyelets & rivets and zippers details are popular ascents for this trend.

Romantic Rhapsody

After the brief moment of androgynous flair, fashion is back to romancing ultra-feminine details which echo the charm of bygone decadence. Sleeves take the centre stage this season. Experiment and explore vintage styles in their exuberant best versions. Elaborate puff sleeves patterns, to dramatic Juliet sleeves exaggeration, designers are using history books for unique references.

Vintage collar details perfectly complement these style lines. From the innocent Peter Pan collar to sensual drop shoulder necklines, shirts are getting an amazing makeover across the globe in quintessential vintage boudoir flavour. Think all things romantic from Scallop lace edgings, frilled cuff details, placement silk bows to fragile lace jabots; it’s time your channel the inner Marie Antoinette for the upcoming summer.


In the era of DIY and individualistic expression movement, shirts are becoming the new art canvases. Designers are collaborating with contemporary artists to create limited edition capsule lines, which are not less than wearable couture. Mix media materials add to this unique textural appeal and are somewhat becoming the next demi couture (as each piece is unique and one of its kind).

Designers are re-imagining iconic art inspirations in intricate embroideries on shirts, which are gaining a lot of popularity. Freehand doodles to patch worked collages, designers are fiercely interpreting self-expression in its most creative form. It’s time to convert you wardrobe into your personal art galleria for the coming season. Invest in some statement appeal.

De-constructed Dandy

The classic, pin striped banker shirts have got an experimental upgrade this summer. slashed, folded and de-constructed to re-create the magic of sustainable punk. The formal men’s-shirt is the ultimate raw material for this trend, which is re- anipulated to many unique, fashion forward forms and style lines. Mix stripes of various widths with different sized checks for maximum appeal. This trend is a notorious take on the white collared uniform for the new cool brigade. Keep the palette sombre so the core aesthetics is not lost in the experimental upgrade of the corporate staple.





Designers are collaborating with contemporary artists to create limited edition capsule lines, which are not less than wearable couture. Mix media materials add to this unique textural appeal and are somewhat becoming the next demi couture (as each piece is unique and one of its kind).

Resort Shirt

The 1950s, summer shirt has found its revival in women’s wardrobe for the coming summer. The relaxed boxy silhouette is all about comfort and cool. The bowling shirt pattern in cool resort prints is going to top “the must have holiday essentials.” This silhouette, in a true sense is nothing but the luxe successor of the men’s Hawaiian shirt. Re-imagine the boxy easiness in luscious silks, soft satins for maximum appeal. Tropical prints, Havanna stripes, sorbet solids are some key design elements which would utterly compliment this style of resort cool.

50 / 50

Another version of the de- constructed shirt which has appeared on all the global runways for the coming season is the Half-n-Half style. Very DIY at first glance, this variety of shirt can oscillate from being a muted elegant style to even a fun quirk experiment depending on the mix of pattern play and fabric weights.

For safe players, these shirts are best crafted with tonal fabrics or analogous color palette. For the Millennial consumption, think fun and create hybrid shirts with contrasting materials, print mix and detail clashes. The most important formula of this particular trend is that the balance of contrast is equal.

Cinched Waist

All that avocado obsession and keto diet craziness has bought the waistline in trend once again. The focus has shifted back to tiny waistlines and shirts are not far from obliging this. It’s not just the knot or drawstring details, but patterns are being manipulated to create the illusion of cinched waists. Long line shirts or shirt dresses over pants are going to be every fashion stylist’s next big trick. The rest of the shape is kept classic and prints are kept tonal for maximum impact. All details are not underlined either, so that focus remains on the eternal hour-glass silhouette to the max.

The shirt can never leave the fashion landscape; it just blooms differently every season. The placket length may vary, pockets may come and go, and collars may shift shapes, but what remains intact is the elegant appeal of timeless comfort of shirts. Irrespective of the above trend directions, a well–tailored, crisp, white shirt will always be a head turner in a room full of on-trend fashion-forward people

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