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NIFT’s VisioNxt predicts ‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trends for Kidswear

The market for kids’ apparel in India exceeds Rs. 13000 crore, of which around Rs. 3000 crore is constituted by branded kids’ wear. The kids’ wear market is growing at the rate of 10% per annum, which makes it one of the fastest-growing markets.

VisioNxt (an initiative of NIFT under the R&D scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India) has an indigenous Indian fashion forecasting system backed up by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI). The fashion signals collected by our 800+ trained Trendspotters across the nation are processed using the robust, ethically certified deep learning model (DeepVision) developed with 130+ product categories. A unique taxonomy is specially developed for India to analyse trends. The results are further visualized as infographics and trend reports to share accessible insights with the fashion and retail industries of India.

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trends

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trendsOut & About

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trendsObservation: As the warmth of sunny days is welcomed, it’s time for a vibrant transformation in kidswear. Embracing the outdoors, we’re shifting our focus to playful and comfortable outdoor wear for the little ones. Picture simple silhouettes infused with a burst of fun through delightful prints.

Theme: Out and About talks about embarking on adventurous journeys through the lens of everyday animals, reimagined with a modern twist. This theme taps into the boundless curiosity of children, encouraging them to explore the world around them with enthusiasm and style. From curious cats to daring dogs, each piece tells a whimsical tale that sparks the imagination and adds a touch of magic to everyday moments.

Design Directions: Embracing the spirit of exploration, it is essential to seamlessly blend comfort and creativity. It’s more than just clothing; it’s an invitation to embrace the joy of discovery, where every outfit becomes a canvas for imagination and outdoor escapades. The evolution towards simpler silhouettes opens the door for intricate prints, where the magic lies in focusing on a pivotal character within the busy patterns.

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trendsTomorrow’s Legacy

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trendsObservation: In the realm of kidswear, a notable shift towards embracing mature styles is evident, amplified by the influence of social accessibility. Today’s young fashion enthusiasts, inspired in part by the global phenomenon of Kpop, are venturing into mature silhouettes, favouring seasoned styles, and expressing themselves through muted prints and timeless solids.

Theme: The style of tomorrow, here meaning more inspired styles from youthwear (18-24) seem to have been casting an effect on the younger generation. The heightened sense of self-expression among kids, this phenomenon signifies a positive shift in attitudes. The younger generation (08-14) approaches their style choices with newfound seriousness and a distinct personal flair, influenced not only by social media but also by the captivating allure of Kpop introducing them to more trendy, but mature styles. This is an opportunity for young minds to explore, embrace, and confidently showcase their unique styles and exuberating personas.

Design Directions: In response to this evolving trend, brands can strategically align their design directions on creating versatile silhouettes that effortlessly adapt to various occasions. Muted tones and earthy shades can be paired with ever-lasting monochromes and blues, and darker shades can be paired with ever-lasting monochromes, blues, and darker shades. Popular K-pop and K-dramas can also be a source of inspiration for the brands. Hoodies, T-shirts with drop shoulders, and functional clothing will become a wardrobe staple. To accentuate everyday wear, thoughtful details and trims can be added to the silhouettes.

‘Close-to-Season’ fashion trendsThis exclusive micro report is prepared by VisioNxt by closely monitoring the changing fashion landscape in India along with real-time data. The DeepVision model has been built with over 54,000+ primary image data and 70,000+ secondary image data to prepare industry-ready reports. VisioNxt has two core research labs: The Insights Lab in Chennai and the Creative Lab in Delhi. More than 40 academicians and domain experts, 10+ key industry advisors, and 10+ dedicated core team members cohesively map each emerging archetype as a collective zeitgeist and visualize the same in context to the fashion and retail industry.

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