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Neha Mehra unveils ‘Killa’ collection

Renowned fashion designer Neha Mehra has unveiled her highly anticipated ‘Killa’ Collection, a contemporary tribute to traditional craftsmanship. The collection seamlessly merges modern interpretations of Gota and bead embroidery with a dedicated commitment to preserving regal essence. Drawing inspiration from the majestic forts of Rajasthan, India, the ‘Killa’ Collection intricately showcases the artistry of skilled artisans experienced in Gota and bead embroidery on various fabrics, including silk, georgettes, and crepe.

Comprising a diverse array of outfits such as sarees, kaftans, and suits, the collection pays homage to India’s rich cultural heritage and is designed for weddings, festivals, and special occasions. Each piece in the collection narrates a unique story inspired by the fortresses of Rajasthan.

The Gota embroidery, deeply rooted in traditional Rajasthan techniques, employs gold or silver ribbons to create exquisite floral motifs, paisley designs, and geometric patterns. Simultaneously, modern bead embroidery introduces a contemporary flair with diverse shapes and sizes, forming intricate patterns that enhance the overall aesthetic. Neha Mehra’s ‘Killa’ Collection goes beyond being a mere fashion statement; it embarks on a captivating journey, uniting the past and present in a celebration of timeless elegance and style.

Neha Mehra, recognized as a visionary fashion designer, is acclaimed for her innovative approach to fashion and unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. With an impeccable taste and a knack for blending classic Indian aesthetics with contemporary trends, Neha Mehra stands as a trusted source of fashion inspiration for countless people.

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