Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Juicy Chemistry & Mommy Shots advocate body positivity with ‘Scars Are Beautiful’ campaign

In a bold move this International Women’s Day, skincare and wellness brand Juicy Chemistry and photography company Mommy Shots by Amrita have joined hands for the ‘Scars are Beautiful’ campaign, highlighting the beauty of postpartum bodies and stretch marks. Often feared and concealed, these marks are now celebrated as symbols of the remarkable changes women’s bodies undergo during motherhood.

The campaign, which kicked off on March 5th, 2024, features 11 mothers proudly showcasing their bodies, sharing their motherhood experiences online to empower women and reshape perceptions about body image.

Era Vashishta, a mother, shares her poignant journey: “My scars are my tiger stripes because I think I draw a lot of power from them. I’m a mom and this body gave birth to a life, which is what makes me bigger, it makes me a tiger.”

Megha Asher, Co-founder & COO of Juicy Chemistry, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership and its potential impact on body positivity: “Through this powerful photo series, we hope to inspire and empower women to embrace their bodies, and scars not just physical but emotional ones as well, and celebrate their unique journeys of motherhood. As mothers ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with motherhood and the impact it can have on a woman’s body and self-perception.”

Amrita Samant, Founder & CEO of Mommy Shots, emphasizes the campaign’s mission to redefine beauty: “We want to redefine beauty with every line and every scar that spells resilience strength and a unique journey, we want to go beyond the surface with this campaign. They’re more than blemishes, they’re badges of honor, they are tender and timeliness. I am super proud of the 11 women who came forward to normalize what the society has for far too long considered unsightly.”

Sonia Chandrakumar, one of the participating mothers, shares her perspective: “I’d describe my marks as Caleb’s wonderful art palette that I have around my stomach.  I would not want to get rid of my marks, I want to keep it as a memory.”

The campaign celebrates motherhood scars as symbols of resilience and strength, honoring the enduring spirit of women. Each mark tells a story of maternal power and courage, highlighting the remarkable journey of bringing life into the world. #scarsarebeautiful

Juicy Chemistry offers sustainable, artisanal skincare products crafted from organic and wild-harvested ingredients, while Mommy Shots is renowned for its creative child photography expertise.

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