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Fashion Retail’s Generation Next: Jaiwant S Dhingra, Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.

Embark on a captivating journey through the realms of fashion as we unveil the tales of the next generation in fashion retail. This special series delves into the scions of iconic fashion houses, exploring their transition into the limelight and the weight of their inherited legacies. From the roots of celebrated labels to the strategic innovations that set them apart, we scrutinize the financial narratives, marketing choreography, technological advancements, and sustainable endeavors that define the modus operandi of these modern-day fashion empires. As these brands traverse new territories and adapt to industry shifts, we unravel the resilience and adaptability that shape their success. Let’s unravel the stories, strategies, and successes of fashion’s next generation.

This week, IMAGES Business of Fashion delves into the extraordinary life and achievements of Jaiwant S Dhingra, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Numero Uno Clothing Ltd.

Brand Overview
Established in 1987 by the visionary Narinder Singh Dhingra, Numero Uno stands as a pioneering force in the indigenous denim manufacturing landscape. The brand, under his astute leadership, has evolved into an industry titan, boasting four cutting-edge manufacturing units strategically located across North India. With an impressive capacity of over 2,00,000 pieces per month, Numero Uno is dedicated to delivering top-tier, innovative products, remaining steadfastly rooted in the timeless allure of denim and classic styles.

Generational Transition
In the ongoing transition to new leadership, the senior generation continues to offer invaluable guidance. The infusion of a fresh perspective by the next generation is integral to the brand’s commitment to maintaining its essence while driving innovation throughout its operations. “We haven’t yet seen a complete transition in leadership. We continue to strive towards greatness under the guidance and supervision of my parents and grandfather,” says Jaiwant S Dhingra.

In the dynamic realm of fashion, trends may fluctuate, but a steadfast commitment to core values ensures enduring success. Numero Uno, a brand with a rich legacy, believes in the resilience of its philosophy. Amidst rebranding, marked by a new logo and an expanded product range exuding sharpness and sleekness, the brand’s vision remains unwavering. Committed to delivering futuristic, youthful, and high-quality products, Numero Uno navigates fashion’s ever-changing landscape with timeless resilience

Next Gen Expertise
The next generation, armed with diverse educational backgrounds, brings a wealth of insights to the table. From marketing strategies to design and overall operations, this holistic approach seeks to align consumer behavior seamlessly with the brand’s enduring ethos.

Strategies for Success
The decision to rebrand was a collaborative team effort, symbolizing a significant strategic shift under senior guidance. Reflecting a modified Gestalt approach, the brand’s strategic recalibration permeated every facet of its identity, from design and production to marketing and sales.

Marketing and Branding
Numero Uno is at the forefront of embracing digital mediums for marketing, acknowledging the pivotal role of social media, celebrity associations, and a revamped e-commerce website in fortifying brand visibility. “While traditional mediums like newspaper & magazine ads, outdoor, radio & PR allows us to reach a wider audience, digital media is bridging the gap between the brand and the end user,” says Dhingra.

Sustainability Initiatives
The brand introduced a ‘water-less’ jeans collection, a clear example of Numero Uno’s dedication to sustainable practices. It partnered with Spanish company Jeanologia in its quest to make the jeans manufacturing process sustainable, while also adopting to its G2 ozone treatment technology which helps fade down indigo jeans without using chemicals like bleach and hypochlorite.

Technological Implementation
Its partnership with Jeanologia uses cutting-edge technologies to reduce water and chemical consumption, with a state-of-the-art ETP ensuring environmentally responsible production practices.

Expansion Plans
Numero Uno is currently experiencing exponential growth, rapidly expanding its footprint across India. Over the past year, its store count has surged from 269 to nearly 300, showcasing the brand’s robust expansion strategy. Furthermore, it is reaching out to consumers through 200+ counters nationwide, strategically positioned in various LFS’ and SIS’ like the CMR group, RS brothers and Tipsy Topsy. With a substantial presence in North, North-East, East, and South India, the company is poised for further expansion into the burgeoning western market in the near future.

Financial Metrics and Store Presence
Currently boasting a network of 300+ stores, Numero Uno is actively planning to open more stores soon, underscoring its commitment to maintaining a robust and expansive presence in North, North-East, East, and South India. As Numero Uno adapts to regional preferences, it continues to dominate in the North while steadily gaining ground in the South.

E-commerce and Omnichannel Strategies
Numero Uno has adeptly blended e-commerce into its retail strategy, ensuring a harmonious synergy between in-store and online shopping experiences. While not fully transitioning, e-commerce serves as a rapidly growing and convenient channel complementing in-store shopping. The brand’s impactful loyalty program, coupled with strategies like remarketing and insightful customer behavior analysis, fuels the growth of its online platform.

Advice for Family Fashion Businesses in Transition
For family-owned fashion retail businesses undergoing generational transitions, Numero Uno offers sage advice. Emphasizing the importance of openness to change, the brand advocates for a delicate balance between embracing new ideas and staying true to one’s roots. Leveraging the invaluable experience of the senior generation, combined with the fresh perspectives of the new, ensures a successful transition and sustained growth in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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