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Fashion Retail’s Generation Next: Akshit & Rajat Batheja, Blueman Collections

Embark on a captivating journey through the realms of fashion as we unveil the tales of the next generation in fashion retail. This special series delves into the scions of iconic fashion houses, exploring their transition into the limelight and the weight of their inherited legacies. From the roots of celebrated labels to the strategic innovations that set them apart, we scrutinize the financial narratives, marketing choreography, technological advancements, and sustainable endeavors that define the modus operandi of these modern-day fashion empires. As these brands traverse new territories and adapt to industry shifts, we unravel the resilience and adaptability that shape their success. Let’s unravel the stories, strategies, and successes of fashion’s next generation.

This week, IMAGES Business of Fashion delves into the extraordinary life and achievements of Akshit & Rajat Batheja, Blueman Collections.

Brand Overview
Blueman Collections, initiated in 1995 by Sunil Kumar, emerged from a passion for fashion and a vision to provide high-quality, stylish winterwear. Committed to delivering the latest designs, Blueman swiftly became synonymous with quality in the fashion retail sector.

Values and Principles
Since its inception, Blueman has been committed to offering quality products with contemporary designs. This dedication to quality and style has been the cornerstone of the brand’s identity, resonating with customers from day one.

Generational Transition
The leadership transition within the Blueman Collections family occurred as the business evolved from its previous focus on the FMCG sector. The brothers Akshit, Rajat and the current leader, Sunil Kumar, redirected their efforts with enthusiasm to embark on a new venture in the garment industry. The evolution of the brand’s vision and mission under new leadership involved a collaborative effort supported by the family, leading to the business achieving new heights.

Educational Background and Expertise
Rajat and Akshit Batheja, armed with MBA degrees and specialized knowledge in family-managed business programs, infused the business with fresh techniques, contributing significantly to its growth.

Marketing and Branding
Blueman strategically expanded from offline to online platforms, engaging with a broader audience. The brand also focused on collaborations, ensuring a dynamic and appealing brand presence.

Technological Implementation
The introduction of technology, especially in e-commerce, became integral to Blueman’s operations, facilitating a seamless transition between offline and online platforms.

Sustainability Initiatives
Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Blueman adapted to the changing market trends. The brand’s ability to sustain itself aligns with its commitment to evolving with the dynamic fashion landscape.

Expansion Plans
Blueman’s presence spans 600 leading retail stores across India, with plans to expand globally through online platforms and exports, a strategic departure from traditional retail.

Financial Metrics and Store Presence
With a strong presence in 600 retail stores, Blueman continues to navigate industry changes, focusing on maintaining a unique selling proposition (USP) and adapting to evolving trends.

Customer Engagement
Blueman prioritizes customer engagement through both online and offline channels, connecting effectively with younger consumers.

E-commerce and Omnichannel Strategies
To facilitate a smooth shift to e-commerce, Blueman initiated changes in product categories, leveraging its offline presence to ensure a seamless omnichannel experience.

Advice for Family Fashion Businesses in Transition
In navigating generational transitions, Blueman’s advice to family-owned fashion retail businesses is rooted in understanding the nature of the business, implementing necessary changes, and staying attuned to customer needs.

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