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“Close-to-Season” Fashion Trends: An Insight into Denim Wear by VisioNxt

An Insight into Denim Wear by VisioNxt Trend Insight and Forecasting Lab

Insights from Deep Vision
The Indian domestic denim market has been maintaining an average CAGR of 8 to 9 per cent for a few years and is expected to reach Rs 91,894 crore by 2028 (Financial Express, 2023). The VisioNxt infographic (1) shows the most popular colours in the denim wear category are blue, slate grey, and green and the most popular fits (2) are relaxed fit and flared fit. The rest of the insights about length, waistline, and washes are given below.

“Close-to-Season” Fashion TrendsVisioNxt (an initiative of NIFT under the R&D scheme of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India) has an indigenous Indian fashion forecasting system backed up by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emotional Intelligence (EI). The fashion signals collected by our 800+ trained Trendspotters across the nation are processed using the robust, ethically certified deep learning model (DeepVision) developed with 130+ product categories. A unique taxonomy is specially developed for India to analyse trends. The results are further visualized as infographics and trend reports to share accessible insights with the fashion and retail industries of India.

“Close-to-Season” Fashion TrendsObservation:
Denim has become a timeless wardrobe staple for individuals of all age groups, but it’s Gen Z that’s leading the charge in pushing the boundaries of denim fashion. Brands like @freakinsindia and @denimals are at the forefront of this movement, offering designs that embrace individuality and stand out from the crowd. One notable trend is the resurgence of 90s fashion, with jorts (jean shorts) making a notable comeback among young adults.

“Close-to-Season” Fashion TrendsTheme:
Drawing inspiration from the effortlessly chic 90s aesthetics, “Go Big or Go Home” encapsulates the essence of the fearless, where self-expression takes centre stage. This reinterpretation of casual loungewear invites brands to prioritise comfort while also embracing meticulous curation, striking the perfect balance between a relaxed sensibility and an artful selection.

Directions to focus:
The denim fashion scene has also seen a surge in popularity for exaggerated forms, ranging from extremely flared jeans to heavy maxi skirts. This revival of 90s aesthetics extends to various aspects of denim wear. Dip-dyed denim, and overdyed denim in purples, greens, and browns have captured the imagination of fashion enthusiasts, making them must-have choices for the current season. This emphasis on experimentation and authenticity in denim wear reflects the young adults’ desire to break free from conventional fashion norms and make a style statement that’s uniquely their own.

Covering the visual aspects, cyber sigilism styles are reflected in denim as well, along with screen printed details and typography. Panelled, corset-inspired styles are also not to be missed this season. The overall movement is towards lounge-y, comfortably-elevated pieces that are becoming mainstream now.

“Close-to-Season” Fashion Trends

“Close-to-Season” Fashion TrendsThis exclusive micro report is prepared by VisioNxt by closely monitoring the changing fashion landscape in India along with real-time data. The DeepVision model has been built with over 54,000+ primary image data and 70,000+ secondary image data to prepare industry-ready reports. VisioNxt has two core research labs: The Insights Lab in Chennai and the Creative Lab in Delhi. More than 40 academicians and domain experts, 10+ key industry advisors, and 10+ dedicated core team members cohesively map each emerging archetype as a collective zeitgeist and visualize the same in context to the fashion and retail industry.

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