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BoF Promo Codes: Pantaloons’ ‘The Judgmental Cat’ campaign catapults e-commerce GMV by 1.7x

In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, a robust strategy for marketing through social media has become the cornerstone of effectively promoting a brand. Well-crafted digital marketing campaigns highlight the significant advantages of utilizing social media platforms to efficiently reach, engage, and convert individuals into lasting target audiences.

Social media marketing isn’t merely a choice; it’s an essential component of our interconnected digital world. It provides a dynamic and cost-efficient way to create brand recognition, connect with customers, and foster business expansion. Embracing social media marketing is the key to maintaining competitiveness and thriving in today’s contemporary marketplace.

In this exclusive feature, brought to you by BoF Promo Codes, delves into Pantaloons’ ‘The Judgmental Cat’ Campaign as it takes a different approach to launch its digital shopping application.

About the Campaign

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. backed fast fashion clothing retail chain Pantaloons offers over 100 licensed and international brands at its outlets including its exclusive in-house brands for men, women and kids. With retail experience of over 24 years, the fashion brand has over 344 stores across 170+ towns and cities in India.

In the wake of Covid-19, when all fashion brands were launching their digital shopping applications, so did Pantaloons, it launched its very own digital shopping application with the campaign, ‘The Judgmental Cat.’ The campaign was run from July to September in 2022.

As the pandemic challenged the Indian retail landscape significantly and rapidly accelerated the growth of online commerce, in response to new constraints and need state of the customer, most fashion brands re-jigged their online presence ranging from revamping their website to even launching their very own shopping applications.

For a traditional offline retailer such as Pantaloons, it became critical to instantaneously ramp-up and enhance its e-commerce presence through a differentiated offering amongst the sea of fashion apps that had now come to exist: an app with a user experience that was personalized to each customer’s styling and fashion needs. This proposition also needed an equally unique communication, so as to establish the differentiations from the clutter of brand messaging customers were being exposed to.

Pantaloons needed an idea that would position its application squarely as a one-stop solution to the consumers’ fashion problems and ‘the’ destination to always be fashionable & trendy. It aspired to be its consumers’ secret to all the latest styles, personalized fashion recommendations, outfit inspirations, pairing suggestions and much more, which it incorporated in its all-new Pantaloons App. The company felt that the best way to achieve this was by the means of an interesting persona, i.e., #TheJudgmentalCat.

The mobile application was specially designed to elevate the consumers’ shopping experience to a more personalized one and redefine the way they shopped with the help of its three distinctive features –

  • Style finder: Occasion-based styling recommendations.
  • Trending Styles: Algorithmically generated style trends being offered to customers.
  • Shop the look: Head to toe ensembles available to shop in one click.


Pantaloons had a multifaceted set of objectives across three distinct categories for their campaign, each aimed at achieving specific goals:

Business Objectives:

  • Enhance Monthly Active Users (MAU): The primary business goal was to significantly boost the number of Monthly Active Users, indicating the expansion of the application’s user base and overall engagement.
  • Efficient Digital Advertising Spend (Cost per Install Optimization): Another critical business objective was to optimize the allocation of digital advertising budget, specifically focusing on reducing the cost per install. This efficiency-driven approach aimed to maximize the return on investment in user acquisition.
  • Augment Online Channel Revenue Contribution: The campaign sought to increase the share of revenue generated from the online channel, reflecting the brand’s commitment to growing its digital presence and sales.

Brand Objective:

  • Inclusion in the Consideration Set of Online Shoppers: As a brand objective, Pantaloons aimed to establish a prominent presence in the consideration set of online shoppers. This implied becoming a preferred and recognized choice among consumers when making online shopping decisions.

Communication Objective:

  • Drive Application Installs with an Innovative and Compelling Launch: The communication objective focused on generating application installs through an inventive and attention-grabbing launch strategy. The goal was to entice and captivate the audience in a way that stood out from the competition and encouraged users to download the application.


  • The marketing strategy involved an engaging storytelling approach centered around ‘The Judgmental Cat.’ This creative narrative served as a captivating and relatable focal point for the campaign, resonating with the audience’s emotions and experiences.
  • An innovative digital-led advertising campaign was employed to showcase the application’s core features. Through this campaign, potential users were provided with a comprehensive and compelling understanding of the application’s functionalities and benefits.
  • The campaign extended its reach by distributing advertisements across various digital and social media channels. This multi-channel approach ensured that the campaign reached a wide and diverse online audience, maximizing its exposure and impact.
  • To create a cohesive and immersive brand experience, cat-themed communication was integrated into physical stores. This in-store marketing strategy complemented the digital efforts, reinforcing the brand’s identity and message to customers who visited physical retail locations.

Overall Campaign Impact

  • The application saw a remarkable increase in average monthly installations, soaring by 9.2 times. This surge in installations indicates a significant uptick in user engagement and adoption.
  • During the campaign, there was a noteworthy 15% reduction in the cost per install, showcasing a more efficient and cost-effective user acquisition strategy.
  • The campaign yielded impressive results, with the e-commerce Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) experiencing a substantial growth of 1.7 times. This growth in GMV reflects the increased revenue and sales generated through the e-commerce platform.
  • Pantaloons exceeded its annual application download target within just three months of launching the campaign. This achievement underscores the campaign’s success in driving rapid user adoption, well ahead of the expected timeline.


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