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BoF Promo Codes: Jahnvi Kapoor powers ALDO’s India campaign to 30% sales growth

In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, a robust strategy for marketing through social media has become the cornerstone of effectively promoting a brand. Well-crafted digital marketing campaigns highlight the significant advantages of utilizing social media platforms to efficiently reach, engage, and convert individuals into lasting target audiences.

Social media marketing isn’t merely a choice; it’s an essential component of our interconnected digital world. It provides a dynamic and cost-efficient way to create brand recognition, connect with customers, and foster business expansion. Embracing social media marketing is the key to maintaining competitiveness and thriving in today’s contemporary marketplace.

In this special feature, presented by BoF Promo Codes, explores ALDO’s celebrity endorsement campaign, marking the brand’s historic appointment of its inaugural celebrity ambassador in India.

About the Campaign
Aldo, the internationally renowned footwear and accessories retail brand with its roots in Montreal, appointed Bollywood star Jahnvi Kapoor as its inaugural celebrity ambassador in India. This strategic move is in conjunction with the grand unveiling of Aldo’s festival collection in the Indian market, a significant event occurring nearly two decades after the brand’s initial foray into the country.

Operating in India through a fruitful partnership with the globally acclaimed fashion and lifestyle conglomerate, Apparel Group India Pvt. Ltd., the Canadian-based brand has firmly established itself in the Indian market. With a formidable presence consisting of more than 60 retail outlets, Aldo continues to dazzle fashion enthusiasts in India. Furthermore, Aldo boasts an extensive global reach, spanning over 100 countries, with a staggering total of almost 3,000 stores worldwide.


1. Boost Brand Recognition: Enhance Aldo’s brand awareness and memorability in the Indian market.

2. Widen Brand Presence: Extend visibility both online and offline for a far-reaching impact.

3. Drive In-Store Traffic and Value: Increase foot traffic to Aldo’s physical stores and enhance transaction values.

4. Maximize ROI: Execute integrated online and offline strategies for a better return on investment.

5. Expand Online Engagement: Attract more online visitors, fostering deeper brand engagement.

6. Foster Loyal Customer Community: Establish and nurture a devoted Aldo customer base.

7. Partner for Mutual Growth: Collaborate with other brands to explore growth opportunities.

8. Maintain Season-Long Momentum: Plan continuous promotion to sustain campaign impact throughout the season.

Aldo executed its brand campaign with a comprehensive approach. It commenced with a brand campaign photoshoot featuring Janhvi Kapoor, setting the stage for the campaign’s announcement event. This event was a significant milestone in the campaign’s launch.

To maximize the campaign’s reach, Aldo ensured branding across India, targeting the specific preferences of the Indian audience with a new collection. The marketing strategy encompassed a wide array of channels, including social media, influencer collaborations, search engine optimization (SEO), email and mobile marketing, theatrical promotions, as well as both online and offline campaigns. Public relations (PR) efforts were also strategically employed to augment the campaign’s impact.

Aldo extended its branding initiatives inside malls and through various other avenues, ensuring a pervasive presence. Additionally, the campaign involved another brand photoshoot, a major press announcement event, and a store visit by Janhvi Kapoor, elevating the brand’s profile. The campaign further gained prominence with front-page coverage in leading newspapers like Bombay Times and Delhi Times.

Outdoor advertisements were strategically placed across the length and breadth of India, ensuring a nationwide presence. The campaign’s significance was underscored by news features in top publications and news wires, further amplifying its reach and influence.

Lastly, Aldo’s strategic in-cinema branding efforts successfully promoted the campaign in cinemas across major cities in India, encompassing regions like Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Vadodara, Jaipur, Amritsar, Ludhiana, and Guwahati. This comprehensive approach allowed Aldo to create a powerful and lasting impact in the Indian market.

Overall Campaign Impact

  • New Customer Acquisition: The campaign successfully attracted a fresh customer base, expanding the brand’s reach.
  • Increased In-Store Traffic: Aldo experienced a significant surge in foot traffic to its physical stores, reinforcing the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Rapid Sales of Festive Collection: The Festive Collection, launched on September 25th with a 10-week shelf life, exceeded expectations by selling out in just six weeks, underscoring its popularity and demand.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign’s brand awareness amplification and promotion efforts led to an impressive 22% increase in store footfalls.
  • Robust Sales Growth: Aldo witnessed a remarkable 30% surge in overall sales, both in physical stores and online, reflecting the campaign’s commercial success.
  • Discount Reduction: Following the celebrity endorsement announcement, the brand’s discount mark-downs were reduced by an impressive 6%, highlighting the campaign’s impact on profitability.
  • Brand Recall and Goodwill: The campaign generated a lasting brand recall value and goodwill, fostering a 12% increase in the brand’s new customer base. This demonstrated the enduring influence of the campaign on customer loyalty and trust.

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