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Arrow unveils new identity stores

Arrow, the renowned international menswear brand with a legacy dating back to 1851, has ushered in a stylish transformation with the unveiling of its new identity stores. These revamped outlets redefine the shopping experience for Arrow’s customers, encompassing a significant shift in aesthetics, density, and overall appeal, the brand announced in a release on Tuesday.

The most notable change is the shift in the color palette, moving away from the traditional blue to a sophisticated and contemporary Black, White, and Beige (BWB). This strategic change not only aligns with the brand’s commitment to staying on-trend but also creates a chic and inviting ambiance for shoppers.

The new identity stores showcase increased utility and density, featuring an average size of 1200 sq. ft. With a smart layout allowing for stacking arrangements of ensembles, customers can now explore an even wider range of Arrow’s styles and collections, enhancing the overall shopping experience in terms of both enjoyment and efficiency, the release added.

In a forward-thinking move, Arrow has embraced digital technology by incorporating digital screens in its new identity stores. Departing from the brand’s previous approach, these screens offer customers an interactive and engaging shopping environment. Dynamic displays provide real-time information on the latest trends, promotions, and styling tips.

Arrow’s new identity stores have been strategically launched in key locations, including Mall of Asia (Bengaluru), Mall of Ranchi (Ranchi), CP67 (Mohali), Gandhinagar, Twin Star (Rajkot), Forum Mall (Cochin), and Pavilion Mall (Ludhiana), with Ahmedabad Airport set to join the list shortly. Each location has been carefully chosen to bring the revamped Arrow experience to fashion enthusiasts across diverse regions.

Anand Aiyer, CEO of Arrow, expressed his thoughts on the new identity stores, stating, “The BWB color scheme, enhanced store layout, and integration of digital screens reflect our commitment to providing our customers with a more immersive and enjoyable fashion journey. We believe these changes will resonate with our customers and elevate their Arrow shopping experience.”

Established in 1851, Arrow is a well-known international menswear brand that was launched in India in 1993. With over 200 exclusive stores and availability in more than 1000 multi-brand outlets across 109 cities in India, Arrow is a preferred brand for Indian professionals. Recognized for its rich heritage value, impeccable style, and a strong sense of innovation, Arrow’s main goal is to cater to the ever-changing sartorial needs of India’s working men and introduce exciting innovations for the modern professional wardrobe.

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