Deepika Padukone Boards Adidas Bandwagon  

Adidas has welcomedglobal superstar and youth icon Deepika Padukone to the brand. Padukone will work closely with adidas on their common commitment towards fitness, both physical and emotional.Taking the brand’s attitude of ‘Impossible is Nothing’ forward, the partnership will be a testament towards breaking barriers and limitless possibilities, inspiring both current as well as future generations.
With Padukone joining adidas’ powerful roster of women athletes and partners around the globe, adidas strengthens its focus on democratising and diversifying sport for women through inspiring personalities.
Speaking about the association, the actor says, “Being an athlete and playing sport has played a tremendous role in shaping my personality and helping me become the person I am today. It has taught me values that no other life experience could have. Today, fitness, both physical and emotional, is an integral part of my lifestyle. I am absolutely honoured and delighted to be partnering with one of the world’s most iconic brands, adidas.”
To this, Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, Brand adidas, India, added, “As a global youth icon and someone who champions mental well-being and personal betterment, Deepika fits in beautifully with the brand’s ambition of creating positive change through sports and movement. We are thrilled to have Deepika join the adidas family and together we hope to inspire more women to see and realise their possibilities.”

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